Why Sending Emails Daily


When you buy something from an online retailer, they frequently need your email address. I don’t understand why they keep doing this. In the grand scheme of things, though, they’re making a fairly smart and impressive move by sending an email at all, as that’s a very effective method to demonstrate the level of urgency with which you approach delivering your services.


The huge opportunity we are passing up by not using email: Due to its efficiency, convenience, and ease of repetition, email has become an essential tool for professional communication..


Why Sending Emails Daily?

Sending daily emails to your list is another fantastic way of getting more Engagement. How so?


Because most people falsely believe that you’ll piss off your subscribers if you email them daily. That in itself, is a contrarian and polarising approach, because, it’s what the majority of people don’t do.


And if they ain’t doing it, that is to your advantage. Truth is, every email you don’t send; is money you’ll never make.


Don’t listen to people telling you to email less often. They tell you this because they’re afraid of pissing people off. When the truth is that emailing daily, and pissing people off at the same time, is going to get you the most loyal followers and make you the most money.


I mean, if you’re afraid of pissing people off in case they unsubscribe, and the standard open rates for emails across the board is about 10%, then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there’s something terribly wrong with that mind-set.


It’s fucking insane not to email your list at every opportunity.


Most marketers are impersonators anyway, your advantage is to be a relentless implementer.


“If I email my list, people will unsubscribe.”


But if you’re not going to send them emails, what’s the bloody point of building the list in the first place? It’s flawed logic.


And for a good reason: the more you are inside your subscribers inbox, the better chance you have of making the sale.


People don’t buy when you want them to buy. They buy when they’re good and ready – so it just makes sense that you are there whenever they are ready to buy, waiting for them with your product.


3 Emails per week is the sweet spot, Is it TRUE?

It’s nonsense.


email sending daily


If you go to any forum and ask the members how often you should email your list, 80% — 90% will tell you to email 3 times a week. It’s regurgitated nonsense that sits well in the minds of Vanilla marketers who are afraid to test different methods.


In my opinion, 80% of marketers you ask this question to… will be 100% wrong. 3 times a week is the sweet spot, or so many will have you believe.


The real question is… Is it the sweet spot because it works? Or because it’s safe?


I think so many follow this advice because it’s the safe thing to do. Safe, in email marketing is gonna land you in “sametown.”

  • Same crappy open rates as the industry standard.
  • Same response rate as the mediocre majority.
  • Same sales to message ratio (if you’re good) as the rest.


Safe… is the absolute worst place you want to be when your goal is to stand out.


After all, if you email your list every day, they will get pissed off and unsubscribe from you’re email list, right? Wrong.


Sure, you may get people unsubscribing because they don’t want daily emails, but do you really care about these people anyway? You shouldn’t because those people are the worst people on your list.



Do People Hate Daily Emails?

How is that possible? If they really didn’t want daily emails, they should just stop signing up to email lists. This will surely solve the problem.

Truth is, we all get daily emails. Go to your inbox right now and tell me what you see.  Emails, right? Right.


Emails aren’t the problem then. We get them every day regardless. It makes no difference whether the emails are sent from you, or different marketers.


It’s not that people have a problem getting emails from the same marketer every day. They just don’t want the same person to send the same crappy content to them daily.


I don’t want rubbish in my inbox every day ether. No one does. But that doesn’t mean your subscribers don’t want daily emails. It’s a cop-out to say otherwise.


The ones who really don’t want daily emails, are most likely the same people who have A.D.D. – you know, the same people who are addicted to signing up to email lists to get freebies.


You can make your own conclusion if you want… but these are the people I have absolutely no interest connecting with. Anyway, if you always have something interesting to share with your email list – and your emails are entertaining, do you honestly believe that people will have a problem with that? They won’t.


They don’t – and the opposite is actually true. You become the constant inside your their inbox when everyone else is just dropping in from time to time.



6 Reasons Why You should Email Daily

I’ll give you a 6 good, solid reason why you absolutely MUST email your list every day, or at least 5 times each week – and then you go make a decision whether or not to do it…


why you must


1. You Become A Better Email Writer

Writing emails every day makes you a better email marketer. Think about it. The more you write… the better you get. Who will be a better email writer; the person who writes emails 12 times a month, or the one emailing 30 times a month?


The answer is blindly obvious, right? Right.


Not only do you get much, much more comfortable writing emails, but you also have a broader scope of materials to work off. Writing daily emails is not easy.


It takes discipline. You will, however, become adept at researching and coming up with new ways and ideas to get your message across.


This widens your circle of comfort and forces you to focus more on the “one” part of your business that you should be giving “at least” 80% of your time to anyway.


2. Less Spam Complaints; fewer Complaints Over All

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. If you listen to most people who fear sending daily emails, they will tell you that peeps will complain if you send them emails daily. The opposite is true.


People complain when they forget who’s lists they signed up to. Have you got an email from a marketer and had no recollection of signing up to their email list? Yeah, me too, along with the many others out there.


But that’s not possible if you’re there every day.


People are not going to forget who you are, because you’re the one person they remember when other email marketers just pop in now and then… and it’s usually just to make a sale..


People also complain when they receive rubbish content from marketers, but we’ve already discussed this.


You are not going to send rubbish. Your goal is to build solid relationships with email messages that entertain, engage – and wrap everything up in a nice little story that’s easy to consume and relate to.


3. You Become A Welcome Guest

We are creatures of comfort. Even our bad habits become familiar to us and are hard to break.


While other marketers breeze in and out from time to time inside your subscribers inbox, you become the constant. Your name becomes familiar to them. They expect your emails – and when they don’t arrive, they will feel like there’s something missing.


If you’re sending an email here, and an email there, your subscribers have nothing to hang their coat on. They don’t expect your emails, because someone else is when you’re not there. So their mind is not trained to expect you.


Think about this for a minute. The human mind relies on certainty. When it takes something for granted – and then that something is taken away, it feels naked, like there’s something missing. Even if it’s something that’s not good for us.

  • We crave familiarity.
  • We crave certainty.
  • We crave repetition.


4. Quicker Relationship Building

It’s a lot more challenging to build relationships with people we only meet from time to time. When we are not there, others will take our place.


This is why you need to be constant. They can rely on you. It’s hard to say that about the 3 day a week marketers. Add in the fact that you’re polarising and building a loyal following, and you will be miles ahead of the competition.


Not everyone is going to love you just because you’re emailing them every day. Some just won’t get you. That’s completely fine. You must focus on building relationships with the people who do relate to you – and ignore everyone else.


Remember, you want to build a tribe of people who want to read your emails; not a nation of people who scan through your emails and couldn’t give a damn if you send a message or not.


The more you’re there, the quicker people will get to know what you’re about. Again, this is the repetition and familiarity thing here. You will build much quicker and much more solid relationships when you become the one marketer they can rely on.


5. You Have More Content For Other Sources

Because you can email every day. you always have content that I can share on other platforms. Most will write a Facebook post. Then write a separate blog post – and then a separate email message.


Instead of scattering your attention from your blog, to your social media platform – and then onto your email marketing, you could be spending all that time writing great email messages that you then put onto your blog as a post – and then onto any other platform you’re currently creating content for.


Not all your emails are going to be epic. Thing is, they don’t have to be. You’re writing every single day, so there’s no pressure to get it perfect today, because you’ll be there tomorrow too.


6. You Make More Money Emailing Every day

we kept the best for last. The goal of an email is to engage, entertain, and make money, right? So, how many promotions can you send to your email list if you’re only emailing 3 times a week?


Probably one, maybe two – and that’s pushing it because you are NOT providing enough value if your messages more promotional than engaging.


The 3 times a week email marketer only has one or two shots at making a sale in any given week. And for whatever reason, you’re going to miss people on any given day when you send out a promotion.


You send your promotional email out on a Wednesday… but your subscriber gets paid on a Thursday. Whoops, just lost a sale.


You send out a promotion on a Monday, but your subscriber doesn’t get paid until Tuesday, or Friday, or whatever. Another chance of a sale lost.


There could be dozens of different reasons why someone is not ready to buy your product on any given day – and since you only send one promotional email a week…


you most certainly are going to leave a lot of money on the table. That’s inevitable.


You can just write your daily entertaining emails that build solid relationships with your subscribers… and place a link to your product at the bottom of every email. It will not be intrusive, but it will always be there.


That doesn’t mean you still can’t hard sell inside your emails from time to time, but you’ll find you won’t need to force anything on your subscribers… because time is on your side.


When they’re ready to buy… you’re already there waiting… and they will become so accustomed to reading your messages, and so familiar with your personality.


they will practically feel obligated to take your recommendation on board far quicker than anyone else who just drops in from time to time when they need money. Makes sense, right? More.


You don’t just send them a message when you want to make money. You send a message every day regardless of whether they buy from you.


You essentially build much more trust as a result.


You must inject your personality into your emails and deliver your information in a way that engages your audience.

  • Be interesting.
  • Be unique.
  • Be controversial.
  • Be fearless.
  • Be YOU.




We live in a digital age. We connect virtually more than we so physically. And in these times, people want more than anything else, to still feel connected to similar and like-minded people.


To be part of a community.


When you send your emails, you’re essentially building relationships with people who feel connected to you in some way.


This is very, Very, VERY important to think about. Sending emails is not just about standing out either. It’s about standing for something.


If you don’t take a stand or have a clear opinion in your emails; you’re not going to create a bond with your prospects and clients on a deep level. It really is as simple as that.




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