Ways to Monetize Twitter Account


No matter what you THINK is holding you back, you can absolutely monetize your Twitter account by giving people what they want.


But what do people actually want? They want their problems solved, security, status, money, to be informed, comfort, social approval, freedom from pain, attain happiness.


Therefore you’ll be able to safely pitch your services and products knowing that your good reputation will provide people with enough sense of security that they’ll purchase from you without much hesitation.


To make it easier to pitch your products, services, and affiliate products, we’ll cover the following ideas on the next pages:


  • Affiliate Marketing Made Easy With Twitter
  • DMs Secrets To Make Money
  • Lead Generation For Your Services
  • The Upsells Hack To Multiply Your Income
  • Using Fleets To Generate Attention


But first, let’s talk about what you can sell on Twitter.



What Can You Sell On Twitter?

People sell just about everything that’s legal on Twitter. You can sell your time in the form of services. Or you can sell products (physical or digital).


For example, here’s a list of offers you can easily sell on this platform:

  • Memberships
  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Audio Books
  • Cohorts
  • Paid newsletter
  • Sponsored tweets
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Masterminds
  • Webinars
  • Your own digital or physical product
  • Your services


That said, what we recommend you do to sell products and services based on the Content Pillars you chose.


Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t sell other types of offers. Want I want you to understand is that you’ll make your audience more comfortable when you pitch something they’re primed to buy.


And what are the primed to purchase from you? The products and services that are aligned with your Content Pillars!


1. DMs To Get People Interested In Your Offers

Imagine you want to pitch your services to someone on Twitter in a DM. How do you do that?


For starters, you don’t pitch the product in a DM. What you pitch is asking for short call where you and your prospects talk about their business goals and challenges.


This chapter will show you a 5-part direct message template to get people interested in meeting you.


Now, Here’s why this short message works:

1. It’s short and personalized – people love to feel like you did your research.
2. Providing value persuades. It positions as someone knowledgeable.
3. It triggers the Reciprocity Principle of persuasion – you gave something for free, so now they feel they should give you something back in return. They’ll feel compelled to at least reply back with a no.


That said, let’s dissect each of the parts of this message.

1. Personalized First Line
2. Point To A Problem
3. Provide Solutions
4. Curiosity Trigger
5. Call To Action


Personalized First Line

This is the most crucial section of the DM because it’s how you get the person’s attention.


To craft this first line:


1. Make sure you understand what your potential clients do for a living.
2. Skim through their Twitter feed, visit their websites, and find information about them.
3. Once you have a clear grasp of what they do, write this first line.


Make sure to add praise in this first line. don’t come up with some generic praise like, “Wow, your Twitter account is amazing.” You must be more imaginative than that.


You make a great first impression when you correctly praise your prospects and make them feel you conducted your research. Doing so makes your DM reply-worthy.


Affiliate on Twitter


Point To A Problem

Research the prospect. Find some of the challenges they’re facing – a slow website is a huge problem…


Use the DM to point these challenges out. By doing so, you’ll make prospect aware of them. Why are you doing this? Because you’ll be showing them how to solve these issues.


Provide Solutions

List 2-3 solutions to the problems you found. It’s how you make a great first impression even more powerful. It’ll also make the prospect feel you’re someone who knows what he’s talking about.


Curiosity Trigger

Since you’ve already proven yourself to be knowledgeable, you can now pique your customers’ curiosity by telling them you have other ideas that will help them achieve a specific result.


By stating this, you increase the chance they accept getting on a call with you. Feel free to copy-paste the one-liner curiosity trigger you’ll see below:


“By the way, I have other ideas I’d love to tell you about on how to [results]”


Call To Action

Shoot your shot. Ask the prospect for a meeting. Once you have them on the call, proceed to pitch your services the way you’ve always done.



2. Affiliate Marketing Made Easy With Twitter

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s work” – Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.


Have you ever recommended a book or some fancy gadget to a friend? I guess you have. Would you like to get paid for these kinds of recommendations and promotions?


Well, here’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in,  Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting other people’s work. The creator of the product you are affiliating for already did the job, meaning:


  • They found a market
  • They created a winning offer
  • And, with your help, they also drove traffic to their offers


With Affiliate Marketing, you capitalize on their expertise. These experts have already done the hard work. You earn extra cash by promoting/selling their stuff.


Your sole job is to promote (drive traffic to the offer). Also, with Affiliate Marketing, there’s usually NO financial cost. Most affiliate programs are free.


“How does this affiliate program work, you ask?”

When I add people to my affiliate program, I send them a special LINK. This special link is called Affiliate Link. All you would have to do is share the link anywhere you want.


“How do I share this link with my audience and friends?”

The fastest way would be to tweet about the product and to add the Affiliate link to the tweet. The best way would be to write a short blog post and paste the link at the end of the post. Then, share the link to this blog post on your social media accounts.


“What happens when people click the affiliate link?”

When people click this link, they’ll be sent to my product. And, if they buy it, both my affiliate and you make money. Does this make sense?


Affiliate Marketing Is Incredibly Easy

There is virtually no downside to Affiliate Marketing. There’s no hidden cost. And if you or your affiliates don’t promote the link, nothing will happen. This is one of the simplest ways to make money online.


And, since we’re talking about Twitter, let me show you how to promote your affiliate links on your account. Let’s imagine that you jumped into my affiliate program, What should you do with it? TWEET IT.


Here is a good example of affiliates tweeting


affiliate tweet


How to ask for affiliate links on Twitter?

“Hey Jack, I loved your [ebook|course|etc]. The part about XYZ made me reconsider my approach to life. I was wondering if you’d send me an affiliate link. I would really love to promote your work.”


only promote a product if two criteria are met:

1. you bought the product
2. you liked the product


Some people promote stuff they haven’t bought, we find it unethical. Avoid promoting stuff you’ve never touched, seen, and/or bought.


How can you know what you’re selling to your followers if you haven’t fully gone through the product yourself? It’s not worth the risk – and promoting products you don’t know can also lose you the trust you built up with your followers in the first place.


Affiliate on Twitter


3. Lead Generation For Your Services

If you want to sell your services, you need to generate leads. A lead is someone who is interested in your services.


This begets the question, how do you get others interested in your services? In this chapter, we’ll show you how to use Twitter to generate leads quickly and efficiently – you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.


Generate Leads – The “Easy” Way

You don’t need much, actually. The easiest way to generate leads with Twitter is by tweeting your offer. It could be as simple as what you see below:


Lead tweet

Lead tweet

Lead tweet


Once people DM you, feel free to ask them questions about their business and what they do. We call this the Discovery Phase of lead generation because you dig around to discover if the prospect is a good fit for your services.


If you feel like the person is a good candidate for your services, request a meeting with them. Once they agree to the meeting, send them a link to your appointment scheduling app. Use Calendly as your appointment booking software.


What To Ask In The DMs To Qualify The Lead

“Wait… qualify the lead? What do you mean?”

Before you request a meeting with the lead, you must qualify them. By this I mean you need to figure out if you feel you can help them fix their problems or achieve their goals.


You do so by asking qualifying questions. These questions will surface important information that will help you understand your prospects better, which lets you know if they’re are a good fit for your services.


For example, here are some qualifying questions you can ask people interested in my one-on-One coaching:


  • What do you specialize in? (what are your skills)
  • Tell me about the services you offer (what do you offer, how much do you charge, what results do you promise your clients)
  • Tell me about your challenges with your online business and monetizing your online following.
  • Have you generated any income online before? If so, how much have you generated during the last 3 months?
  • What are your financial goals for the next 6 months?


If you see they’re a good fit, you can send them a link to your booking calendar. If they don’t, tell them that you cannot help them out at the moment.


How To Decide If The Lead Is A Good Fit For Your Services

It depends on the services you provide. Nevertheless, the process to qualify yours lead is mostly the same for most industries. All you do is ask your leads a couple of questions about their business and if you feel you can help them, you send them a link to your booking form.


The keyword is feel.


If you feel you can help them after reading their answers, request a meeting with them. If you feel you can’t help them, just say so



4. Using Fleets To Generate Attention And Leads

Twitter launched its Fleets feature in November 2020. Fleets are to Twitter what Stories are to Instagram. You can use Fleets to post photos, text, and short videos.


And if you’ve been paying attention to that, I guess you already have some ideas on using Fleets to generate attention and leads.


Basically, what you do with your fleets is get people’s attention and tell them to send you a DM. Once they reach out, you know what to do.



5. The Upsells Hack To Multiply Your Income

“Upselling is a sales technique aimed at persuading customers to purchase a more expensive, upgraded or premium version of the chosen item or other add-ons for the purpose of making a larger sale. ” – Oberlo


Upsells are where the REAL money is. After you delivered your service , You told your clients about your other business and you send them a proposal and a link to make the payment.


Once a person buys from you, Cialdini’s Consistency Principle gets activated.

What’s the Consistency Principle? “People like to be consistent with the things they have previously said or done. ”


So, once a person is your client it’s easier for you to sell them more expensive products. Keep selling stuff to your clients. That’s how you easily increase your income


Affiliate on Twitter


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There will be days when tweeting doesn’t come naturally, but that’s when you’ll have the opportunity to push yourself. You might have to fight it out with yourself on a few occasions, and that’s okay.


The good news is, when you fight with yourself, all you can do is win. Remember, at first, your mission is to tweet at least 5 times a day.


Twitter requires a consistent effort on your part if you want it to work for you. And those 5 daily tweet will pay off rapidly. This consistency will give you the authority to persuade people to throw money at you and your products.


Consistency or not, if no one likes your tweets, your chances of making sales through Twitter are very low. So, you need to create great, relatable content from the get-go.


Don’t hope to get massive amounts of likes and retweets. And also, don’t hope for people to like what you say. ‘Why?’ Because hope is not a plan.


Twitter rewards consistency, action, and good content. And, if you apply what we revealid in this guide, you’ll find yourself enjoying Twitter more every day and getting new followers at a higher rate.


Your head needs to be in the right place so you can use this platform and make it work for you and your business. And remember, your first mission is to start tweeting at least 5 tweets every day.



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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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