No doubt about it, video marketing has been steadily rising in popularity and accessibility over the last few years. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and your website are all wonderful venues to market your company, but a YouTube channel could be the greatest option because people watch one billion hours of video every day on this platform.



1. Create High Quality Thumbnails


mkbhd youtube thumbnail


youtube thumbnail



Now let’s explain the psychology behind this thumbnail so that you can use these ideologies inside your thumbnail creation process. The bright orange colour is the first trigger as it attracts the eye of the viewer when they are scrolling youtube.


They have then stopped scrolling and are looking at your thumbnail and deciding whether it is worth clicking. The shocked face is the second trigger which creates a sense of curiosity and confusion and they are thinking to themselves “why is he shocked, what’s wrong” I need to know Now here’s the thing. The title is how to cook a steak the right way.


That already works in users favour because there is a lot of stigma when it comes to cooking steak and evidently everyone has their own way of cooking and eating it so by making the title “the right way” people are already triggered and ready to give their opinion.


To push them over the edge, you have an arrow pointing at the object that says wrong, and they are triggered again looking at the steak and thinking, wait “what is wrong”, is there something with this steak that is incorrect?


At this point, they can’t help themselves but to click as they want to do one of two things:


1.They want to comment on the steak cooking method showed and to tell you how it is wrong or it sucks

2. Or two, they want to figure out if they are cooking steak correctly or not


Either way you got the click ๐Ÿ˜‰


Key = thumbnail and text should work “together” BUT NOT SAY THE SAME THING.


The thumbnail and text should complement each and and work in tandem but you should try not to have them both say the same thing or be identical in text Wasted opportunity to target two separate emotions or pain points or two different kinds of curiosity.



2. Change Channel Homepage Trailer



Make new video your homepage video because you choose to put your most recent video here as this strategically because if someone finds any of your past videos and they go to our channel, you want to drive views to your most recent video once they see it on the home page.


The reason you should do this is because the YouTubes algorithm puts a lot of weight on โ€œ your last video upload โ€ meaning uploading a bad video that doesn’t get views can hurt the next video you upload at the algorithm can assume that if they didn’t like your last, they won’t like the next and won’t suggest it as much. Every video counts.


Again this comes back to quality over quantity, which is why uploading a lot of videos fast but of low quality can hurt your channel as you โ€™ l never be optimized for the youtube algorithm.


Change this channel trailer video every time you upload a new video.


About you Trailer ( Optional )

Another option is explain what you are about and what your value proposition is.


Explain who you are, exactly what your channel will be about, who is it for, what they can expect. This is an opportunity to really show you personality and style and convince them to subscribe.



3. Suggest New video at the End of Each Video

This can be tedious if you have lots of videos , but if you only have few , change the video that your other videos end cards suggest.


what this means is your videos already have traction so when people find those videos and watch them through search or through YouTube algorithm suggesting them, the end screen will suggest this new video for easy traffic.



4. Hide Subscriber count

Now if you are just starting a Youtube channel or have less than 1000 subscribers, we often suggest to the creator to hide their subscriber count until they go over 1000 subs.


The reason for this is simple, people move with what we call “heard mentality” meaning if they love your content but noticed that you
barely have any subscribers, they will “assume” something is wrong with your content or channel and might choose to not subscribe. Now you do not “have” to do this it is just a suggestion.


If they see an amazing piece of content you created, and has a decent amount of views but your subs are hidden, they can assume that it is at least 10,000. But if you have high performing videos but low subs, that can hurt you because people take that into consideration. So it is your choice what you choose.






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