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What is content curation?

You are most likely aware that content is king, otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking into learning about new ways of improving your content.

But what is this content curation everyone is talking about? Well, it’s not that big of a deal if you get it right.


Here’s a simple definition:

” Content curation is the ability of an individual or a team to constantly find, combine valuable, relevant and interesting digital content available online, and share it with a specific target audience that would be interested in reading it. ”


An important aspect when you curate content is to create an appealing and significant presentation of the information you are sharing. In fact, you need to make sure to give your target audience quality content that can help them.


Besides the original content you write regularly, content curation is an important feature of any content marketing plan. And, when done properly, content curation can even improve your SEO and can complement your social media input as well as blogging.


So, the bottom line is that content curation is based on finding valuable material that’s relevant to your audience from a variety of sources and sharing it strategically through your communication channels.


There are several people out there who mistakenly believe that content curation is equivalent to content marketing. Well, it isn’t. Content curation is a subset of content marketing that’s all about picking out the right content, organizing and presenting it in  appealing ways to a specific target audience.


Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?


The tricky part however comes from the number of resources you can find online, some better, more relevant and trustworthy than others. It’s like finding the needle in the haystack. But, don’t worry, you’ll learn all you need to know in this article


Keep in mind though, content curation can also be quite a time-consuming, especially if you want to post often, or have multiple social media accounts to curate content for.

But wait. There are content curation services that come in handy. And hey, don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and get convinced – you’ll simply love it.



Why does a brand need content curation?

Consider content curation as a must in case you are a content marketer, social media manager, or a small business owner.


Where can you share the curate content?

You can practice content curation on your blog, social media channels, email; basically, anywhere you create content, you can also curate content.


Do you feel like it’s impossible to keep up with all the great content being created and shared?

In a world that’s overcome with content, rest assured that there is a real need in the world for people who curate really good content. And, to understand the real benefits behind content curation,


To understand the real benefits behind content curation,


Here are the main reasons why your business needs it:


1. It’s a fantastic way to build and get to know your audience

By incorporating other people’s content into your content strategy you’ll be surprised to see that you can actually attract people who follow the original content sources.

Also, by bringing a variety into your content strategy through content curation, you’ll obviously make your content more appealing to your followers.


In case you are interested in growing your audience being in the early stages of your content initiatives, then content curation is a must-do that’ll help you get to know your audience and have a clearer image of what you are expected to write.

This will help you plan your content strategy better.


Obviously, by experimenting with different content types through content curation can point you in the right direction and help you understand what your target audience is interested in reading.


Here’s what you need to remember: as you curate more and more content, and consistently deliver value to your audience people in the industry will begin noticing you and word of mouth will start sending more followers to your account on Twitter or more emails to your newsletter.


And that’s exactly what you want, so make sure you are doing a great job when curating content.


2. It provides exposure and builds credibility

Well, by simply attaching your name to other big brands. This alone does the trick for starters.


Here’s an element all businesses want to possess: the element of credibility. And it is arguably an element you need in order to succeed. The good news is, when done properly curating content helps you become a respected authority as well as an appreciated go-to source in your industry.


Therefore, by offering a variety of great points of view you truly enhance your credibility.


While having the feeds on social media platforms flooded with businesses that try way too hard to sell you something, people appreciate the quality content that doesn’t ‘force’ them to buy a certain product or service.


So, by curating content you allow your business to stand out from the crowd and give your target audience the possibility to see you as a valuable and credible source, who focuses on their clients rather than on their financial gains.


3. Thought leadership

Curating content allows you to become an important source for all that’s authentic and reliable in your industry.


However, it’s not enough to curate content. If you really want to work on proving just how accurate and reliable you are, as well as become a thought leader, you’ll also need to add your own opinions, comments – basically give your audience an insight.


It’s of great importance to add a personal comment, point of view to curated content. Audiences will love it and you’ll be perceived as an expert in the industry whose insight is invaluable.


4. It creates excellent opportunities for new relationships

One of the greatest benefits of content curation is your capacity to develop new relationships with people and even strengthen relationships with others from your audience.


When it comes to brands, the very capacity to connect with industry influencers and potential business partners is a key strategic effort.


As you may have already noticed, people enjoy doing business with people they like – therefore, if you find a way to get on an influencer good side simply because you are sharing their content, it’s safe to say you have gotten yourself into a win situation you can definitely benefit from.


5. Organic indexing

With sharing more content, having relevant sources as well as organic traffic, search engines index your web pages, providing users more strategic entrances to arrive to your website.


6. It costs less

Curation is a comparatively less expensive form of sourcing content. However, be aware that less costly does not mean free.


Content curation still requires support for editorial, technological, creative and distribution support. Creating fresh content on a regular basis is a challenge that all organizations are facing. Pulling from existing material helps to alleviate the workload and additionally it helps to identify what target audiences care about.


7. It takes less time than creating original content

We can agree that ‘time is money, but what do you do when you literally have no time left, yet you need to have the job done by all means?


Content curation, gives you more content and saves you time. Seems like a good deal, and it really is. If you’re a busy content manager with several social media channels, a blog to write, newsletters to work on every day, then content curation will really turn out to be a time saver.


8. It builds your brand

You need to be aware that curated content enhances your branding particularly if it’s tailored specifically to your brand.


So, branding should be an essential element of your content curation to ensure that you extend your reach. The two main benefits of content curation on your brand are: you can connect with influencers by sharing their work while your audience engages by hearing from multiple voices.


9. It’s a fantastic way to connect with Influencers

The relationships you are able to build with other influencers by simply showcasing their work is a great consequence of proper content curation.


As a content curator, when you share someone else’s content in a favorable light, with the right attribution, you are giving it more exposure and the original content creators will appreciate this as well as remember who shared their content. And, ta-da, content curation has just created great, symbiotic relationships, full of opportunities, and considerably beneficial for your business.



Benefits of well-implemented content curation

As it turns out, sharing curated content can help you make connections with leaders in your industry. This is also a great opportunity for your social media audience to start a conversation and reach out to you.


Check out the three main benefits of content curation:


1. You can have better socials and beat your competitors

In order to make your social media platforms worth following, you need to share valuable, interesting content. And so, the way to transform your social channels into appealing, worth engaging with channels for your target audience, you need well-implemented content curation.


The point here is that if you provide your audience with a good reason to follow you, obviously it’s just a matter of time before you’ll gain ground on your competitors.


2. You’ll get more traffic to your website

The more followers you gain through sharing trustworthy, valuable content, the more you’ll be perceived as a trusted resource of digital content.

What’s gonna happen is that your followers will start re-sharing both curated and created content, and therefore new people will get to know you and be interested in what you do.


This translates into more followers which will actually be favorable for your brand long term.


3. You’ll enjoy increased social influence

The moment you become trusted due to the great digital content you share, you are set to gain influence. And once you gain  influence, your shared content will get clicked on and shared a lot more;


which means your targeted audience will engage with you more than before – and that’s something your business needs in order to enjoy social influence.



Content curation strategy

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer you are surely aware of the fact that you need to have a business strategy, a marketing plan and so on.


Well, when it comes to content curation things are pretty much the same. First of all, you need to make sure that the content you curate is relevant to your overall content marketing strategy.


It’s also imperative that you only share curated content that is high quality, has value and it’s also relevant to your target audience.


How to be efficient when curating content?

If you want to be efficient in your content curation practice, here are few important steps you need to follow:

  • Determine your objectives
  • Discover your sources
  • Curate by organizing and editorializing
  • Share your curated content via different social media platforms and mediums
  • Analyze and optimize your content curation performance


How do you choose the right content?

When it comes to the content of your choice, always choose content that is:

  • Relevant
  • Credible
  • Various
  • Unique
  • Authentic


How do you correctly annotate content?

The right way to annotate content is to provide the following:

  • Attribution to the original content and author/source
  • Leave an annotation (explanatory note/comment) that would work as an opportunity to show thought leadership.
  • Add links to the created content
  • Consider quoting from the original digital content you want to share
  • Call-to-action is a great idea. You could link to a segment of your own content that would help your audience find out more about a specific topic.


Where should you share your curated content?

There are various ways to share your curated digital content to your audience. Here are some options for you to choose from:

  • Social Media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Dedicated Microsites
  • On-site News Widget
  • Feed


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Content curation to grow your business.

content curation has to do with sharing the content from others who have similar businesses to you on social media. When you are willing to share content from others as well, you are basically showing that you are comfortable and secure enough to do so,


without feeling threatened by other brands – and you also value other perspectives beyond your own.

But, what’s the best way to curate content, so you can reach the success you have planned or hoped for? How can content curation grow your business?


Find content worth sharing that’s helpful to your audience. Curate it and share it. As simple as that!




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