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There are plenty of Best YouTube Course out there, Whether you’re a YouTube content creation pro or just dipping your toes in, there is always something new and exciting to learn to grow and manage your YouTube channel.


There are many courses, videos, and other resources for content creators to improve their channels. So listing down in a single place will help you to reach out for best of the best.



1. Jamie Tech – Youtube Course

If you are looking to get started on youtube as a career and growing youtube channel quickly then this course is covering all the thing you want to know.


Jamie tech has been on youtube for 10+ years and He has listed all the things he learned from the past and following this course you will surely learn the same tactics to apply to your Youtube channel.


Jamie Tech YouTube Course


What you are going to get ?

  • Introduction of Youtube
  • Creating channel and branding
  • Choosing the correct niche
  • Rules of Youtube
  • How to grow from 0 subscribers and 0 views
  • Get 4000 hrs watch time and 1000 subscribers – secret way
  • Approval to Youtube Partnership program
  • Increase subscribers, watch time, CTR
  • Power of Title, Keyword , Description analysis
  • How to Make money
  • How to automate (voice-over + editing )
  • The thing to avoid in youtube
  • Conclution


by following this youtube course you will have better understanding how to rank your youtube videos and eventually quite 9-5 job, become independant Youtuber.




Official Youtube Channel: Click Here

Course Price:  165$



2. Graham Stephan – The Youtube Creator Academy

This course will teach you exact strategies and SEO to grow your channel having ZERO social media presence.


About the Course Owner: Graham Stephan ( youtube ) has followed step-by-step strategies to grow his youtube  channel while working his full-time job, So he has faced a number of errors, failing, following multiple guidelines to be where he now, He has now and counting 3.3M Youtube subscribers + 45M views + 388k Instagram followers + 1000k $ Per month revenue through youtube alone


So can you do this? of course. this course has everything you want to achieve goal as same as graham Stephan


Graham Stephan The YouTube Creator Academy


What you are going to get?

  • Testimonials
  • Introduction to the Youtube Creator Academy
  • Making Videos
  • Advantage of Youtube
  • and many more



Official Youtube Channel: Click Here

Course Price:  397$



3. David Vlas – Youtube Revenue Machine

There are lots of ways when thinking about making money on youtube. ex: Targeted audience, niche, SEO tricks, Thumbnail, Title, description, keyword, content, video editing skill, Monetisation method and list goes on and on.


However, following the correct youtube course can bring you value and save lots of time. that is why David Vlas’s course is great, it does not matter if you are just a beginner or an expert in youtube. this course covers all the things you want to make money on youtube


David Vlas Youtube Revenue Machine


What you are going to get?

  • Youtube SEO secret to get more views
  • Catchy thumbnails editing
  • Growing Fanbase
  • Selling products
  • Affiliate marketing through Youtube
  • Channel Branding
  • Edit videos for Higher watch time
  • How to go Viral
  • and More


Being financially free is everyone’s goal. So making money while doing what you love is even great, So if you dream about being a youtube and creating videos , then this course is perfect for you.



Official Youtube Channel: Click Here

Course Price:  498$



4. Cash Cow Mastery by Video sidehustle

This guide will explain how to understand the youtube algorithm and piece it all together to get the right source for ranking the youtube video. most of youtube creates begin their youtube journey by choosing the wrong niche, by taking this course you will have a better understanding the what niche or path you should take when creating a youtube channel.


Cashcow Mastery Youtube course


What you are going to get ?

  • Youtube Seo

Youtube is a massive video search engine, so in order to get the most views to your channel you must understand the SEO strategy of youtube


  • Monetization

Nobody likes to wait days or months to get the channel to monetize. cash cow mystery will show you how to get the Chanel immediately


  • Marketing

By second, there are millions of people trying to upload videos to Youtube, so Their content is good but most of them do not know how to market the video. even your content is unique, if you do not market the video then you are not going to get result you are hoped. Cash cow mystery will teach you how to get better results my marketing.



Course Price :  97$



5. YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits

If you want to get your video to the right audience quickly then Youtube Ad will be the best option. this course will guide you through from A-Z about How to structure your youtube account for Advertisement.


What you are going to get?

  • Unlimited Traffic

Why youtube Ad is better than Facebook, you will have better ROI when your videos getting in front of the right audiences.

Consistent Returns + Unlimited Traffic = Infinite Scale


  • Video ads for Affiliate Product

How to Map out your funnel campaign and Retarget the correct audience. So Following the correct video ads will get higher CTR



Course Price :  140$



6. Andrei Jikh – Zero to a Million

If you a just a beginner and want to know step-by-step How to build a profitable online brand, then This course will teach you How the Youtube algorithm works and create a unique Social media brand.


Andrei Jikh youtube course


What you are going to get?

  • Build Audience

Learn how to create a video that is stunning and attract more target users to your video


  • Increase Watch Time

Learn How to increase the watch time by analyzing the video


  • Youtube secret

Learn the secrets of youtube algorithm that took me to achieve million subscriber less than 2 years.



Official Youtube Channel: Click Here

Course Price :  495$



7. Jordan Mackey – Youtube Monetization and Automation Program 2020

Most of the newbies get questions when starting a youtube channel. ” How do I start my channel? What niche? How do I monetize the channel? How do I rank my video? ” these will be solved by following Jordan Mackery Youtube online course. This course will tell you how to make your youtube channel hit 6 figures


Youtube Monetization and Automation


What you are going to get?

  • Choosing your perfect niche
  • Youtube basic guide
  • Monetization reviews
  • Instant monetization
  • Video research
  • Editing the videos
  • SEO secrets
  • Advanced monetization Techniques
  • 3 Niche Case studies
  • Outsourcing and automation
  • Affiliate marketing on youtube
  • Marketing networks
  • Market your channel
  • Non-Youtube affiliate
  • Conclusion



Official Youtube Channel: Click Here

Course Price :  650$



8. Justin Sardi – Unlimited Leads Challenge + OTO

For the past years, you may have tried a bunch of methods to get leads and an email list for you online business ex: Facebook, Pinterest, vlog, google, yahoo, email, Instagram. but have you tried to get leads and clients via highly trafficked and targeted youtube videos.


then you will love by following this online course. this Youtube course will teach you how to build a massive list of leads and buyers without doing podcasts, writing blogs, posting on social media or spending lots of money on ads




What you are going to get?

  • Build your list with high converting video
  • Attract Leads for just pennies
  • Generate sales from cold traffic
  • Sell anything
  • Start seeing results in hours and days instead of months

This course will show you the power of youtube : Instant Leads



Course Price :  47$



9. Holly Starks – CTR Method – Youtube Ranking

This course has 3 modules which will be as Myth Busters , Best Practices and CTR setup, by followign the practices your video will rank in no time,


Youtube SEO by Holly starks




Course Price :  350$



10. Andy Hafell – Tube Takeoff 2.0

Have you ever considered starting a Youtube channel without creating videos, then this course is best suited for you. This course will teach you Unique Way to Grow, Monetize and Automate the Youtube channel from 0 to 100k Subs without ever making a video


Tube-Takeoff-Youtue Course


What you are going to get?

  • Youtube Growth Training
  • Youtube Affiliate Marketing Training
  • No-Face Youtube Method
  • Niche Channel Research
  • Ultimate Internet Marketing niche on youtube
  • A-Z Youtube channel setup
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Clickbank Marketing through Youtube
  • Youtube first page ranking secret
  • Youtube Automation

and many more…



Course Price :  997$



11. Kody White – YT Money Master Course

Do you have a dream to make full-time online income? Creating your own online revenue platform? Tired of seeing others live their dream life on social media?


To answer all of the above ques, You have decided to become “Youtuber” but all of sudden you have a fear of being in front of a camera.


So whether you have fear being in front of camera or do not have any knowledge about youtube, Justin sardi youtube course will teach you how to overcome those.


YT Money


What you are going to get?

  • How to Get started from Scratch ( Mindset )
  • Chasing Perfection ( Longterm Mindset )
  • Introduction to YT Money
  • List of Viral Niche
  • How to Decide what kind of Channel you want to start
  • Verify Your channel
  • Necessary tools for Youtube
  • Optimization
  • Monetization
  • Secret strategy to go viral
  • + 40 Subcategory questions



Course Price :  247$



12. Liz Tomey – Youtube traffic Takeover Workshop

This course will show You how to sell more products and get more Subscribers, also Get more traffic to any website you want using the website. The “youtube traffic Takeover course” covers everything you need to get traffic from Youtube.


This is great even if you have never created a single video for yourself or public This is great even if you have never gotten any traffic from youtube


So this course will cover EVERYTHING which will result in getting more traffic to your product/services/Website


Youtube traffic takeover workshop


What you are going to get?

  • Getting started with Youtube

You must understand all the tools and tricks of youtube. because It is not all about Youtube video, thumbnail, or content. there is so much more to it.


  • Youtube Channel Creation

This module will teach you how to create a perfect youtube channel and optimize it to target your niche audience. from the good looking name to branding  design for your youtube channel


  • Creating videos for Youtube

What kind of video do I create? What topic? and a hundred other questions when creating a perfect video. this module will teach you different types of marketing strategies you need in order to create a perfect Youtube video.


  • Youtube Video Ranking

When you want to rank a video, you must give what people search on youtube. So in this section, I will teach you how to optimize keywords, Title, descriptions ( SEO ) to rank higher in the youtube algorithm


  • And many more

by the end of day, you do not have to be acting “rockstar” to get traffic from youtube, this course will list down all the tactics and strategies on how to outrank most big YouTubers for a relevant keywords.



Course Price :  97$




Whether you are a beginner to youtube or not, following a Youtube course will have an advantage for you over others because you do not have to make a mistake others are doing.


you will save time and energy, most of these courses have good value and content to follow, so our recommendation is you must at least take a look at these course’s to get better understand what is the best for you.



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