What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet goes by many different names, including a freebie, opt-in, free offer, giveaway and an ethical bribe. No matter what you call it, it’s a necessary list building asset to build, grow and scale your online business.


A lead magnet is essentially a piece of high-quality content that you offer to your audience for free in exchange for their contact information. A good lead magnet encourages your ideal customer to interact with your brand. It also warms up your audience, allowing them to become your best customers in the long run.


Even if you are not ready to sell anything, your lead magnet can be priming the pump in the meantime. An irresistible lead magnet begins to tackle one of the most relevant challenges your avatar faces. It’s also a good representation of your brand and it has a wide reach with your target audience.



Creating Your Lead Magnet is NECESSARY

Your content is the mechanism that will attract your audience and pull them in, and your lead magnet is the one thing that will transform a fan into an email subscriber—strengthening your relationship with them instantly.


When your readers enters your world, they likely are not ready to buy. Instead, your avatar is looking for a solution to their immediate challenge or desire. That’s where you want to start the conversation—where he/she is currently at in the moment.


Think of your lead magnet as a way of easing into the bigger conversation. It’s your opportunity to make a first impression, as well as a way to kick off that know, like and trust factor that’s so important to any relationship.


Your avatar must feel they know you; they must like learning from you, and they must trust that you have the solutions they want and need. A really good lead magnet can kickstart this kind of relationship.



5 Questions to Help You Decide on Your Lead Magnet Topic

Here are five questions that can help you with deciding on the topic of your irresistible lead magnet.


#1   What are the most common questions I’m constantly asked about when I tell people what I do in my business?

#2  What are my avatar’s biggest pain points and/or desires? What would help ease their pain or help to fulfill a desire?

#3  What content would be so valuable that my avatar would say, “I can’t believe this is free!”

#4  Where can I start the conversation while also adding massive value? Specifically, what small but significant step can I help my avatar take right now to move them closer to buying from me in the future?

#5  What does my avatar need to understand, be aware of or believe, in order to want or need my program, product or service? If your plan is to sell a digital course, what small action can you help your avatar take right now that will move them closer to wanting to take a deeper dive into getting results with your help?


This final question takes things one step further by examining your end game.

At this moment you might not be ready to sell anything. You might want to focus on building your list ( lead magnet to grow our list by 4000 subscribers ) and that’s a great plan. On the flip side, you might be actively selling a digital course, a coaching package or some type of service.


No matter where you are, consider what you are selling now or plan to sell down the road. Your lead magnet should match with the product, program or service you plan to sell.



Lead Magnet Examples

When coming up with your lead magnet topic, the goal is to offer something that is easy to understand, quick to consume, and instantly delivers value— think checklists; how-to guides; and short lists of tips, secrets, insights, or recommendations.


To spark some creativity, Here are few lead magnet and opt-in page examples below.

Please don’t copy any of these examples, but instead, use them as inspiration.


#1 Example


Name : Corinne Crabtree’s Free Weight Loss Course

Why it Works : In this mini digital course, not only does Corinne map out her core principles for how she teaches her students to lose weight, but you also get a chance to experience Corinne’s teaching style, which builds trust and affinity with her potential customers.



#2 Example


Name : Rachel Cruze’s 14-Day Money Finder Freebie

Why it Works : This lead magnet is a great example of helping your customer experience “quick wins.” In just 14-days, Rachel is helping her potential customers find money that they normally would not know is waiting for them. This is powerful and actionable!



#3 Example


Name : Marie Forleo’s Free Audio Lesson

Why it Works : If you do not want to create a PDF, consider recording an audio lesson. When your users hears your voice, they are able to make a more personal connection with you. Plus, with an audio lesson, they can listen to it whenever, wherever—making it easy to consume.



#4 Example


Name : Nitika Chopra’s Free Guide to Support Those with Psoriasis

Why it Works : This is an example of a simple guide with a big message. Because Nitika knows first-hand the struggles with psoriasis, she is the perfect person to teach this message. Just like Nitika, teach what you know and keep it simple!



#5 Example


Name : Danika Brysha’s Whole-30 and Self Care Checklist

Why it Works : Danika is known for her self-care checklist lessons. What’s great about this lead magnet is that she aligned her checklist with the Whole30 lifestyle, a topic that is incredibly popular and resonates with her users . The way she weaves the two together to capture her audience’s attention is brilliant!



How to Decide Lead Magnet Topic


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Hopefully, you’ve found our collection of useful lead magnet ideas a terrific starting point from which to start creating your own unique material.

The secret to any content’s success is giving true value to customers. If it’s through an eBook, free template, or sample product, make absolutely sure you’re providing that.

Do so, and then you will have no difficulty at all growing your email list.



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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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