The following twitter tips to tweet are so easy to implement that even a newbie could use them. You’ll be able to execute them right away. No fluff. Just pure actionable advice.


The time to upgrade your Twitter Game has arrived. Please read it and Implement it!


1. Add YOU without hesitation

Add «YOU» to most of your tweets. Write the tweet and substitute any «I», «We» and «Myself» with «You». People love to feel like they can relate – it’s the basis of any relationship.


If your followers think you’re talking to or about them, they’ll stick around. That said, be wary of what you tweet about. The game is about growing your account, not creating enemies.



2. Write In Absolutes

Talk about things as if they were true or false. The Twitter algorithm loves hyperbole and absolute words. When you tweet in absolutes, many will agree with you. Many will disagree.


The main take-away from using Absolutes is that your analytics will love you if you do this. Some bigger accounts OWE their following to their use of Absolutes, so it works. But it’s not always what you should do; here’s why:


  • You risk upsetting people (for no good reason)
  • You risk having hordes of haters at your Twitter door (fun, but not recommended)


Here’s a short list of Absolute words you can add to your tweets:


  • Impossible
  • Unnecessary
  • Obvious
  • Ultimate
  • Vital
  • Inevitable
  • Everything
  • Everyone
  • All


A word of warning: don’t go berserk on Twitter, it’s not worth it.



3. Fill Your Timeline With Actionable Advice

Twitter loves simple, actionable advice. Actionable Advice is advice people can put into practice. Think of this as “how to” content for


Teaching others how to do stuff is a great way to promote the idea that you’re knowledgeable at what you do. This will help you become an Authority.


The Winning Recipe For Twitter


4. Platitudes. Platitudes. Platitudes Everywhere

Platitudes and Motivational content are also a great way to use the High Ground Maneuver. Platitudes are feel-good tweets. It’s what people usually Retweet


The Dictionary defines a platitude as: “A remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.”


Your job is to make the platitude sound interesting or thoughtful. Writing platitudes is a form of self-persuasion. We live in a world of persuasion. If you didn’t know that, welcome. It’s fun here. Writing by itself rewires your brain.



5. Use Social Proof

Posting your Twitter growth, how many followers you gained in the month and testimonials works like a charm to get your followers even more interested in your account.


“Why is that, ” When in doubt, we defer to our biases. We scout around to see what our peers are doing.


Here’s the rationalization: “So Jack and Laura followed this guy… I must follow him.”

“Oh, so he gained 3000 new followers. Seems he’s going to be important some day.”

“Wow, just reached 50K followers. I was there when he had 1000.”


Have you ever bought a book because of what you read in the Amazon reviews or because a good friend recommended it to you? That’s social proof.


Follower count, testimonials, stats from your Twitter analytics, posting that someone important following you are an insanely good use of social proof.



6. Talk Glowingly About Yourself And Your Achievements

Twitter loves/hates confidence & arrogance. sharing some of your achievements is good in long term , so it’s a great way to get people behind you, as it shows that what you’re doing WORKS, and it helps to inspire them to do the same.


Try not to over do it, as too much can come off a certain way, but feel free to flex once in a while.



7. Retweet Your Follower’s Responses And Mentions

Retweet the replies and mentions you like. This will make the Cialdini’s Reciprocity Principal kick in: give a little something to get a little something in return.


This is a great way to help others feel seen, listened to and appreciated. It shows them that you see them and you care about what they’re saying. Who in their right mind doesn’t enjoy that?!


The Winning Recipe For Twitter


8. Be True To Yourself, Even If You Lose Followers

Always be honest with yourself. don’t worry about your follower count. The following will come soon. Also, avoid trying to fool the tribe. They will notice and you will pay for it.


Some people will read your tweets and feel personally attacked. It will happen sooner or later. My suggestion is to ignore the haters and keep tweeting



9. Write In Short Sentences. Use Tons Of Line Breaks

Twitter is a high-paced environment. A blob of text is hard to read. The harder it is to read your tweets, the fewer people will like them and retweet them. Make your audience’s life easier by writing in shorter sentences and using more line breaks, your tweets will be easier to read. This will help with getting more engagement. (Did this paragraph felt harder to read? It’s because it’s a blog of text. There are no line break in between the sentence.)


The reality is, you are swimming in a SEA of content and tweets. So you make your tweets stand out by making them as legible as possible. Practice writing your tweets with short sentences. Add a line break after each sentence.



10. High Five Your Tribe

Our Twitter Tribe is like a small family – a cool one I might add. We follow each other. We praise each other. We love each other’s content.


Give a shout out to the accounts whose content you love. Extra brownie points if you say why you like their content.



11. Threads

Twitter says this about Threads: “Sometimes we need more than one Tweet to express ourselves. A thread on Twitter is a series of connected Tweets from one person. With a thread, you can provide additional context, an update, or an extended point by connecting multiple Tweets together. ”


from time to time, it’s good to spurt out a powerful thread. Because when the gain traction, they also attract tons of new followers.


Threads help you expand on one important topic. Think of a Thread like a short blog post of 250-500 words. Keep it within this range of words.


How to create a thread on Twitter


we suggest you write 1-3 per week. Some people suggest 1 thread per day. But that’s too much, in my opinion. The game’s the game, and Threads don’t get the respect they should.


As always, make sure the thread is easy to read. use Hypefury, a Twitter scheduling tool, to compose and schedule threads ahead of time – more organization, less headache!



12. RT Yourself Many, Many Times

RT your best tweets. RT them 1-2 times a day. RT the tweets with the highest like and RT count. RT your best tweets before going to sleep or right after you wake up.


Then close the app and go to work or sleep (you can schedule RTs with Hypefury too – is there anything this tool can’t do?


How to find your best-performing tweets? Open your Analytics


twitter analytics


Then click the Tweets menu, followed by clicking the Top Tweets tab. Here you’ll find your best-performing tweets.


top tweets



13. “How Many Times A Day Should I Tweet?”

Some people promote the scorched-earth approach of tweeting 100 times per day. But let’s be real for a second here, we don’t all have the time to do that. 100 tweets a day is HUGE.


You certainly have a job, a family, business and/or some freelancing work to do. Tweeting 100 times a day is hard. So, I suggest you start with 5 to 10 value-imbued daily tweets. This is the sweet spot for constant growth.


Add an extra 10 tweets when you’ll reply to and engage with your tribe – yes, replies count as tweets. In total, you’ll be tweeting around 20 tweets per day if you actively engage with the community.



14. Screw The Typos – For Real

By now, I’m 100% sure that you made some typos on your tweets. So scerw typos. Leave your tweets up even if they have typos.


Remove the tweet only if the typo changes the meaning of what you wrote.But do try to minimize the typos BEFORE you put the content out there. Its better for you and your brand overall.


There are a ton of free tools and resources that can spell-check/edit grammatical errors for you before you post youre tweets. like Grammarly.


The Winning Recipe For Twitter


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