Email List Building Secrets


We created 27 Email List Building Secrets to give you quick, down-and-dirty Tips with simple-to-use email marketing and list building ideas, that you can implement immediately into your business without the need for any complicated or bloated systems.


Each idea is short, to the point, no-nonsense, and fluff free.


Every idea stands on its own. You can go directly to any one, take it, and use it immediately. Last but not least: To get the most out of these ideas, simply read each of them one-by-one – in any order – and see which ones stand out for you, and are most relevant to your own business.


1. Leverage Your Email like a Boss

Do you hate writing emails? we get it, sitting down to craft a good email can be the equivalent to writing a blog post and, if you’re writing daily emails this can indeed be an arduous task.



But, who says you have to do both? Rather than sitting down to write a blog post, and then a Facebook message, and create a video, and write an email, why not spend a good 30 minutes or more writing a great email message, and then turn that same email message into a blog post and even create a video or Facebook status update too.


This is very powerful stuff right here. Most see email writing as a separate thing to content creation, but email writing “is” content creation.


Not all emails will be 1000 words but why do they have to be? Why does blog posts have to be that long too. Now, you don’t even have to think about content creation.


You have a systemized task in place to sit down and craft a great email message and then simple distribute hat message out to other sources.


You now just have to focus on writing one solid piece of content and that same content will then bring more traffic back to your sites.


And don’t forget that when you focus on one piece of content, it automatically cuts down on info overload and procrastination. After all, it’s far easier to motivate yourself to write just one piece of content knowing it can be leveraged to bring you a lot more in return for the time and effort you put into it.


Set up a certain time every day to sit down and crank out an email to your list. Even if it takes you an hour to write one email message, you know that it can be then used on your blog, Facebook, and any other web spaces you currently create content for.


Keep in mind that, the main goal for this strategy is to get you writing great emails to your list.


In the long run, that’s what’s gonna make you the most money. And this is a cracking way to get the best out of your time and efforts. It’ll be well worth it, I promise.



2. Activate the Lizard Brain

Your biggest advantage is to speak directly to the tribal brain of your subscribers, by injecting themes that stimulate an emotional response.


Next time you sit down to write, try to incorporate one of the following to snap your subscribers out of their nap…

  • Revenge
  • Bizarre
  • Embarrassing
  • Gossip
  • Jealousy
  • Controversy
  • Evil
  • Envy
  • Betrayal
  • Forbidden
  • Hated
  • Rivalry
  • Scandal
  • Celebrity
  • Disgusting
  • Cheating
  • Mystery


Use Email For SALES


3. Sell without Selling

As we seen many times that it’s ENTERTAINMENT that gets people engaged and wanting to open your emails and read them. The art of selling without selling is not as tricky as many would have you believe, but it certainly is the most profitable.


sell without selling


You do NOT need to “out-content” your competition. To do so will leave you fighting on their turf, and if you haven’t got a wealth of knowledge to share daily, you can struggle to deliver consistent content over a long period.


So, TEACH now and then, but for the most part; entertain. Give your subscribers a story. Give them insights into the “why” they need to learn this, and that, but DO NOT give them the “how to” do it.


Be very specific about the problem, and very vague about the solution.



4. Use the Loss Leader Method

Aas you’ll have noticed, “Loss Leader” is not a very enticing name. It seems like there’s some kind of trickery going on. There isn’t. In fact, it’s a method that benefits you, and your prospect.


Anyway… A lot of convenience stores will sell their commoditized items at cost price, or even below cost price just to get people into the store. Their thinking is that they can afford to sell the likes of a pint of milk at cost, or below cost, because once people enter into the store, they’ll most likely purchase more items.


Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? No one goes into a store to buy a pint of milk, and leaves with just a pint of milk, do they? Well, at least NOT in most cases.


This is what the industry calls “The Loss Leader” strategy. If you can afford to make a ‘loss’ on the front end sale, in order to make much higher returns on the back end, then my friend, you can have a very profitable business on your hands.


In fact, using a loss leader in your business ensures you lower the barrier to entry for your prospects, which in turn, helps you get, well… more customers.



How can I use this to build my buyers list?

Simple. Lower the price of your OTO (One Time Offer)


Most often we’ll see a OTO being offered for a low price of, let’s say, $10, right? Right. Now, if you lowered that price (for the exact same product) to $1, don’t you think you would get a far higher conversion? You would.


In fact, conversions range (depending on the offer) from 25% to 35%. At least those are the numbers we get. Now, if you’re getting a 30% conversion. That means you’re generating a buyers list of 30 people from every 100 that come through your squeeze page
and see your $1 offer.


And never forget: a buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a bloody buyer.


Even a $1 is better than no buyer – and they’re just the same as a $10 buyer. Just make sure your offer is a great offer – and also make absolutely sure that they understand your OTO is much, Much, MUCH more valuable than the low price you’re asking.


That’s it.



5. Create Email Templates

If you’re struggling to come up with content for your emails, you can short-cut the process by setting up a different theme for each day of the week’s email.


Like so…

  • Monday: Write a Motivational email
  • Tuesday: Write an email around a T.V. show or movie
  • Wednesday: Write an email about a popular question you came across
  • Thursday: Write an email around a personal story you have

And so on.


Sure, the email still needs to be written. However, just knowing what the email theme is going to be about, makes a huge difference and really cuts the time considerably. example of email templates


So, Monday’s email is a motivational email. No need to rack your brains coming up with ideas. Just go to a motivational website, sift through the, content, and BOOM! You now, at least, have a platform from where to begin.


Use Email For SALES


6. Use Bizarre Subject Lines to Grab Attention

Your subject lines are boring. Okay, that may not be the case for you, but for most, it certainly is.


You should be using “curiosity” driven subject lines with a bit of a “bizarre” element. Anything that shocks people and snaps them out of their nap, is getting opened.


While your competition are all trying out every little gimmick and trick to get their emails opened, all you have to do, is not be boring.


It ain’t rocket science. Entertainment is where it’s at – and like it or not, people want to be entertained far more than they want to be educated.


subject lines


..all get the lions share of the attention you’re seeking. Sure, you may FALSELY believe that people don’t want stuff like this inside their inbox, and you’d be a country mile off the mark on that one.


Fact: Entertainment sells. It gets the attention more than anything else… and… email is a personal medium where you build relationships with REAL people.


Remember, attention is what we want – and redirecting that attention is what’s going to make you a very successful, and profitable email marketer.



7. Emotional Writing State

Nothing self-help about this idea, although it may seem like it. Fact is, how your message is perceived by your subscribers, has a lot to do with the mood you’re in when writing.


Just like the mood, you’re in when talking to someone “one-on-one” has a big influence on the conversation, when writing, the effects are exactly the same.


I’d even go as far to say that, when writing, your mood effects your message far more than it does when talking directly to someone face-to-face.


If you’re in a happy state, that will certainly come across in your writing, and therefore, will be picked up by you’re the reader on an unconscious level.


Now, as I said, this has nothing to do with airy-fairy self-help nonsense… and has everything to do with plain old common sense. Besides, if you’re not in a good state, chances are your message will be disjointed and rushed.


Before you begin witing your message. Make absolutely certain that your state is of a high vibration. You can achieve this by doing a small bit of exercise for 5 minutes before you sit down to write.



8. Sell in every Email

People DON’T mind being sold to. What they don’t like, and what me and you don’t like, are blatant pitches in every email.


As long as you’re building relationships with people, and your emails are interesting, engaging and entertaining, selling should be expected in every email.


And yes, you should have a link to your product in every single email you send. This whole, “content, content, content, pitch” bollox is getting way too old now – and only followed by people who haven’t stopped to think about what they’re doing.


Content is everywhere these days, and it’s free. Paid content, however, is what motivates people to take action. Most already understand this, and so, they WANT to see what you have to offer them.


Besides, not every email you send is going to be opened by every person at the same time. Even your diehard fans don’t open every email they get from you. That’s just the way it is.


With that in mind, if you don’t put a link to your product in every email you send, then quite simply that’s an email that you just lost a potential sale. Makes no sense to me. You?


The trick, of course, is to engage and entertain – and then lightly promote your product with a little blurb at the end of the email. As long as you’re emailing often, and engaging your subscribers, they certainly won’t mind you putting a link to your product in every email.


If they do; so what?


Why on earth would you want to market to people who don’t want to buy your products? Only a nitwit would do that. You’re not a nitwit, are you? Good. Put a link to your product in every single email you send.


And keep in mind, if the product you’re promoting actually helps people solve a problem they have, well, shame on you for being timid in your approach to get into their hands.



9. It’s not about the “THING”

With email, you can write about almost anything. This true.


Even if you sell the most boring product in the world that, when writing about it, can put even a coke addict to sleep in a nightclub, it makes little difference once the product itself is in demand and it helps people get a specific result.


But to think that you have to talk about the product in your emails (other than a little blurb) is completely wrong.


In fact, it’s NEVER about the product. It is about engaging people and getting them to buy into YOU. I’ll assume that you’re ONLY targeting people interested in what you have to sell, anyway, right? Right.


So… talk about anything that’s interesting to them. Talk about a funny, embarrassing thing that happened to you once, or today.


Talk about the bloody weather as long as you can actually make it interesting. Engage, entertain and people will flock to you like priests flock to alter boys.


Then, redirect it onto your product once you’ve gotten that attention




... so yeah, she caught me with my pants down around my ankles, which really fucked up the whole marriage proposal I had planned.

But hey, you can’t win ‘em all, Batman. Speaking of having your kicks around your ankles – and being caught out cold, don’t make the colossal mistake of letting this… “insert product link” pass you by.


See how easy that was? Was the story relevant to the pitch? Nope. And it doesn’t have to be in order to get people to take a look at it closely.


Just grab the attention, and then redirect that attention onto your product.



10. Premium Pricing

Now we’ve talked about many different ways of doing this. With your emails, it’s about injecting your REAL personality into your writing and NOT being afraid to polarise and call it like it is.


Thing is, when you do this, and you start to build a list of loyal fans, the last thing you want to be doing, is fucking it all up by commoditizing your business as another “me too” business just like the rest.



With premium pricing you automatically establish yourself as someone with authority. Truth is, and it IS the truth, people do NOT buy the cheapest ANYTHING.


Sure, there are price shoppers for products and services that are already commoditized. But on the whole, the lower the price; the lower perceived value that product or service has.


So, with a choice between high value /high price – and low price/low value, make the only logical choice any person who’s not a peasant, tramp, pikey or hobo would make


You only have to look at all the cheap Internet marketing products. Everyone knows that a $7 – $17 -$27 product will be worthless.


Right now you need to look at how you’re positioning yourself. Are you positioning yourself as the premium option, or the option your subscribers can get from just about any Tom, Dick, and Harriett?


You need to set yourself apart from all the rest. When you raise your prices, it means people will perceive you as the premium option.


This, of course, automatically puts you in a league of your own, or at least above the “me too” crowd who are always fighting at the bottom for the scraps the penny-pinching complainers begrudgingly shell out.


Besides, premium pricing also has the advantage of making you more money while selling to less people, and a more sophisticated bunch too.


That can’t be a bad thing, right? Right.


The best way to increase your prices is to just do it. Don’t be timid about it. As long as your products or services are of a high quality, there won’t be a problem.



11. Write Emails Every Day

Writers, write. You want to get better at email writing? Good. Write as often as you can and, inevitably, you will get better.




The best known way, at least what we have found to be true, is that you have to write a lot of bad emails, and then mediocre emails, in order to get to the stage where you write good, and then great emails.


Rocket science it ain’t.


Nobody pops out of the womb with a pad and pencil in hand. All good writers were bad writers at one time. Take solace in the fact that, nothing bad ever happens to an email marketer.


You certainly do not have to be a master copywriter to write emails that sell. The more you write; the better you get. It really is as simple as that.


There’s no great mystery to it. Now, I would always recommend that you write an email every day, and send it out to your list.


The more emails you write, the better you will get, and the more money you will make. If you TRULY take that to heart, I promise you that, in no time you’ll be banging out emails without much effort. But you MUST do it every day.


Set yourself a 30 day goal.

Over the next 30 days, write an email to your list.

Some will be bad.

Some will be good.

Others will be really good.


However, at the end of 30 days, you will find it a breeze from there on in.



12. Always use “Contract” in Your Emails

Emails all pretty much look the same when they arrive in your inbox, don’t they?


They certainly do, Declan is the right answer to that question. Some folk don’t want their emails to look like everyone elses, so, they use html fancy templates provided to them by their autoresponder service. DO NOT do this.


The point of email, is for it to be personal. You know, like sending a message to a friend or family member. Would you send an email with a fancy html template to your friend? No, of course you wouldn’t.


If you did, you’d come off looking like a douche. If you do it when sending emails to your subscribers, you come off looking like a marketer. Either way you’re perceived as being a douche.


You want your emails to look as natural as possible. The last thing you want is for your subscribers to be alerted to the fact that you’re a marketer trying to sell them stuff. Yes, people love to buy, but they hate being sold to.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a fancy email inside your inbox? You, AUTOMATICALLY think that a company has sent you a promotion, don’t you? Yep, we all do.


So why would you use a template? Why do others use templates?


Well, most are idiots who don’t know better. And others are idiots who want to stand out. The smart person doesn’t use fancy html emails, they use contrast.


You still want your emails to look natural, however, you don’t want them to be Frankenstein-ed up beyond recognition. So, simply drop in a little contrast, and you’re good to go.


An underlined word here and there. Maybe a couple of italicized, or bolded words too.


And of course, make sure you have “varied” paragraph lengths. That’s it. Emails that look natural, are easy to read – and also easy on the eye. It’s a win win win all the way down.


Use Email For SALES


13. No Unsubscribers = No Impression

Complaining because people are unsubscribing from your list? Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t want people unsubscribing from their list when they send out emails.




There are two reasons people unsubscribe

1) Your emails are boring trite that engage no one – and still you expect them to buy from you.

2) Your emails are focused on a particular kind of person who is a lot like you.


You certainly want people unsubscribing from your list. In fact, you want to be getting unsubscribes from every email you send. Keeping in mind that, your emails must not be pitch-fests and they must at least engage a small group of people.


If you write with confidence, with no fear of offending, and you inject your personality into your emails; you WILL get people unsubscribing – and more importantly – you’ll be getting rid of dead weight off your list.


Anyway, My point is that people will unsubscribe from your list for many different reasons. that you’d be a fool to try to understand. People are weird fuckers at the best of times.


They’ll unsubscribe for many different reasons, and what you must do, is accept it, expect it, and never even give it a second thought.


Be yourself, warts and all, and when people unsubscribe, know that you’ve just rid yourself of people who would have never bought from you in the first place.


Sure, you may sometimes make a sale from people you try to please by bending over and taking up the arse, but those are very few and far between – and you have to sell your soul to please them in the process.


Many more will buy your products when they buy into YOU.



14. Drop the “Professionalism.”

As long as you run an ethical business, selling high-quality products and services – and you look after your customers while following through with the promises you’ve made, that’s all you need to do as far as “professionalism” is concerned.


We’re in an age now where everyone is being tarred with the same marketing brush.


Point is; marketers are all untrustworthy until they prove otherwise. And why shouldn’t it be that way? After all, there are far more chancers out there than there are ethical marketers, right? Right.


So, stop putting on that “professional” hat every time you’re talking to people who automatically think marketers are untrustworthy.


Instead, show them the REAL you. Show them that you’re not like the rest – and you don’t play by their rules. Actually, show them that you play by your own fucking rules.


If you do that, you will no doubt get people buying into YOU, and they won’t think of you like another corporate sleaze ball who’s after their hard-earned cash.


Treat people like real human beings. They are, after all, real human beings with real feelings who want nothing more than to connect with real people with real personalities.


Professionalism, in the context that almost all marketers see it, is a complete bollox. People are fed up playing the guessing game.


It’s just too damn difficult to determine who’s who, what’s what – and what’s REALLY going on behind the curtain.


This is a massive advantage for you by the way. It’s not that difficult to just be yourself, is it?



15. Use Power Words, Phrases, and Metaphors

Spice up your emails by throwing in a few metaphors, slang words and ALWAYS drop in a few power words.


Power Words


I mean, it’s not difficult to change out a few words here and there when your email is already written, is it? “No , it certainly is Not” It is the only right answer to that question, sweet cheeks. Your emails are boring.


Because almost all emails are boring. And the funny thing is, you don’t have to be a great writer to spice them up a little.


Put a little effort into making your writing more colorful. Your words should jump off the page and arrest the attention of your subscribers.


Good, is a good word.

Stunning, is much more powerful, because it’s used less frequently.


As always, putting out the right power word in the right place makes your email high engaging than those boring ones.



16. Resend Your Unopens

This is another biggie.


Listen: When you send an email to your list, most people are not going to open that email, so, in our accurate opinion it would be pretty stupid to not send that same email to those people again.




It’s entirely possible that you can get close to double the open rates if you do this consistently.


Think about this for a moment: People out here complain that they don’t get high enough open rates, and yet, they’re squeamish about resending emails to the people who didn’t open the first one. It makes no sense.


There is, of course, a possibility some people on your list will have opened that first email, and will then be getting the same email twice, but, that’s a very small number of people… and… if it makes you more sales, it would be foolish to not take advantage of this.


There’s a way around not pissing off people who may get the same email twice. This is what you can do…


Before sending that same email out. You slightly change the subject line to say  “did you get this?”


So, if the original subject line read “How to instantly get more buyers onto your list” you’d just change it to say “re: How to get more buyers onto your email list” or “Did you get this?” You get the point, yes?


Moreover, you don’t have to resend every email to unopens. Just the important emails where you’re promoting a great offer. You will, without a doubt, make more money from your list if you use this tip, okay? So really think about using it.


To send emails to the people who didn’t open the first ones, you simply click on the message inside your autoresponder service, and you’ll see an option to send to unopened. It’s a no-brainer for sure. Just do it.



17. Open Rates are not particularly Important

This is another biggie and somewhat related to the above idea. If you think open rates are as important as many would have you believe, you need to find someone else to follow.


Open rates are not results. Simple as that.



Let me give you a simple example:

let’s say you send an email to your 2000 subscribers and the open rate is 11%. this is really bad in terms of those marketers, and they tell the very dramatic ways to increase your email open rates..


Here is our solution, You should delete the people of the unopened, There you have it,


The most important thing is Out of those 211 people, how many actually open the email to read it? How many open the email, read it, and then click on the links? And even then, how many go on to buy the product?


Listen: Open rates are only relative to whatever else is working in your funnel. Just because I open your email, that doesn’t mean I’m going to read the it.


I open emails all the time without reading them. Sometimes I click on links and never bother reading the sales page.


All I’m saying here is to not get so hung up on open rates as if they equate to sales/results. They don’t. It’s easily possible that lower open rates can lead to more sales.



18. Be Fearless When Writing Emails

When you write, be fearless. Don’t be afraid of being criticized, because, if you are, you just won’t be true to yourself or anyone else reading.


That’s the biggest problem with the emails we see every day. They just don’t stand out.


Remember, you will NOT bore people in print, or on glass. So you’re certainly much better off offending a few nitwits while entertaining an entire crowd of people who enjoy your writing.


Your mind-set needs to be, “I am a unique voice to be heard, and here’s what I have to say- and why I’m going to say it with all the gusto I can muster.”


You see, when you write with confidence, you automatically separate yourself from all the “me too” crowd in your marketplace.


You become the voice that people WANT to hear from. You become a unique voice in a sea of “me too” wannabees who look for every little gimmick and trick to get people to look at their products.



19. Eliminate Your Blind Spots

We all have blind spots. Every single one of us. When it comes to writing emails: some will be bad, some good, and some will be fucking great.


blind spot


What I don’t see anyone talking about, is going back over your emails to see where your own blind spots are.


If you were to go over all last month’s emails that you’ve sent to your list – and just read through them with a detached mind, I absolutely, 110% guarantee you will notice a few things that can be made better for future emails.


You’d be surprised how much better you can get at writing emails if you just take some time out each month to read past emails.


What you’ll notice, is that you’re making specific mistakes in almost all the emails you look at. And the, the blind spots come out into the open, you see what needs to be changed, and hey presto, you’ve just given yourself an advantage you never would have gotten.


Make it a goal to review past emails once a month. Just make sure to give the emails a couple of weeks before you start studying them for insights.



20. Always Keep a Swipe File

Have a separate notepad just for email ideas. And with email, there are ideas absolutely everywhere you go. Even a simple little off-the-cuff quip a friend makes one day, can, and should, be used in an email.


Make it a point to bookmark websites that are funny, controversial, bizarre and entertaining. When you’re stuck for inspiration, go into your swipes and BOOM, inspiration will hit you.


Just be careful not to overthink the process. I know many people who are crippled when it comes to writing emails. Why?


Because they falsely believe that every email has to be brilliant. That, my friend, is a surefire way to never gain any momentum.


Any great quotes, metaphors, jokes and funny stories should be copied and put into a separate folder on your hard drive for later fodder.


Soon enough you’ll have so much content to choose from, you’re biggest obstacle will be that you just haven’t enough time to write about it all.



21. Not All Emails have to sell

we said that you should have a link to your product in every single email. I’m not in any way contradicting myself here, but not all emails you send will be profitable right in that moment.


not sell every email


Some emails are better for building relationships in that moment, than they are for making sales in that moment.


You could send out a great email that has your subscribers in stitches laughing on the floor, but that particular email didn’t make too many sales. It doesn’t matter.


There could be many reasons why people didn’t buy that day. However, you can certainly reap the rewards for a relationship-building email, for many weeks and months to come.


It’s all about being yourself, injecting personality into your emails, and bonding with your subscribers.


So, just keep in mind that some emails are not just about making the sale. Bonding with your email list and establishing those long term relationships is ALWAYS at the heart of what we’re trying to do.


It’s great, of course, to make the sale. That’s why we build email lists, isn’t it? But more important, initially, is the relationships we’re building with people.


That doesn’t mean you give away lots of free stuff, and it doesn’t mean you don’t sell in every email, it just means that if you can make people laugh, or inspire them with a great story or anecdote, that itself will benefit you long after the email has been sent and read.


22. Don’t Use **THIS CRAP**

How many times have you seen subject lines written in “ALL CAPS?” or, with the First Letter Of Every Word Written In All Caps? This looks unnatural.


az font


It looks spammy, and it looks like it was sent from a person you have never met, or even know at all.


Now, obviously the people on your list have never met you, but you get my point, yes? The whole purpose of having an email list is so you can connect with people on a personal level.


When you write a message to your friends or family, you don’t use ALL CAPS in your subject line, do you? Nope, you don’t  No one does, and yet, email marketers make the huge mistake of doing this consistently.


It’s simple. You must communicate with your list like you would with a friend.


For example:


Good one – **If I only had a brain**


Bottom Line: There is no best product ever, and if there was, it would be totally relative to the individual and not the whole. Besides, when your subscribers find out that it isn’t the best product ever, do you think they’ll ever trust you again? Of course not.


  • Do not hype your messages.
  • Do not use silly jargon to get attention.
  • Do not mislead with your messages.
  • You write like you would if you were writing to one of your friends.



23. Your Welcome Email

This s something I see very few people doing. I think it may be because they just don’t get how important it is, or they honestly have never thought about it before.


welcome email


When I say “reselling your subscribers,” I’m not talking about selling them a product. You would inevitably be doing that already on your sales page. No, what we’re doing here is “reselling” our new subscribers on the importance of staying on our email list.


Why would we do this?  Great question. The truth is, your biggest unsubscribe rate is going to be at the very beginning of your email campaign. Most people opt-in to get freebies, not emails.


So while they are fresh on your list and thinking of hitting that “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your thank you email, you must resell them on why they should stay.


There are a few effective ways to do this. Personally, I tell them to stay until they read a couple of my emails, after that they can do whatever they damn please.


I tell them I am not pining for their approval. I also state very clearly that I  really don’t care if they unsubscribe, in fact, I’m more than happy to see them go.


This seems counterproductive. I’m telling you to give them a reason to stay, but at the same time I’m telling my new subscribers I’m happy to see them go.


There’s a reason this works well. Every marketer out here seems desperate to offload their products. They seem desperate for attention – and they’ll do anything to not piss people off. I do the opposite.


When people realize you don’t care whether they stay or go, they will automatically believe you have something different to offer than the rest of the other “vanilla” marketers’ lists they’re on.


And that’s what I clearly state. I tell them…

1) I don’t care if they go.

2) let them know that I am the boss.

3) I tell them I am not pining for their approval.

4) I also let them know that I’m not a vanilla marketer, I am not boring.


Now, this may be a bit too hardcore for your market. I don’t believe there’s a such thing but, if you want another approach that’s less in your face you can simply list off some of the biggest benefits they’ll get by at least staying on your list for a couple of emails.


I would do this in ‘bullet style’ format. So, you would just list 5 or 6 major benefits they’ll receive for staying on your list.


Make certain the benefits are not what they can find on any other marketers email list. Create strong bullets highlighting the emotional benefits they’ll receive.



24. Ask for a Response

Let’s face it, you will have people responding to your emails. Believe me, you get far more responses from your subscribers when you entertain in your emails.


email response


Did I mention that you’ll get far more responses when you entertain people in your emails.


Anyway… What a lot of people don’t know, is that when people respond to your emails, it alerts companies like Gmail and the like that you are a trusted person.


Regular responses shows the big email clients that people regard your emails as valuable. Just like when a friend responds to an email you send to them.


So, now and then, ask the people on your list to respond to you. In fact, people are much more likely to buy from you if they converse with you one-on-one via email.


It shows, obviously, that you’re a real person and that you’re not some arrogant dipshit who just wants to fleece them for their money.



25. Wound with Bullets

Every sales page you’ve ever read has a whole list of bullet points. Why?


Because they’re bite-sized chunks of benefits for the reader to digest. Some of the best copywriters in the world have pages and pages of bullet points inside their sales messages.


bullet point list


A prospect can be reading a lengthy sales letter, and just one bullet point on that sales letter can tip the buying decision in their mind, and get you the sale.


And yet, I don’t see too many people using bullet points inside their emails. They should.


Try it out for yourself. Write a brief introduction about your product, and then list 8 – 10 bullet points clearly stating the benefits your product can give them – and then segue you’re your pitch.


Using this simple method in your emails can dramatically increase sales.



26. Add Bonus to Other Peoples’ Products

This simple hack is common sense to many, and yet, we see very few people actually using it.


The title says it all: Add a bonus to every affiliate promotion you send out to your list. Well… A bonus added to a sales page can increase conversions, yes? That’s why almost everybody does it.


Sometimes the bonus can be in more demand than the actual product. If it works on sales pages, it’s going to work on affiliate promotions too, right? Of course. It’s just common sense.


Now let’s be crystal here. You can’t just slap any bonus onto an affiliate product and expect to retire from the promotion. And… the bonus must be directly related to the offer.


I shouldn’t need to highlight this, but not everyone is as smart as you and I. Let’s assume you’re sending out a promotion to your email list for a spanking new squeeze page plugin, okay? What “bonus” could you add to that particular promotion to increase conversions? A report explaining how to use the plugin? Maybe. I bet the plugin creator already has that covered though.



27. Create Higher valued

Consider this: How many free reports have you downloaded over the years, on squeeze pages, that actually gave you a lot of value? Not many?


I bet you’ve downloaded dozens of free offers that you’ve never even consumed, right? Me too.




Once in a while, I might come across something unique that tickles my fancy, but most often it’s just the same ‘ol story. Another freebie I don’t expect to get much value from.


This is the way most people feel when they see another offer on a squeeze page.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want people signing up to my email list with low expectations on the value they expect to receive. This is just “one” of the reasons open rates are so low when it comes to email marketing.


There are many other variables to consider, but your offer plays a huge part in the process. It’s the first piece of content your new subscriber is going to receive from you, so it better be good.


Consider this: 25% of products purchased inside the jvzoo marketplace are never consumed. Isn’t that an incredible statistic? 25 out of 100 people who buy products don’t even bother going in to download their purchase.


With this in mind: How many people can we expect to bother consuming our free offers we give away on our squeeze pages?


Unfortunately, a lot of people I see building email lists, are focusing on the number of subscribers they’re getting… but… fail to look at how many of these people are consuming the free offer they give away.


This is something you seriously have to think about. If people are not bothering to consume your content, they are not going to bother opening your emails, right?


Think of all the time, energy and money you’re putting into building your email list. Doesn’t it make sense to take every precaution to make sure you get as many people as possible to consume your content?


That’s just one part of the puzzle, though.

  • We want high conversions on our squeeze page.
  • We want our offer to stand out.
  • We want our subscribers to consume our content.
  • We want “happy” subscribers.
  • We want to deliver value.


In most cases, a free report just doesn’t cut the mustard. People just don’t place much significance on the value of a free report anymore. Not in all cases, but in most cases for sure.


So, what’s the best way to stand out ? give value, generate high conversions, and build trust with your new subscribers?


Quite simply, you create an offer so valuable, that anyone who lands on your squeeze page, will find it almost impossible to turn down.


A simple change in your approach though can have dramatic results:

  • You obviously get higher conversions because the offer is different, and much more valuable than a free report.
  • You spend less money on traffic because of the higher conversions
  • You create higher “expectations” inside the mind of your new subscriber
  • You eradicate the problem of people giving you fake email addresses.
  • You have a significantly higher chance of your freebie being consumed
  • You build more trust by giving more value.
  • You have a much better chance of your subscribers remembering you


As said earlier, It’s not rocket science, but are you doing it? or are you just following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing?


Use Email For SALES


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All of the above tips, tricks and ideas have been proven to work, but I don’t expect you to jump in head first and use them all in the one go. So take your time.


Implement the ones that seem more relevant to you, and maybe even start with the ones that are easiest for you to get up and running – and then work your way through the list.



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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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