How to Fix Low Email Open Rates


Low Email Open Rate is as good as not sending emails at all. If your emails are not getting opened, there’s no way for you to make sales.


So, what are the things that can affect your open rates?



1. Your Niche

Make sure your niche is not too broad. Choose a niche, then a sub-niche.


For example, if you are into affiliate marketing, you will attract different sub-niches in the affiliate marketing niche, some of them include – “Affiliate marketing on YouTube”, “Affiliate marketing on Twitter”, “Affiliate Marketing via CPA networks, etc.


Now, let’s say your emails only talk about affiliate marketing via YouTube, then others will not really gain a lot from your emails, because they are not specialized in that, so they’ll open your emails less and less.


The only mistake you made from the start was going into a broad niche and at the end of the day, you attracted people in different sub-niches.


Therefore, you want to makes sure you choose a sub-niche from the start, this way, you will only attract people in that sub-niche and your open rates will go up.



2. Traffic Source

Your traffic source plays a huge impact on the quality of leads you will get. Tested both solo ads and social media and every time, You can get higher quality leads from solo ad campaigns.


Why is this?


This is because social media leads are not primed to buy. People get on social media not to buy, but to have fun. It takes a long time to convert social media leads into buyers.


This is why you should growi your list with solo ads.



3. Segmentation

If you don’t segment your list, then your open rate can be affected. separate those who usually open from those who rarely open and you will have a higher open rate by sending to the segmented “openers” list.



4. Who Is Sending the Emails

Building a relationship with your list overtimes has a great effect on your open rates.


If your list knows you, they will open your emails. This is why we recommend that you use your real name when setting up your “From Name “ because people prefer to hear from people instead of brands.



5. The Media

The media through which subscribers get on your list can affect your open rate. you will get a higher open rate from webinar attendees compared to PDF subscribers.


Low Email Open Rates


6. Buying Habits

It’s no news that subscribers who get on your email list after making a purchase will give you a better open rate because they are already interested in your product and they know you.


This is why it’s highly recommended that you keep a list of your buyers because those are the people who will buy from you many times.


Remember, it’s easier to sell to an old buyer than to get a new one.



7. The Lifespan of Your Subscribers

New subscribers tends to give you a higher open rate than old ones. The new ones just got on your list and are eager to read your emails.


Therefore, it’s better you continue building your list and keep on adding new subscribers.



8. Content

Your email content has an effect on your open rates in the long run. For instance,  certain words can trigger spam filters. Some of these words include: “Money”, “cash”, “Profit” etc.


So when your emails contain these words and you land in the spam folder, then no one will read your emails because almost nobody checks the spam folder.


Another thing you want to ask yourself regarding content is that – Is the content of your email relevant to your target audience?


Sending out content that resonates with your list will make them want to read your email hence increasing your open rate.



TIPS: Improve Your Open Rates


  • Segment your list: Email those who have been opening more often and test those who did not open.
  • Enforce email validation using software to weed out fake email addresses.
  • Change your “From email” to see what works better.
  • Change your tracking domain to see if another type will work better.
  • Make subscribers jump through more hoops to get them into the habit of opening your emails.
  • Change your email autoresponder to experiment with IPs.
  • Change your “from” name to see what works best.


Low Email Open Rates



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