25+ Podcast Growth Strategies

Here are the podcast growth strategies that you can use and have experimented with. Most podcasters do about 5% of this, so doing just a handful will be very beneficial:


1. Install Your Pixels

This is KEY! Make sure to have your Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google pixels installed. This will open so many doors to help
you segment your audience and do follow ups and many channels.


2. $1 Per Day Facebook Ads (Based on engagement)

Run $1 a day ads to people who have engaged with any of your content/ecosystem for a period of time ( podcast interview clips, messing around, traveling, etc )


Just getting them interested in who we are and what we do. Once they engage somehow, then we move them closer to our other content (i.e. podcast and start to segment to offers)

3. $1 Per Day Facebook Ads (Targeted guests/brands)

Run $1 a day ads to FB audiences who have an interest in your  brand.


For example :  running ads to the Digital Marketer audience on FB. You can consistently bring in more of DM’s audience to your  show.


4. Google Ads

Run Google search ads for specific guest names/topics/brand names and send people directly to the episode show notes page. Make sure you can back out the costs with your follow ups.


5. Overcast Ads

You can run ads on Overcast (but the price is going up, but very effective). Prices vary, so it’s worth checking out: overcast.fm


6. Podcast Republic

Run ads on Podcast Republic to get more exposure on their platform. podcastrepublic


7. Ads & Visibility on Platforms

Most podcast listening platforms have some sort of way to run ads or pay to increase your visibility (usually in their ranking
system). Try to pay for about $1 or less per podcast subscriber. Pricing varies to each platform.


8. Repurpose any video podcasts on Facebook

Run 3-5 minute long videos that were chunked down from Zoom video recordings with guests.


9. Transcribe Episodes

Get transcriptions done of your episodes using something like Designrr or Rev.com. Embed these on your show notes pages
for the SEO benefit. Lots of free targeted traffic this way!


10. Transcribe as Opt-In

As a quick opt-in, you can take the transcription above and use It for your email opt-in freebie. Some people love to read, so this is a simple offer to grow a list.


11. Transcribe & Upload PDFs

Post the transcription/PDF on other platforms like SlideShare, SoeakerDeck, Issuue, etc. These have given users some great SEO
(and quick). you can use Designrr to make these PDFs quickly.


12. Create a Companion

You can take notes on behalf of your listeners, which make those available for free if people opt-in. you can see about a 8-
10% opt-in rate on these because they are very congruent.


13. Instagram Content

Create image & video posts, IG stories, and IGTV posts. You can use Snappa for image/meme creation and Descript.com for audio
wave and other types of videos for social.

14. Use Repurpose.io to Publish Everywhere

Automatically post your episodes on YouTube (as an audio wave form) and other channels (Twitter, Facebook, and more). Segment your listeners and point ads at them to other episodes that they might be interested (based on topic).


15. Reddit Ads

Reddit ads can be run to very targeted subreddit followings and engaged audiences. You can run many types of ads and so far the costs have been pretty low (compared to Facebook). Not many people doing this, worth a shot!


16. Ask Guest To Share

When an episode goes live, follow up with your guest and ask them to share the episode. Give them an image they can use and link to the episode. Also ask them for referrals to other guests (this is how you up- level your guests).


17. Send Emails

Send emails letting subscribers know each episode is live and the benefits they’ll get for listening. Great way to engage with your list. also do a weekly email with a recap of the week (also sharing other podcasts you’ve been on & mentions).


18. Facebook Pages & Groups

Each time a new episode goes live, you can post to all of your groups, pages, private communities, related groups.


19. Go on Other Shows

Podcast listeners listen (on average) to 7 shows, so… Go on other podcasts to introduce your show to others. which make it obvious that the podcast is a good first touch into your platform and they’ll find amazing content there.


20. Buy Ads on Podcasts

Purchase an ad spot (30 or 60 second) on a relevant show. Expect to pay around $20-30 CPM (if you use an agency). If you reach
out to podcasters, you might be able to work a better deal directly.


21. Reach Out To Bloggers/Contributors

Start conversations with blog authors and contributors to be included as a mentioned podcast on a “best of” list or a reference. Target posts that have good SEO that you can be added to.


22. Chatbot Messages

You can send out messages to you Manychat list for each episode.


23. Browser Push Notifications

You can use push notification and have a little popup that asks people if they’d like to be notified when new updates happen. Messages get sent to subscribers automatically when episodes get released. You can see about a 6-10% CTR, all automatic.


24. Giving Away T-Shirts

You can give away shirts to podcast guests, other influencers, and listeners. It’s a branding play and instruct them to post on
social media and tag us (all content you can use In marketing).


25. Have a Longer  Show

You can have episode is a 30-60 minute long clip from longer form show. The higher frequency of episodes should bring more listeners and ramp up monetization.




21+ Podcast Monetization Strategies

The following is a list of many ways to make money with your podcasts. You can combine a lot of these together or use them individually. Try some out!


1. Mock Sponsorship

Create ads by recommending listeners to sign up/purchase a product or service and you get credited as an affiliate.


2. Sell Your Own Products

Sell a good tripwire type offer and upsell to main offer.


3. Follow Ups In Email

Grow an email list (offer freebie as a show CTA – give a unique link) and follow up with subscribers offering deeper content around the topic. Sell your offers or affiliate offers.


4. Sell Sponsorships Spots

It’s best to create a package of your own to create your own pricing (package podcast ad, dedicated emails/mentions, website
banners, create content, run FB/Google ads).


  • If you work with an agency, expect to earn $20-30 CPM (per 1,000 downloads per episode)
  • Approach businesses in your network who would be a good fit, more likely they don’t know typical sponsorship pricing, so you can demand more.


5. Premium Content

Access to special content (ex: behind-the-scenes, bonus episodes/interviews, your takeaways, AMAs, early released episodes, ad-free episodes, etc.)


6. Sella Community

Listeners can pay to discuss episodes, chat with hosts, AMAs.


7. Offer Consulting/Coaching

You have a captive audience, so you can offer them personal or group consulting/coaching services.


8. Sell Episode Companions

Have someone take notes for each of your shows and sell them (perfect opportunity for a subscription offer).


9. Sell Your Book

This is a great, low-barrier entry offer. Have an upsell to a larger offer in place.


10. Sell Merchandise

You can sell products-on-demand using a service like Printful. Sell products like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.


11. Repurpose Content

You can easily turn your audio (and/or video) podcasts into all sorts of content. ex: transcriptions, PDFs, videos for social, books, etc.) Use this content for follow ups, getting SEO, ads and more to presell offers.


12. Get Speaking Gigs

Mention that you are looking to speak on more stages. Ask your audience for introductions for opportunities. Direct them to email


13. Sell Guests Your Product/Service

You can treat the before/during/after talks with your guest as an opportunity to sell your own offers. Always be selling!


14. Charge Guests To Be On Show

You can sell the opportunity to be on your show and be introduced to your listeners.


15. Retarget To Offers

Drive people to your show notes page. Make sure to have your Google & Facebook pixels installed. Run retargeting ads to people who visit the page and present them relevant content and offers.


16. Patreon Donations

You can ask listeners to support your podcast through a monthly donation subscription. You can offer them bonuses/premium content as an incentive.


17. VIP Listener’s Club

You can offer an exclusive package for people to pay monthly for. It could include monthly physical mailed goodies (books, stickers,
mugs, swag), offer large discounts on products/services, and other perks.


18. Host a Virtual Summit

Leverage your listener’s attention and invite them to a relevant virtual summit. The format is very similar, but with an added video
element. Great list builder strategy.


19. Host Live Events

Invite listeners to your own events. This can be a monthly meetup, could be virtual, you can piggyback off of another large event.


20. Access To Back Catalogue

Charge for people to get access to download and listen to all episodes (even if they aren’t available on iTunes or other platforms).


21. Do Some Trades

In exchange for you promoting someone else’s business, figure out a good win-win (example: get free video production done in
exchange for a sponsored message).



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