How and Why You need Email List ?


Do you have an email list? If not, now is the time to start it!


Why Email Marketing is Essential


1. Ownership – You don’t own your social media likes, comments, content or followers. But you do own your email list. If the social media platforms completely went away without warning, you would lose your social media followers but you’d still have your email subscribers.


2. Trust –  Although social media is an important part of reaching potential new users, people are more likely to do business with you from your email list than they are from your social media account. So you want to start now on growing your email list and nurturing your subscribers frequently.


3. Community – Your email newsletters serve as a way to nurture both new users and existing user in one place. Your email subscribers will feel a deeper sense of connection with you as well.


4. Control –  As you know, you can’t control how many people see your posts on social media–not even if you’re paying for advertising. Email newsletters offer you more control over getting important information to your community and getting it to them quickly.



Growing Your Email Subscriber List

Eventually, you’ll want to ramp up your social media and email marketing so that you’re getting new subscribers on your email list who aren’t already users.


But for your current phase of business, I highly suggest starting your email marketing strategy by inviting new and existing users to you list and then developing the habit of consistently sending email newsletters that deliver something valuable for your target market.


Your First Steps For Getting Your Email List Started


  • Add a field on your new users intake forms

If you don’t already ask in your new users intake forms if someone wants to have their contact information added to your newsletter list, you can easily and quickly add this in.


Be sure to let them know what’s in it for them and that they’re not getting “just another email” from you each week.


  • Set up your email list service account

It’s an absolute must to use an email list service that helps protect your subscribers’ information, gives them the appropriate options for unsubscribing, and also makes sending your email newsletters more automated. Do not just send email newsletters by BCCing your contacts from your regular email account.


The good news is that you can get your account started for free with from  Convert Kit! Just go to ConvertKit to set up your account at no charge.


  • Ask existing users

If you already have a practice started, inviting your current users to join your email newsletter list is the easiest way to get started.


Let them know what the topic or theme will be of your newsletters so they can decide if what you’ll be sharing about is something they want to hear about.


Don’t take it personally if they don’t want to be on your list. People are busy, and for many more emails feels overwhelming.


  • Choose the topic or theme that you’ll be writing about

I know it’s hard to shift out of the mindset of teaching everyone about everything, but I promise you… the more pecific you make your marketing message the better.


So avoid sending general emails that are just office updates, changes to office hours, and available appointments unless there’s a special reason to do so.


Instead, choose a theme for your weekly newsletters. Consider what your Ideal users wants and needs help with, as well as what you love teaching about! If you need help narrowing down your theme,


  • Decide on the day and time that your email newsletters will be sent each week

Keep in mind that you can write these ahead of time and schedule them to be sent on the day and time you choose. Writing 3-4 weeks of newsletters at a time and scheduling them to be sent later is called batching content.


This is a really key strategy that a lot of business owners and marketing managers use because it gets the work done ahead of time.


Whether you choose to batch content or write one newsletter at a time, be sure that you schedule time on your calendar for writing your weekly newsletters.


How and Why You need Email List

Subject lines that get your emails opened

If you want people to actually read what’s in your email, the first step is getting them to open it! Otherwise, why bother taking the time to write and send helpful stories and information, right?


Well, the key to enticing people to open your email newsletters is: THE SUBJECT LINE.


Look at these examples, and see which one you’d be more likely to open:

  • “Office Updates”        versus       “What’s happening this week!”
  • “Video Links”             versus       “Did you see these?”
  • “Chiropractic story ”   versus       “You’ll love this story…”


See the difference in how the subject lines on the left feel a bit boring but the subject lines on the right spark a little more activity in your feelings? Yes! That’s the feeling you want subject lines to create for your email subscribers.


After all, what you’re sending them in your weekly newsletter is good for them. Why would you not want them to open up and actually read it?!


More Email Subject Line Examples

Feel free to swipe any of these email subject lines for your weekly email newsletters. Just be sure that the subject line you choose matches the content of the email and let’s the reader know what to expect inside.


Of course, feel free to use these for inspiration, adjust them to fit for your newsletter, and come up with your own originals, too.


  • “I almost hit the floor when THIS happened!” might work if you’re sharing an amazing patient success story that surprised even YOU


  • “This was the worst moment of my life…” if you want to share a tough parenting moment, a traumatic birth experience, or even a painful injury that led you to become a chiropractor


  • “I don’t want you to miss this” for piquing curiosity about an event that you’re reminding your subscribers about


  • “Here’s how to make ‘X’ easier” for sharing tips on how to make simplify something that your target market struggles with, such as meal prepping, eating healthy despite being so busy, or soothing a fussy baby


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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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