First of all , To run a successful Twitter business you will need to make a mindset shift.


You need to become a Creator. You need to take action instead of just sitting on the sidelines observing. This is challenging but rewarding.


Let’s define the two mindsets


  • Consumers –  read content, retweet, and follow many accounts. They exist solely for the purpose of being entertained. This is most of Twitter and that is a good thing. To be a successful Content Creator, you need to have fans. You need to have a captive audience. Appreciate them.


  • Creators –  on the other hand, produce content. They follow a few accounts because they curate consumption. Creators are there for the purpose of building. They aren’t there to be entertained. They are there to provide value. They are there to EARN the consumer’s business.


…which one are you?


Content creators EARN followers. They earn followers from taking action. They earn followers from the energy they project onto the timeline.


If you want to dominate a timeline, you must project relentless energy onto it. You need to be comfortable sharing your knowledge with the world.


Most consumers are nice people, but they finish last as Creators.



Build a perfect Twitter Profile

If you want to make it on Twitter you need to build like a Creator. Your job should be to build a brand so strong that it convinces people to hit the follow button.


Creators build brands that EARN follows.


you might be thinking, but how do I earn follows? Simple. Build a winning profile that accomplishes these three things.


    1. Your profile needs to be immediately understood (they need to know who you are).
    2. Your profile needs to offer value (they need to know what you do for them).
    3. Your profile needs to have a unique angle (they need to remember why they follow you).


If you can accomplish these three things you will have a profile that will EARN followers.


Creating a great twitter profile is the most important stage of the process. This is where you will lay the foundation. All good Twitter businesses start with a powerful, enticing Profile . If not, you are going to make more work for yourself. There is no way around it.


The 5 Core Elements of a Winning Twitter Profile


    1. Your Profile Picture
    2. Your Banner
    3. Your Bio
    4. Your CTA
    5. Your Content


These are the first things people see when they visit your profile. You have a reader’s attention for a split second. You MUST make it count. Optimize these five areas correctly and you will EARN followers.


Let’s go with these five elements one-by-one.


1. Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the face of your brand. Choose an HD high-quality photo that fits your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are anon or not. The goal is to have a profile pic that catches someone’s eye.


Remember you are in constant competition with the timeline and profile picture is the first thing someone is going to see.


So, you need to make it count. If you are anonymous avoid unrecognizable figures. Avoid text in a profile picture (no one can see it).


If you are using your face consider taking professional photos. Looks matter. Below are examples of great profile pictures.


twitter profile



2. Your Banner

If someone is viewing your banner it means they have come to your Twitter profile page.


Congratulations. It also means your tweet and profile picture was interesting enough to capture someone’s attention for visit. It is your job to keep them there.


Your banner is going to be what the audience sees before they decide to follow you. Because of this, it needs to tell the audience who you are.


Let’s face it, most people aren’t even going to make it to your bio. Convert someone into a follow with your banner.


Winning Banner Tips


  • A banner should use HD images that are clear. Avoid distracting images.
  • The text should be in the center and it should be easy to read.
  • Keep things simple. Your banner has 5 seconds to convert a follower.
  • Use Canva. Make multiple mockups and test them out on the timeline. Consider using a Twitter alt to test mockups.


Examples of Great Banners


twitter great banner


twitter banner



3. Your Bio

If someone is reading your bio they are already interested in who you are. Use your bio is to seal the deal and establish social proof. This is your opportunity to explain what you do for your audience.


There is no one way to write a Twitter bio but a typical strategy works like this: Grab Attention ⇨ Explain Unique Angle ⇨ Establish Social Proof


After someone follows you, it needs to be clear why they clicked that button.


Winning Bio Tips


  • Clearly define what you do.
  • Validate yourself in the most striking (yet simple) way.
  • Use your profile as an opportunity to establish authority.
  • You want people to understand and remember your profile.
  • Avoid words like hustle, money, mindset. Generic does not stand out.


Examples of Great Bios


twitter bio

twitter bio

twitter bio

twitter bio



4. Your CTA (call-to-action)

Now that you have someone on your Twitter page you might want to send them somewhere else. This is your CTA. This somewhere else might be a website, a podcast, a newsletter, or service.


Place your link strategically. Consider NOT overdoing it. One or two (at the most). The more links you have the LESS likely it is for someone to click through. Never seem spammy.


twitter CTA

twitter CTA


Use the Twitter location as a CTA to your website. Instead of telling people you are from Arkansas, use arrows that direct their eyes to your desired link.



5. Your Content

People often forget this but your content is the largest part of your brand. YES – It’s important to present yourself in the best way possible but it’s more important to produce great content.


Your content is ALSO your branding. It is going to take followers and turn them into true fans. Over time your content shapes perception and that BECOMES your brand.


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Creating Engaging Tweet

To create engaging content you need to Tweet from the perspective of the desired outcome.


Think about it, society has you in constant competition with television, movies, music, and advertising. They are after ONE thing: your attention.


Trillions of dollars are being spent by some of the world’s smartest people to capture it. This is your competition. Always remember, someone’s attention is the greatest asset that exists and as a content creator it is your job to capture someone’s attention.


  • Example of a Good Tweet

twitter tweet


  • Example of a Bad Tweet

twitter tweet


After all, as a Content Creator, what is the point of you spending energy to write a tweet? The answer is simple: You are doing it for a result. Good content gets a reaction. Bad content doesn’t.


This reaction can come in various forms. But, the content you create should attract the desired reaction that you want. It should be magnetic.


Now, let’s discuss the three true outcomes of content creation.



1. Tweeting for Engagement

Most people are on Twitter to write tweets for engagement purposes. The desired outcome is likes,retweets, and comments. The ultimate goal is to raise impressions and rig the algo in your favor.


The point of tweeting for engagement is to raise impressions. Accounts that have high engagement will dominate the timeline and they will be shown to other accounts outside their audience.


To gain followers and potentially make money online you need to be seen first. You need an audience. And it is easier to gain an audience if you are tweeting for engagement purposes.


Now you might be asking, “Is it a bad idea to use psychological tactics to tweet for engagement and rig the algo in your favorite solely for engagement purposes?” The answer is NO. If you don’t compete for someone’s attention someone else will (and they will get it).


Tweeting for engagement brings awareness to your account. It trains the algo to favor you. It sets you up for successful future posts and sales. Think of tweeting for engagement like putting money in the bank.


Engagement Tip: The Power of You


The word “You” is the most retweeted word on Twitter. This is a fact and it is not surprising. The word “You” acts as a promise because it addresses the audience directly. When you are writing always appeal to the audience. Not your ego. Use this to your advantage.


Tweeting for Likes ( Normal )

The key to tweeting for likes is to be relatable. When your audience relates your tweet to something they are thinking about, they will “like” the tweet.


It is the audience’s way of acknowledging the tweet. Relatable tweets are a clever pacing technique. If you can get people to like your content, you can get people to become True Fans. Use these tweets to bring awareness to your account.


tweet for engagement



The quality of your tweet is in direct proportion to the content you consume. Focus on providing ONE singular truth to your audience.


Create a picture for the audience with words and above all use powerful language.


Tweeting for Likes ( Classic Tweets )

Classic tweets go more in depth than a one-line tweet. These are relatable tweets that consist of three acts and the three acts complete a singular thought in under 280 characters.


    1. Headline: Hook
    2. Body: Explanation
    3. Finisher: Conclusion


classic tweet

classic tweet


1. The Headline

Your opening statement is crucial. It is your opportunity to invite the audience to read the rest of your post.


The goal is clear: grab the reader’s attention. Write a great hook and you will draw them in. Make your headline engaging. Form an emotional connection with the reader in one line.


Keep in mind, half of Twitter does not speak English as their first language. Write everything as if you are explaining ideas to a 5th-grade student and speak in absolutes.


Example Tweets with Great Headlines


tweet headline

tweet headline

tweet headline

tweet headline


2. The Body

The body of a tweet is where you transfer value to the audience. When you compose a tweet body ask yourself, “What are you trying to promote?” Do not overcomplicate the body.


ONE idea. Focus on providing a single idea and convince the audience to take action.


It is usually a good idea to get right to the point when composing a body. If your headline is drawing them in then you want the body to make a statement. You don’t want to lose their attention.


Creative ideas for bodies…


Repetition is a great tactic . It creates a hypnotic effect with the reader. Create tweets that groove. You can write content that feels like a song. Make your words sing.


tweet body

tweet body


3. The Finisher

The last line of a tweet summarizes and frames your bullet points above. It is important because the reader will remember the last line. Make it stick in their mind.


Some big-name accounts like to finish with a trademark line. Your account probably is not big enough yet to have a trademark catchphrase.


That is fine. Just understand that the last line is a way of drawing a conclusion for the reader. It must finish the idea that you are trying to convey.


Example Tweets with Great Finishers


tweet body



Tweeting for Likes ( Lists )

When you have an account under 1000 follows, lists are going to be your best-performing posts. They are eye-catching posts but they also take up Twitter real-estate.


Lists are simple to put together. They have a high perceived value from the audience and they are easy to digest. People think they are getting a lot of value when they see information laid out in bullet points..


A Topic list has a similar format to the classic tweet. Three Acts of Topic List:


1. Headline
2. Body
3. Finisher


You will notice that the body is much longer in a list. roughly 5 lines. The lines are always arranged from shortest to longest. This looks the best.


Examples of List Tweets


twitter list post

twitter list post

twitter list post

twitter list post



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Tweeting for Likes ( Quotes )

Quotes are an excellent way to tweet for engagement. They are also a great way to mix things up on the timeline.  Quotes require little to no work. Use them sparingly. Don’t get lazy.


How to find the best Quotes


Step 1: Write down a list of historical figures and keywords that are in your niche.

Step 2: Go to a site full of quotes (

Step 3: Search for your historical figures. There are hundreds of quotes but pull ONLY the quotes with most likes. If they received engagement there it is likely they will receive engagement on Twitter.

Step 4: Sit back and collect the easy engagement.


goodreads quotes



Tweeting for Likes ( Picture Quotes )

Picture quotes are a fun way to mix things up. Instead of putting the quote in the tweet, you are going to put the quote inside a picture.


Keep two things in mind:


1. Your quote needs to be short. One sentence ONLY.
2. The painting cannot have a lot going on. If it does, it will overwhelm the reader.


Examples of Picture Quotes


twitter picture quote


You can use Canva to compose picture quotes. If executed properly they can outperform a standard quote. It just takes more work so it might not be worth your ROI). If you are interested in trying it out for yourself go to the website (


Find a captivating short quote and an appropriate picture.


Tweeting for Retweets ( Polarizing Content )

Tweeting for retweets is a little different than Tweeting for likes. With likes, you want to be relatable.


The goal is to pace. With retweets, you want to write content that is so good that it must be shared. The goal is to get a visceral reaction and be SEEN.


Subtly doesn’t belong on social media. People lack the attention span and Twitter doesn’t give enough characters.


If you want to be seen on Twitter you need to have an opinion and polarizing content gets shared. Think of a topic that is related to your niche and give your unabashed opinion. Sound confident.


These tweets get shared for two reasons.


1. People will read it and think “I AGREE” and share it with their audience.
2. People will see your opinion and hate it (RT’d usually in a Quote Tweet).


The more polarizing your Tweet is the more likely it is to get a visceral reaction.


Tweeting for Retweets ( Compare )

These next two are different but similar writing techniques. They are extremely useful when creating polarizing content because they illuminate the differences between subjects. If you frame effectively, the choice will become obvious..


When you compare, you discuss two ideas that are unrelated and show their differences or similarities.


Examples of Compare tweet


compare tweets

compare tweets


Tweeting for Comments ( Questions )

Questions are the most underrated type of tweet on Twitter. Companies pay big money to perform market research on their audience


Questions are your opportunity to learn about your followers AND it boosts your engagement (comments are great for impressions).


Comments are generally underappreciated by Twitter users. Everyone wants retweets but comments bring impressions. Impressions lead to engagement. And the more your audience is engaged, the more you are seen on their timeline. It is a cycle.


NOTE: Just ask the question in the Tweet. Avoid giving your opinion. You don’t want to groom your audience. Let them respond naturally. You can always follow up with your opinion.


Examples of Tweets that Get Comments


question tweets



2. Tweeting for Followers

The bigger your audience the bigger your potential. This means that there is no downside to tweeting for followers if you do it right.


The problem is many accounts do it wrong. They focus on numbers only and they wind up adding low-quality followers. There is a difference.


Low Quality Follows vs. True Fans

Low Quality follows are not warm. They followed you because you were in a shoutout, or from a low-value tweet. You might have even paid for RTs or advertising.


Low-quality fans do not interact with your posts and they will not buy from you. The problem is a low awareness or trust factor.


True Fans on the other hand are warm. They followed you because of an amazing story you shared and were intrigued. Over time they began to love the content you produce and they often retweet and like your posts.


When you release a product the truest fans buy from you MULTIPLE times. They are dedicated. If you want to build a 6-figure Twitter account you need to have true fans.


The reason WHY someone follows you matters.


If someone follows you because of an authentic post then you have brought in a higher quality of the fan. It is ok to add followers from low-quality posts.


It is important that the size of your account grows BUT you need to establish a deeper relationship with your audience. If your audience understands what you do and trusts your judgment they WILL buy from you.


Types of Tweets & Quality-Follows


twitter type of content

Tweets to the right have higher levels of authenticity. They are the best way to build an audience.



Tweeting for Followers (Numbers)

In here,  we are talking about growing your follower count. There is nothing wrong with this strategy. Growing your Twitter account is important. It will help bring low-level awareness to your account and (if you create offers) you can potentially do something with it.


Let’s discuss how to add pure numbers to your account and GROW.


  • Consistently Write High Engagement Tweets

The easiest way to grow is to consistently write engagement-type tweets. This doubles back to what was said earlier about platitudes but to gain followers you need to add one element:


For instance, a large percentage of Twitter loves short motivational tweets. They are stuck in the consumer mindset so they want feel-good actionable advice.


If you consistently write tweets that are in your niche and make people feel good your account will grow… it’s magnetic.


engaging tweets

engaging tweets

engaging tweets


  • Measure, Refine and Repeat

You need to pay attention to what works. Every time you have a tweet that does well it is a signal from the market that they want more of it.


Remember, you are a content creator building a business. You need to give people what they want. If you have a tweet that does well, bookmark it, and reference it for later.


This is a signal telling you what your followers enjoy. If you want to grow, repeat the message that often.



Tweeting for Followers (True Fans)

The ultimate goal on Twitter is to build a captive audience. Remember, good content gets a reaction and bad content doesn’t. You may have built a large following but how many of them are true fans?


How many of them engage with your posts consistently? How many are on your email lists?


How many would be willing to purchase a product from you without even knowing what it is? These are TRUE fans.


  • Build Fans through Polarization

Remember how we talked about how being relatable grows your Twitter account? We’ll the opposite is true to build true fans.


Polarizing content builds true fans. Whenever you take a “stand” or call someone out some people will LOVE it (and they will love you for it). These types of tweets appeal DIRECTLY to your niche.


twitter Fans Polarization


  • Build Fans by Addressing Pain Points

The more you can define your audience the more it feels that you know them. Save Your Sons does this very cleverly.


Every time he hits a milestone He uses it as an opportunity to define his audience. When you define your audience it makes the tweet feel personable. The audience is left feeling like you KNOW them.


twiter tweets


  • Build Fans through Authenticity

Some people are social media and they are not comfortable sharing stories about their lives. If this is you, you need to come to grips with reality… the future of social media will be built on authenticity so you better get comfortable sharing your life story.


twitter tweet Authenticity


Sharing experiences in your life builds rapport with your audience. Treat your audience like a good friend. Invite them into your life. Speak to them, not at them. The tone is important. The tone is persuasive.


Stories and experiences often make the best lessons. Your stories can inspire others to make a personal change. This will build true fans.


twitter tweet

twitter tweet


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3. Tweeting for Authority

Your audience has to trust you BEFORE they give you money. Authority tweets help break down the barrier of trust by influencing the audience’s perception and making you look GOOD. Tweeting for authority is the most authentic way to Tweet on the timeline.


When you tweet for authority you care less about likes and retweets and more about positioning yourself as an expert.


These types of tweets will appeal heavily to your true fans (hopefully you have some) and if executed properly you will get them to take the desired action. If you can make yourself look good on the timeline this is eventually going to lead to you making money online.


Authority tweets can potentially kill engagement because they will appeal directly to your true fans and not your whole audience.


Think of authority tweets like taking money out of the bank. If you ever run out of money shift back toward engagement-type tweets. Get the algo back in your favor.


Posting Results

Posting results is the easiest way to establish authority on the Timeline. Numbers are persuasive and if you can show real results you will increase your authority. This concept also works for Fitness gurus.


twitter posting


The whole point is to be authentic. Lying creates a massive barrier to authenticity. Plus, it’s too much work to keep up with lies. Have a clear concise and focus energy on getting results.


Value Threads

Seth Godwin says, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Lean into this idea and post high-value threads.


They are sneaky ways to advertise (for free). Give massive value to the Twitter timeline and it will pay dividends. This will create sales and build true fans.


Perhaps you can write a thread about a product that you sell (showcase results). Value threads work best for selling products


twitter value thread


Authority Threads

When someone buys a service they are hiring you and the easiest way to get someone to hire you is to show them you live what you preach.


twitter authority thread


Perhaps you can write a thread about how you transformed your life. The thread will show how you built yourself into who you are now and the result made you an authority to teach others.


twitter authority thread


End these threads with a CTA to book a call to pitch an offer. Stories connect with people and this is an easy way to land client Authority threads work best for selling services.



8 Strategies to Build a Organic Audience

If you want to build a Twitter Business you need to first have an audience. If you don’t have an audience then you will have a much harder time making money online.


Focus on building an audience on Twitter (the right way) and you will have a much easier time making money in the future. It really is that simple.


Organic Growth is growth that is natural on Twitter. These are built from people who follow you because of the content you have posted or because of a brand that you have built.


Creators that build organically build better because they know how brands work and they understand how content works.


1. Train the Algorithm in Your Favor

The algorithm is not really a secret. If you pay close enough attention you can figure out how to exploit it (ethically of course).


Think about it… If you write content that gets consistent engagement you will receive Twitter algo boosts. If you consistently write content that flops Twitter will deprioritize you.


Ok, so how to train the algo?


You need to learn how to leverage your analytics. Pay attention to key metrics and exploit them in your favor. If you are able to do this your account will organically grow because the algo will favor you.


One of the most important metrics is your likes-to-impressions ratio… These are people that saw your tweet and liked your tweet because they enjoyed it.


Find your tweets with the best ratios and continue to write tweets with those ideas. Listen to your analytics. You want at least 1% of likes to impressions.


twitter tweet analytics


twitter tweet analytics



2. DM and Message People

Twitter at its heart is a Networking platform, if you want to make connections you need to talk to people.


This is essential at the early stages because you will not have an audience to Tweet to. You will need to find people to get them to see you.


Organic Growth through Networking


1. Find accounts that are around the same size.

2. Find accounts that are the same niche.]

3. DM them with an opener that gives them a compliment. Ex “I really like this one post of yours. It made me think…”]

4. NEVER seem pushy or ask for anything]

5. Try to establish a relationship with them. Think long terms.


People that you interact with in DMs are MORE likely to interact with your content. If you want to be seen by other people’s audiences build real relationships with people. Make friends.


3. Curate Your Timeline

It’s all about the packaging. You want your timeline to look good. Your profile should be about YOU.


Remember, your content is your brand. If someone comes to your profile and follows you because they enjoy what you post on the timeline, then you have gained an organic follower. Congrats.


4. Be Consistent

On Twitter, you need to show up every single day to win. If you don’t post on Twitter every day the Twitter algo will deprioritize you. It is a huge red flag if you are not participating.


Not to mention, people want to follow ACTIVE accounts. Every single big account shows up every single day (you should too).


NOTE: It’s ok to take a day but if you do schedule your tweets. You need to at least give the appearance to the timeline (and the algo) that you are still there. One way around this is to load up tweets in a scheduler. Tweet Hunter allows you to do this in advance.


5. Tell Your Origin Story

Stories are the key to building an organic audience and the most powerful form is a story of transformation. Every superhero has an origin story… why don’t you?


An origin story is going to define you to your audience. It is going to reveal what you went through. Tell your Twitter audience where you came from and how you became who you are.


Open up and share experiences. You want the story to be memorable so that other accounts know who you are.


twitter origin story



6. Engagement Groups

One of the easiest ways to gain followers is by joining engagement groups. The difference is that you make friends in networking groups and build relationships.


The fact is, most engagement groups are run like prisons. You are forced to sit and engage with posts that have nothing to do with your audience and there is little interaction.


That is not why you are on Twitter…. you should be here to meet people. Twitter is a networking platform. Join (or form) the networking groups that incorporate organic tactics.


Engagement Groups Do’s and Don’ts 


1. Don’t join groups that force you to RT every account.

2. Find accounts that are the same niche.

3. Find groups where people give more than they get.

4. Find groups where people are making business deals.

5. After time you should want to graduate past engagement groups. You will want to post on the timeline without their help.


7. Trade Retweets Strategically

Twitter doesn’t like when posts receive “unnatural” engagement.  That said, pretty much EVERY single account trades RTs to some degree even blue checkmarks.


When you have a big post (thread) coming up, offer RTs each other’s accounts. Make a trade with them. In a way, you are leveraging their audience and maximizing your exposure.


Try to make trades with accounts in your niche. Find similar size accounts that have an audience that you want to gain. If you work with other accounts in the same niche you can consolidate an audience.


8. Shoutouts

The Shoutout is controversial due to the fact that they are spammed by growth-focused accounts looking to quickly add low-quality followers.


They are inorganic by nature because people aren’t following you for your content. They are following because someone told them to. That said, it’s okay to do an occasional shoutout with the members of your community.


It’s ok to shout out accounts that you love. Just avoid asking random strangers to do so. You will NOT make friends this way. Use shoutouts as sparingly as possible. Have some sense.


twitter shoutout



5 Ways to Making Money with Twitter

You put together a great profile. You grew an audience organically by writing compelling and engaging content. You grew a real REAL audience. Now what? Take the next step. Build an Online Business.


Ok, so how do I make money from Twitter?


Remember, Twitter is not a directly monetized site. It doesn’t work like YouTube. Unfortunately, you do not make money from ads. You need to lead people somewhere else.


You need to use your page as a source for traffic and lead people to an offer. Essentially you need to stand out in a sea of accounts and get good at capturing someone’s attention and then lead them somewhere else… It’s that simple.


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make the cash register ring. You do not even need a product to make make money online (you just need to sell it).


Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products. It is also great way to learn how to sell. It is the easiest way to monetize your account.


Affiliate marketing really comes down to generating link clicks and you can’t just expect someone to buy through your affiliate link because you exist. You have to earn someone’s business.


You earn to earn someone’s attention. Affiliate marketing is a game of capturing link clicks.


How to get started as an Affiliate Marketer:


1. Purchase a product that is in your niche.

2. Use the product and get real results from it.

3. Spend time building your audience

4. Message the content creator (nicely) and ask for a link. NOTE: Not every creator will allow affiliates (do diligence).

5. After you are set up, Use Gumroad who will send you specific link to your email. The link will install a cookie that will last for 30 days onto someone’s device.


  • Selling On Twitter

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to selling is that they will list the features of a product. Simply listing features is nice but it doesn’t capture attention. People care about the results. Sell that.


You are never just selling a product (or service). That doesn’t work because an audience needs an emotional response to get interested. Instead, sell a transformation to your audience.



When you sell always focus on the selling the benefits over the features. Benefits are the outcomes (or results) that customers will
experience by using what you are selling.


Benefits are the reason WHY someone decides to become an actual customer. It is all about how you position your offers.



  • Soft Sell – High engagement post

The goal is to write a high-engagement tweet and then plug the product in a second post after it runs. This works especially well for books and self-improvement niche products.


twitter 100 mental models book


  • Soft Sell – Value Thread

The goal is to write a high-engagement thread and subtly plug a product inside of the thread. This type of thread can attract a massive amount of followers AND sales.


twitter sale thread



twitter sale thread


When you craft a promotional tweet using hard-sale tactics your end goal is to make the offer seem absolutely irresistible. You can accomplish this on Twitter in a variety of ways…


  • Hard Sell – Post Results

The posts that sell the most, are the ones that sell results. All you need to do is post the (hopefully good) results you have gotten. Your results will show that people are directly benefiting from the product.


twitter result thread


  • Hard Sell – Irresistible Offer

The idea is to make the offer sound so appealing that the audience must take action. THEN you follow up with a direct CTA to the product you are selling.


twitter sale tweet

twitter sale thread


  • Lead Magnets

Affiliate marketing is a GREAT way to get started but If you want a Twitter business you need to do more than plug other people’s products. Your next plan of action should be to put together a lead magnet to capture emails for an email list.


Essentially you need to take your Twitter audience and move them somewhere else.


A lead magnet is a free item that is given away in exchange for information. It is the best place to start for beginners who have never put together a product before. Think of a lead magnet as practice.


  • Email Lists

Your email list subscribers are warmer prospects than your typical Twitter follower. They are essential when building a  Twitter business. once you have a sizable following (+1000) you should begin capturing emails on Twitter.


Subscribers are better prospects than your average Twitter follower. They opted-in to be a part of your community. They took more action than clicking a follow button. They have more skin in the game.


capture emails on twitter


Your email list is going to be an extension of your Twitter profile. It gives establishes a bigger presence in your audience’s life and makes you seem more real.


It adds an important dimension to how you are perceived. This will ultimately help with sales.


Best of all, your email list is something that you OWN. Your account on Twitter could be shut down tomorrow but you will still have access to your subscribers.


  • Capture Emails on Twitter

There are a few options to build your list using Twitter. The simplest way to get sign-ups is to simply ask. Promote your list on the timeline. These will be low engagement posts but will capture emails.


capture emails on twitter

capture emails on twitter


Another way to capture emails is to write a high-value thread. Write a thread that uses high-engagement tactics and has a direct CTA at the end of it. Plug your email list at the end.


capture emails on twitter

capture emails on twitter


The last way is to simply plug your email list on your Twitter directly using Revue. This is option has the least friction. The downside is that your emails will be integrated with Twitter.


capture emails on twitter

capture emails on twitter



2. Having Your Own Product

You’ve gotten a taste of online money with affiliate sales and you built a sizable email list. Then you practiced building (and launching) products with lead magnets.


Now, you need to take the next step. You need to create your own offers. Let’s discuss putting together your own product…


Where do I start?


1. Validated Content

Design a product centered around your own validated content. Perhaps popular threads or a well-received lead magnate are a starting point. This is a sign that your audience wants more and views you as an authority. Give it to them.


Examples: Products-for-Profit, Save Your Sons University, 100 Mental Models


2. Winning Formula

Pay attention to what is already selling. If it is already selling than there is already a market for it. Purchase rival products and study them. Make a better version of what is already out there. Innovate.


Examples: Twitter Affiliate MasteryBow & Arrow


3. Reverse Engineer

People value products that solve problems. Customers are always result-oriented. Before they make a purchase they think “What’s in it for me?” Create products with the intended result in mind.


Examples: 101 WaysTweet Hunter


Most people do not know where to begin when it comes to putting together a product. But building a great product isn’t much different than coming up with great content. Pay attention to what works.


Customer Avatars

Understanding your ideal customer will help you develop products that are relevant to your target audience.


It will also help you sell to them. To better understand your audience write a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Filling out a framework of a fictional customer is called creating a customer avatar.



3. Having Your Own Service

Many accounts on Twitter make over 6-figures living primarily by creating offers and providing a service. Start by selecting a niche that best fits your skillset.


Pair a potential offer with an already existing product that you provide. Use your product or lead magnet to help establish authority. Successful courses are social proof. You will have an easier time booking clients if you already have satisfied customers/warm buyers. You can also get feedback from them.


Viable Twitter Services: Coaching, Ghostwriting, Web Design, Banner Making, Facebook/Google Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Landing Pages, Funnels, Copywriting, Graphic Designs.


How to Craft an Offer


1. Research: Interview 10 to 20 people from your avatar. Find their common problems, pick the biggest one and then design an offer that helps them solve that problem.


2. Build: Put together a framework to solve the problem. Give your offer some kind of framework like 30-Days/7-Pillars. Use the framework to create a solution


3. Prospect: Find and qualify. Use Twitter threads to establish authority end with a direct CTA to contact you at the end. You can also email lists. Get them to book a call.


4. Close: Get on calls with potential clients and close your offer. Offer some kind of risk-reversal into your guarantee so they cannot lose.


twitter sell service

twitter sell service



4. Drive Traffic

Think of your Twitter page as a funnel. Use high-engagement posts from Twitter to generate traffic to your Blog/Website/or Youtube. The goal is to bring your Twitter Traffic to a money-generating website.


Twitter does NOT like traffic being driven off of the platform. Avoid links in your initial posts. Instead, put links at the end of a thread. This way your post will avoid getting deprioritized by the algo.


twitter website link

twitter website link



5. Promote Accounts

When you have a strong presence on Twitter with a large fanbase, other accounts (or even companies) will pay you money to promote their accounts (or services).


This is literally the easiest way to make money on Twitter because you get paid for clicking a button. There are even sites dedicated to finding your sponsorships.


The key is to build a VERY large account with real engagement. Once you do that you can begin to send traffic toward other people or products.


make money on twitter


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There is a chance to generate money on Twitter. A company’s typical earnings are influenced by everything they do in content marketing, from what they publish to how many followers they have to what percentage of those followers engage with the  information they post.

At the upper end of the earnings range, several people claim to make up to and over $3,000 a month.



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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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