Importance of Directory Submission in SEO


Only those well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO) would understand the significance of directory submissions.


Directory submission might affect your page rank since it increases the amount of backlinks to your site. Let’s break it out in more detail for those who aren’t familiar.


Why the importance of Directory Submission in SEO

Directory submissions have, in recent years, lost some of the weight they used to carry in terms of link strength. Though, having directory submissions is still a good thing.


directory submition in seo


You will want to have directory links because they help at creating a link profile that is balanced and……naturally appearing but not only that, some of the high PR and private directories will give your site trust and authority, which means high rankings.


Overall, when choosing directories for submission, look for ones that look exclusive, are paid (some of the free moderated ones are good as well) and are niche relevant.


Stay away from catch-all directories that will accept any submission regardless of the relevance of site quality. Links from low-quality directories are ineffective and when used in quantity can do harm to your site.



How Does Directory Submission work?

Internet directories are like virtual library catalogs, listing websites and other resources that can be found on the Web.


Internet users who use these directories to find products and services are likely to be primed to buying whatever it is that the company is selling since they are actively seeking it out.


Inclusion in a directory is not automated but is instead based on evaluation of each entry’s unique value. The fact that this wasn’t always the case in the past is what gave Directory Submission a poor name.


When SEO was first started, companies often resorted to doubtful methods like indexing and spam backlinks to boost their rankings.




What Directory has an impact on SEO ?

Nowadays, outside of DMOZ, Bing, Best of the Web and Yahoo, there are not many directories that receive large amounts of traffic.


So with that being said, you won’t receive traffic from all directories but that’s nothing to be concerned about. What we want is the SEO power we can get out of these directories and most of the high quality ones are extremely good for this.


Because high quality directories are edited by people, you will want to ensure that when submitting your website you select the correct category.


Failure to comply may result in your website being rejected. Make the editor’s job as easy as possible and make a relevant contribution to the directory.


This will improve your chances of having your website listed.


Yahoo Directory

Non commercial sites can obtain the luxury of being listed in the Yahoo! Directory for free. You will want to note, this can be a rather timely process as revision takes a while. Commercial sites will have to pay a few of $299.


This fee is to be paid annually. Keep in mind that even after the initial fee is made, there still is a chance of rejection. Payment does not guarantee your website a spot. Sites that have value aren’t likely to be rejected and thus,


Few factors to consider when listening on Yahoo 


1. The appearance of your site matters. They look for professional and attractive sites.

2. Refrain from trying to top the list by coming up with a nonsensical name just because it ‘will’ land you at the top of the list. Doing so will result in your title being modified by Yahoo!

This is not something that Yahoo! accepts or likes and I can bet this gets the editors angry.

3. Drop the hype. You want your message to be strong but not hyped up.

4. Though the appearance of your site matters, this isn’t something that’s on Yahoo’s priority list.

Their aim is to be the best online directory out there and thus, they’ll be looking at how your site can be beneficial to them.

5. Contact information is important. Your website should contain all contact informa-tion.

You’ll need: the name of the company, complete address, telephone number(s), email address(es) and fax number.

However, there’s plenty of sites without all that contact info on them.

6. Your home page should contain links to usual pages such as Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Shipping Information, Terms of Use.

7. No faulty or broken images, not on the homepage, not anywhere on your website. Check your images and ensure they load.

Overall, you want your site to be functionable.

8. Check page links and their value. Bad links can lead to rejection.

9. A copyright notice should be presented in the lower region of all pages. The year (current), and also the date it was last updated should be presented.

This provides Yahoo! with proof that your website is active and one that is sees fresh content on a regular basis.

10. When looking at percentage of accepted sites, regional submissions lead to more success.


If your website is specific to a particular region, be sure to choose the applicable category. Once a regional submission is made, an editor from that particular region will be as-signed to the submission.


This may also speed up your listing and increase the chances of your site getting listed in the first place.


The reason for this is that regional editors typically have a lighter workload and therefore, can take care of your submission faster.



One of the toughest but most desired and most beneficial listings is one in DMOZ’s directory. Such a listing can take months and in many cases, as long as a year, to be approved or rejected.


One way to get ahead is to purchase aged domains that are already listed in the DMOZ directory. DMOZ does not offer a paid option to speed up the process or ensure that your submission is reviewed.


DMOZ volunteers and thus, humans are in charge of each and every submission made to the directory. Different editors means different opinions which, in turn, means that the criterion for acceptance varies from editor to editor.


we personally don’t bother with DMOZ submission. The time it takes to get a link in this directory simply outweights the benefits.


Either buy an aged domain already listed in DMOZ or  don’t waste time submitting to their directory.


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Regarding search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, directory submission is regarded as a solid “all-rounder” since it is off-site, gives visibility and back-links, and presents brand data to a targeted and already-interested market.


It’s an essential piece of SEO and helps to strengthen efforts outside. Submitting to directories can help or hurt your SEO rankings depending on how well you present your site.



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