10 Best Email Marketing Course Online 2021


Email Marketing Course – Build up Your business

First of all. you need to understand for any business or any market, Email marketing is a key component for the business.


whether it is for building a subscribers list, promotion, keeping in touch with your audience, or anything related to sending a single email, Having knowledge about the email marketing tactics will eventually get the results you wanted.



So From where should you begin?

  • In the first place, it’s essential to build an email list. According to your online business, you may opt to divide your list for individualized messages, personalized offers or customized products and services sent to a specified target group, among other things.


  • The next step is determining what you want to communicate. Your goal may be to improve customer loyalty, raise awareness, or create sales revenue.


  • An email campaign can take several forms, regardless of the size of your mailing list. Your own personal email is a great place to start because it allows you to create and distribute your own marketing. Aside from that, there are a number of email software systems available, both free and paid.


These are some of the basic knowledge that everyone should follow when you start an email marketing campaign for business ( purpose )


but if you consider having legit and considerable improvement on your email marketing campaign, then you should definitely follow a guideline, that’s why we are going to list some of the best email marketing course’s for you



1 Foundr – Advanced Email Marketing

One of the best email marketing courses we can recommend for you is the “Advanced email marketing course by Foundr” because this course covers almost everything you need to know about when setting up an email campaign.


Here is the main subject they use to show thire value on this course ” 8 Months, 10 Billion Emails Sent, & The Advanced Email Secrets Discovered To Skyrocketing Your Opens, Clicks, And Sales! “


Foundr – Advanced Email Marketing


What are you going to get?

  • To get your readers to look forward to your emails, use a three-part “cookie system”
  • The “3 E’s” of a perfect email
  • Three-second “hack” for boosting openings and establishing connections at the very same time
  • Without losing your temper, learn how to leverage categorization and “tagging” to transform your business  into the money engine
  • If you’d like to generate more money with email, you need to understand these metrics.
  • When it comes to spam, almost everyone seems to be wrong.
  • Making sales in your sleep is now a reality thanks to our step-by-step automation guide.
  • Spam strategy of 50/50 to eventually get out of advertising
  • “Predicting” what your client will purchase next can dramatically boost your open rates and click-through rates.
  • email marketing knowledge that is more sophisticated



Course Price:  1997$



2 Ezra Firestone – Smart Email Marketing 2.0

You will learn how to develop your online business by using complex email marketing tactics in Ezra’s email course. In order to convert new consumers, create recurring customers, execute successful sales campaigns and much more, you may replicate his most effective strategies.


Ezra Firestone Smart Email Marketing


What are you going to get?

  • Module 1: Understanding Email

breakdown of how emails actually work,  into kinds, structure, and conversion suggestions and how to get users to subscribe to your email list


  • Module 2: Email Automation Flows: Part 1

automated mailings based on user activity. Automated mailings based on user activity To minimize costs while improving engagement, feedback, and repeat customers.


  • Module 3: Email Automation Flows: Part 2

in this module,  we will keep looking at the email automation. as we keep covering the bulk of the processes that later can send users based on their activity,


  • Module 4: Email Campaigns

You’ll discover how to send emails that are getting better conversion where most of the business averaging from 50% – 60% on revenue through email.


  • Module 5: Sale Events

In this course, you’ll study how and when to manually broadcast promotional campaigns.


  • Module 6: List Health for List Wealth

Keep your email list healthy with our 5 strategies for better deliverability and more effectiveness




Course Price:  1497$



3 Melissa Griffin – Email List Academy

Are you having trouble growing your email list? or do not have any experience, how to build up the emails from scratch and deliver the emails, Then this is the best course for you.


A 90-day strategy for people who are looking to expand their email list rapidly, boost interaction, and grasp the power of email marketing.




What are the advantages?

  • 1000+ rapid subscribers and releasing your first product with confidence.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about generating stuff that will vanish into nowhere
  • You won’t have to worry about social media algorithms anymore
  • Your emails being met with honest answers
  • Alerts of new deals on your phone ever few minutes



Course Price:  497$



4 Caleb O’Dowd – Email Marketing Mentorship Program 2.0

Building a profitable email marketing business is hard because most of marketers are already gaining momentum with their email strategy.


so having a better understanding of the emails, squeeze pages, Email Campaigns, Templates, open / click rates will increase your chance of survival in the email marketing industry. That is why caleb O’Dowd email marketing course is a better option for you.


Caleb O’Dowd – Email Marketing Mentorship Program 2.0


What are you going to get?

  • How to Build Your Email Marketing Business in the Top “Big Money” Niche
  • Core Training
  • Q&A Calls
  • Copy Review Calls
  • Email campaigns and templates that are already written
  • Proven Squeeze Page Templates
  • Top Traffic Sources and the strategies to use for each
  • ** Bonus** “How To Build An Email List That Earns You Money In 10 Days”



Course Price:  497$



5 Mutesix – Email Marketing Masterclass

This course will teach you How to Save up to 20% on your marketing expenses and build high-converting email campaigns without raising your marketing expenses ( simple strategies ).


In terms of converting people into buyers, email is the #1 conversions strategy. The right way to use powerful email may turn it into one of your most profitable marketing tool for your business.


Mutesix – Email Marketing Masterclass


What are you going to get?

  • Module 1: Email Best Practices

This lesson will go through the fundamental structure for sending out professional emails. As a result, you will avoid sending emails that make your business appear unprofessional.


  • Module 2: Increasing Revenue with Automation

You’ll discover how and when to create effective automatic flows. You’ll need it in place if you want to increase income and restore lost orders.


  • Module 3: Campaigns

Are you applying the appropriate strategies in your email marketing campaigns? Module 3 addresses the many sorts of tactical and organized campaigns which will be sent effectively to your subscriber’s inbox without spam.


  • Module 4: Segmentation Optimization

How do you ensure that you contact the relevant buyers while eliminating those that aren’t a good match? Module 4 makes it easy to share personalized emails instead of a one-size-fits-all message


  • Module 5: Reporting

In this module, You’ll go through the standards and statistics you should be aware of.


  • Module 6: Deliverability

This module is important for identifying, fixing, and avoiding deliverable difficulties.


  • Module 7: Omnichannel Marketing

Take use of many promotional tools while being straightforward. This lesson discusses web marketing methods and technologies that can assist in subscriber growth.



Course Price:  597$



6 Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters

well, For every email marketing campaign, Writing a good email is necessary, that is where email copywriters come along and take that opportunity by writing high converting emails for business to grow their revenue. so becoming email copywriter is great way to generate passive income for lifetime.


Because in order to become a successful copywriter you do not need any prior experience or special talent. just follow this course, you will learn all the master technics you need.


Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters


What are you going to get?

  • The Science Of High Converting Email Marketing

the two primary email formats and how they’ve been leveraged to boost sales and engagement. This is effectively the complete structure for email copywriting. How and when to write them as well as the science of key decisions such as “what should I write about?”


  • Getting Email Copy Clients

This session will teach you how to identify the best clients, how to discover them online, and how to engage them at the beginning of conversations. Email copywriters are the “Hidden Wish” of most company owners; and there’s a certain technique to communicate with them which uncovers this demand to employ you at whatever price you select. However, most copywriters are not doing this. so you’ll have unlimited choices to pick from.



Course Price:  1000$



7 Chase Dimond – 7-Figure Email Playbook

If you are an Ecom Brand, Drop Shipper, or Agency Owner. The this is course will perfect for your business. because  In 2021, new internet money is flooding our economy quicker than ever before. And, now more than ever, owning an E-commerce firm is one of the wisest decisions you can make.


Statically speaking, There seems to be approximately 4.3 billion email addresses in the globe, with an average of slightly more than two email accounts per individual.


That equates to around 2 billion individuals worldwide using email. Whenever it comes to recruiting new clients, email is 40 times more successful than Social media Such as Facebook. Roughly 72% of buyers prefer that businesses contact consumers via email.


So having a well-established Email marketing plan for your Ecom or any retailing business is essential at the moment.


Chase Dimond – 7-Figure Email Playbook


What are you going to get?

  • Core Email Flows (Pre Purchase)

Overview + Non-buyers welcome serious / Auto resend welcome email / Overview of 4 abandoned flows / Abandoned cart flow


  • Core Email Flows (Post Purchase)

Standard customer Thank you / Unique customer thank you / Cross-sell, upsell / Customer Win-back



Course Price:  197$



8 Duston McGroarty – Newsletter Secrets Masterclass

In this course, you’ll discover how to earn money by sending emails. You don’t need a product for sale, a mailing list, or any training or skill. you can generate more than 1000$ per day by following their simple 3-step-method ( Email newsletter secret )


Without any prior knowledge, you are going to learn how to create a personal money-making email newsletter from scratch.


Duston McGroarty – Newsletter Secrets Masterclass


What are you going to get?

  • Newsletter Secrets Masterclass
  • Email Traffic Secrets Training
  • Email Business Funnel Pack
  • Email Newsletter Template Pack
  • BONUS #1: The Non-Writer’s Guide To Unlimited Content
  • BONUS #2: The Email Newsletter Swipe File
  • BONUS #3: Outsource Your Email Business Training



Course Price:  597$



9 Flowium – Life Cycle Course

This course will teach you step-by-step training How to put up highly interactive email automated processes that increase your income by 20% which will be a very effective way to combat low conversions and create successful email series all time.


Flowium – Life Cycle Course


What are you going to get?

  • Email A/B testing framework

Your email campaigns will be more effective using this framework since you’ll be able to test them more thoroughly, and you


  • Working Templates + Practical Tutorials

Your deliverability will never be jeopardized by another bad headline or a poorly designed email because of these amazing resources you are going to get


  • Five Highly Practical Modules

Upon completion, you’ll be able to effectively implement what you’ve learned and begin making some progress with your emails


Module List

  • Module 1. Strategy

For Every email sequence you create, you should take into account where your consumer is in the sales cycle. that way you can deliver great emails to the user’s inbox


  • Module 2. Copy

Create compelling, colorful text for opt-in aspects, mailings for funnels, surveys, and anything else with these tips and tricks


  • Module 3. Design

In this session, we’ll break it down our core email campaigns and show you actual cases about how to work about every email in a campaign


  • Module 4. Implementation


  • Module 5. Evaluate & Optimize



Course Price:  997$



10 Cold Email Wizard – The Vault

well, this course is all about creating leads with your emails and getting clients to pay you. this is working for most of you because you are going to get the exact copy of what’s working right now.


if you do not know how to work on the selling pitch, you should consider this


Cold Email Wizard


What are you going to get?

  • The initial emails
  • follow ups
  • The responses
  • How we got them to book calls
  • The absolute entire conversions between 100 cold prospects



Course Price:  850$




As we have mentioned above, following an email marketing strategy is essential for every business, even you are a single person who wants to sell a product for the end-user, you will have to collect email and deliver converting sale pitches through email.


so whether your business is small or large , you should consider these terms ex: writing better emails / automating process/follow-ups and many more tactics.


By following these courses will give you more edge compared to others because The people who run these courses are in the email marketing business in their entire life. So Go get the course and build your revenue.



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