Ecommerce Strategies for Small Business


We are going to explain 6 strategies + methodologies that can lead you to eCommerce success. This is going to be a step by step journey for setting up a successful eCommerce business.


You should not jump into ads and marketing. Why? Because your BUSINESS has fundamentals that need to be addressed first before spending.


Imagine building a house. You never start with the roof first. You begin with the FOUNDATIONS. No matter what brand you start or which client you take over, we recommend  you follow below fundamental Strategies.



1. Fundamentals of Your Business

The fundamentals of your business will consist of 4 components. These four combined will be the core of your business.


Pain Point Document

No matter what business, you must understand the problem you are solving with your product. Without this, you are going to be pitching your product to the air.


There are 5 stages of awareness to get to your sale


1. Unaware – Your prospect doesn’t know they have a problem to solve. They have just engaged with multiple competitors of yours

2. Problem aware – your prospect understands they have a problem but they don’t know there is a solution yet (YOUR PRODUCT BEING THE SOLUTION)

3. Solution aware – Your prospect knows about the problem and has an idea of the solution they want, but they don’t know about your product

4. Product aware – Your prospect knows about the product, but they aren’t sure if it’s right for them

5. Most aware – They now know the problems perfectly + your product, they are just waiting for a special offer


This entire process is driven by your PAIN POINTS. How? Understanding your audience’s pain points allows you to


  •  Automate the purchase journey
  •  Create ads according to pain points
  •  Create content according to pain points
  •  Optimize website content according to speaking to your audience



Your offer is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your marketer’s journey to success. A strong offer can take EXPERT marketers weeks and THOUSANDS of dollars to come to.


Why? It is something so simple to allow your audience to understand exactly what you sell, yet so cunning to allow you to make the most out of each sale.


The core of an offer creation is the ITEM PURCHASED – which essentially is what you are selling.


Some ITEM PURCHASE offers you can do

  • Bundles
  • Subscriptions services – Using Recharge
  • Free shipping
  • Free PRODUCT X with all purchases (example if you are selling phone cases, give a free screen protector with all cases)
  • Payment plan offers (pay in increments)


Here are some examples:


1. Hismile –  They are selling a TEETH WHITENING KIT with LED lights + a gel. (ITEM PURCHASED)


hismile offer
What you will also notice is they infused a STEP BY STEP process into their offer. They mixed their ITEM PURCHASED with a NEW HABITUAL behavior into a simple 3 step process.


2 Organifi – One of the world’s eCom leaders for superfood drinks.


organifi offer


Their WAY OF LIFE infusion is those 3 powdered juices are SEQUENTIAL. MORNING JUICE, AFTERNOON JUICE, NIGHT JUICE. “Morning, Noon, And Night… Our Superfoods Have Your Nutritional Needs Covered.


Buyer Personas

Great, now you know what problem you are solving + your offer, it’s time you finalize who you are selling your product to. Your buyer personas are ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of creating a successful business. Yet it is so often overlooked.


Imagine this, you are selling a DOORBELL that has a camera on it, who will you be selling this product to? Well, you have to define the TYPICAL buyer as a fictitious persona.


The Elements to create a buyer persona are:


1. Introduction of the individual – A brief paragraph about the person

– Occupation

– Habits

– Hobbies

– Age

– Gender

– Education

– Financial situation

2. Challenges in their life that they are facing

3. What will happen if the person does not solve the problem

4. What is the solution to their problem (refer back to your pain point document and PERSONALIZE the solutions to this SPECIFIC persona)


This will allow you to understand your mind of your buyers and you can use words that relate to them to resonate with them. Your buyer will see familiarity with your brand and have a better chance of buying.


This will also ease your ads targeting process because you know which type of individual will buy your product.


You are now able to understand who your buyer is, now you have to define how to speak to them, which comes in through branding.



Imagine your best friend. You two laugh, you think alike, you act a like. Why? Because your best friend is someone with the same personality traits as you.


Your brand MUST resonate with your buyers. You will be their branded best friend. Now that you defined the buyer it’s time to speak to them in a manner they resonate with.


Elements of the perfect brand strategy


1. Vision: Where you see your brand in the future

2. Mission: How you are going to reach your mission

3. The tone of your brand: These are your brand’s personality traits.



2. The Converting Website

Before you ever can imagine starting ads, you must work on your website. This crucial part of your Buyers Funnel must be thought of very intricately.


If you pay for 100 clicks to your site and it costs you $50 and you get 1 sale for $40, you lost money.


You have a 1% conversion rate But if you work on your website and implement these winning tactics, you can boost your conversion rate. So with that same 100 clicks from above, that cost you $50, if you have a 3% conversion rate, you made $120 in revenue.


In order to have high converting site, you must optimize 3 key component such as Funnel , Speed , Upsell on your website


Site funnel

let me explain, You paid for clicks to your website. The person clicks the ad link and they go to your home page.


On your homepage, you have links to your About us, Blogs, Ebooks, Instagram account, Facebook page, Careers, and your collection page.


Now out of 100 people, since there are so many options on your site, only 30 of them click over to the collection page. The rest are lost going across insignificant pages that WON’T get you the conversion.


The importance of a targeted site funnel can make or break your business.


Your Home Page

The goal of your homepage is simple, to bring people to the collection page or product page.



  • Search bar – Pre-written in options of your top collections/product

search bar


  • 1 Banner at the top that showcases your offer from your Fundamentals of Business (Include an image of your target buyers smiling)


  • Collection images – Discovery Store does an amazing job at this following straight to the point banners with the content within the image + the ENTIRE image being clickable

collection images


  • 4 Trust badges – Badges that show your number of reviews, free shipping policies, money-back guarantee, etc


  • Targeted reviews – the reviews on your home page should talk powerfully about your BRAND. NOT PRODUCT. Reviews that showcase people loving your brand.


  • Mini About Us section – This is going to be a small area where you can talk about your brand story so your target audience can build trust with you


Your Collection Page

The goal of your collection page is to bring people to a product page.



  • Banner with the collection name on it
  • 4 products per row for web
  • 2 products per row for mobile
  • Under each product have the product name, review stars + number of reviews, price in bold, old price with a cross through it, CTA to shop product – E.x
  • The first row of products should be your best selling products
  • On the images of the first few products, have a stamp that says “BESTSELLER”
    or “TOP PICKS”


Your Product Page

The goal of your product page is to bring people to the checkout page so they can purchase.


This is a bank of CONVERTING elements you can pick and choose from that have tested across hundreds of product pages


product page

This the first thing your audience sees when they land on your product page. Your objective here is to summarize your offer immediately so your audience can know exactly what you are selling.


Your product images

You can follow a simple formula here


1. Image 1: Pure hero shot of the product with a gradient in the background to focus in the center of the picture
2. Image 2: Different angle of the product or ingredients
3. Image 3: Benefits of the product – The main product with arrows pointing to different parts of it with benefits on each
4. Image 4: Happy people – Happy people sell, especially happy women. Photoshop
a person holding your product and smiling
5. Image 5: Use case – Your product in use
6. Image 6: Another HERO SHOT of your product



There is no magical recipe for writing the perfect description. It varies based on your brand. Here is a BANK of elements you can test across all my product descriptions


1. Attention-Grabbing Statement — Your first piece of content in the description is a headline with a BIG FAT CLAIM about your product


2. Gif — Yes, I know this may add load time, but a GIF that showcases life WITH your product vs WITHOUT your product or other benefits help with conversion


3. Benefits + Explanation – You can highlight benefits of your product as simple as possible


Auxiliary Pages

The other pages you will need on your site are


  • About us page
  • Disclaimer– There are generators for this online
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of service — There are generators for this online
  • Shipping + Tracking page



Optimization is 80% of the work. After you get baseline data, you don’t want to sit that and scratch your bum all day. You should begin testing to make your pages convert even better.


Here is a list of things you should test


  • Page structure
  • Add to cart button color + font
  • Benefits order
  • Product images
  • Short copy descriptions vs long copy descriptions
  • Review instead of your product name


Setup a Google optimize account. Google optimize will allow you to simultaneously A/B test two different things. It is an extremely simple setup.


Site Speed

The quickest solution to boost your conversion rate is your site speed. People DO NOT WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE.


Facts for example:

* Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds had a 1.9% CONV rate
* At 3.3 seconds, CONV rate was 1.5%
* At 4.2 seconds, CONV rate was less than 1%
* At 5.7+ seconds, CONV rate was 0.6%


Here is a list of things you can do to DECREASE PAGE LOAD TIME

1. Compress all images before uploading (You can use compressjpeg for this)

2. Uninstall apps you are not using

3. Reduce the number of redirects on your site

4. Remove all broken links (error code links)

5. Use images with THE EXACT dimensions needed for the placeholder


7. Get rid of quick shop preview pop-ups from collection pages + home page

8. Implement Google Tag Manager to load all your external tags (E.x Pixels, analytics)

9. Get rid of carousels images from your site



Your average order value is one of the 2 most important metrics in eCommerce. Why? Well, say you have 1000 visitors on your site and you get 10 sales for $100 You made $1000 in revenue.


Imagine introducing a pre-purchase upsell for $20 onto each of those sales. With that same exact ad spend, you just made an extra $200 in revenue. Upsells will be your best friend.


Here’s how to utilize them

1. Each product should have its own upsells

2. Have a total of 3 upsells per products

– 1 High priced product

– 1 Medium priced product

– 1 low priced product

3. These upsells must be related to your main product that you are selling

4. Each upsell must have a discount code

5. Potential upsell offers can be:

– More of the same – discount for buying to of the same product

– Related products in the niche

– Purchase $x more to get FREE SHIPPING

– Purchase $x more to get x% OFF

– Bundle offer (Other products that you should have with the primary product)


Don’t overcomplicate this. Find upsells that relate to your product & from the same supplier.


Grow Your Ecommerce Sales


3. Lead capture – EMAILS

Your email list is your asset. YOU OWN THESE EMAILS once they are captured. Lead capturing is essential because of what you can do with these emails


  • Nurture them
  • Sell to them
  • Have them talk about your product to other people


Here is the main lead magnet ( email capture )  that you need for eCommerce:



On your footer, have a MASSIVE section dedicated to capturing leads. Here is what it should look like


subscribe coupon


Your footer is seen around all the pages across your site, leverage the power of it.



Having a blog page for SEO purposes + nurture factors is a huge benefit. Your blog will help attract users from GOOGLE, PINTEREST, as well as nurturing VIA Welcome flows in emails.


What’s ridiculous is how many brands (you might be in this) have thousands of people a month towards their blog pages, but have absolutely no lead captures.


It’s important because of something called a DROP OFF RATE. This is the drop off points from 1 page to the next on your website. A lot of people drop off from your blog page because there is no sense of action to do next.


You must understand the MAJORITY of people who come to your blogs DO NOT HAVE THE INTENTION TO BUY. Which means giving them a discount code on your blog pages as an incentive is not the best offer for capturing leads.


Instead, create a value-filled EBOOK/GUIDE/CHECKLIST that you can give away for FREE with their email sign up.


Congruence is a sense of harmony. If you have a blog about PUPPIES, YOU SHOULD HAVE A LEAD MAGNET ABOUT PUPPIES.


This is vital! You are harmonizing their journey with an incentive related to the reason they are on you blog. You now have a stronger chance of them being captured.


After you finalize your INCENTIVIZED OFFER, these are how you should position them in your blog


  • Pop up for web – YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE INTRUSIVE, which means only have this pop up come up with an exit-intent. Pop ups perform the best for all my brands on WEB view


popup subscripion


  • Slide-in for mobile – The same offer from the web however the placement is only for MOBILE users


slidein subscription


  • In the Body – This is an embedded lead magnet throughout your blog page. Design it and make it live VIA KLAVIYO. Place one write under the TITLE of the blog, one half way through the blog, and one under your conclusion




Once you have all of these lead magnets live, connect them to your PRE-PURCHASE WELCOME EMAIL FLOW.



4. Email Marketing

One component of e-commerce that most people undermine is email marketing. It’s often passed off or done quickly as a way to just get it done.


There is so much more to email marketing than most actually realize. From in-depth personalization to generating sales that would be almost impossible to get back.


You have a plethora of opportunities within the email. The top email platform that I have come across for eCommerce is KLAVIYO. Top brands across the world use it.


There are email flows that YOU NEED for your eCommerce store to incentivize more sales. This is the essential email flows for every brand.


Abandoned Cart (The easiest additional revenue)

When a consumer visits your site and notices something that they like, they add it to their cart. Often, these people will put the product inside the cart yet never do anything after that, it simply sits there.


abandoned cart revenue


For this flow, it is your goal to remind & sell that product to that person. Since it’s in their cart you already know they are interested, now it’s up to you to try to sell to them. This flow will consist of 3 emails


  • Email 1

The first email of the abandon cart wants to emit a feeling of worry, loss of possession & a small hint of pressure. The first email starts off lightly, simply reminding the person that they forgot to purchase the product that they added to cart.


Remind the person that they can still finish the order but create that sense of urgency. Let the customer know that this won’t last too long but don’t force it onto them.


Here you can get the customer familiar with your brand, in the body paragraph of the email you can quickly sprinkle in your brand goal/ vision, whatever you believe that your customer would be sure to follow with.


Show reviews to show your credibility & trust that people have for you so you don’t just seem like another brand.  At the end, everything adds up in all these 3 emails to pressure the customer over time.


  • Email 2

The second email of the abandoned cart will get more personal with the customer. You want to emit the feeling of trust yet still add a little more pressure.


It will be introduced as if that person is already familiar with you, give them an introduction from the person sending the email so that the customer feels as if they are speaking 1 on 1 with you.


Once the customer is familiar & feels personal after your introduction, remind them about the product they didn’t purchase along with a coupon code to incentivise the purchase.


Too apply more pressure to purchase, tell the person that they’re discount code and cart won’t last forever, they will only have a certain time limit to make a purchase.


The time limit will depend on when you send the 3rd email. Most often I wait 2 extra days to send out the next email.


Again, here you can get the customer familiar with your brand within the body paragraph, but this time try to change up the content so it seems like you have more to offer.


You can once again show reviews but make sure they’re entirely different from the first email.


  • Email 3

The third email will create that last minute sense of urgency and is the last email of this flow. Remember that feeling when you handed in your homework late in school? We want the person to feel as if they really forgot something important that could’ve helped them.


Either let them know that the cart & coupon has expired or will expire soon & that they still have time to make a decision. The message will be short yet straight to the point.


In this email you don’t have to introduce your brand, the only thing you will notify them is about their abandon cart & how they can still make a purchase with a limited amount of time.


The reviews will relate to the persons problem at that current time, the reviews will talk of how they were unsure to purchase yet ending up doing so at the end & that they were not disappointed.


Doing this will relieve stress from the customer and feel a higher reason to purchase.


Grow Your Ecommerce Sales


Browser abandonment

Imagine you own a bike shop with your own location. You see people come and go starting through the windows, coming inside & taking a look. Then, these people leave & you just missed out on plenty of sales.


With E-com based stores, this isn’t a problem. If someone were just looking at the products in your site you can still close them through the Browse Abandonment Flow.


If you have their email you can send them this flow to remind them of a certain product that they were only viewing. Your goal for this flow is to sell that product they were viewing and recommend any product that is similar. This flow will consist of 2 emails


  • Email 1 

These emails shouldn’t be too pressuring. These people were simply people browsing on your site looking at certain products. They won’t be as interested as the people on the Abandon cart flow.


With that being said, in email 1 you want to emit a friendly feeling, get the customer familiar with your brand. Start by asking them if they noticed anything that caught their attention.


Tell them that the product could possibly be the one that they’ve always been waiting for. As you do that, slip in your brands goals & values, let them get familiar with you. Let the customer know that you’ll always be open to emails to support.


After that message, display the product they were looking at with the CTA. But, maybe they’re just not interested in that particular product. This is where you can recommend other products that would be similar to the one they were just viewing.


Show some trust icons as well, whether it’s for free shipping or customer support. After those icons show reviews of your products along with images to back them up.


These will again show that your brand is trustworthy. With this email alone you’re able to show what your brand is & what they believe without wasting too much time. As the next emails go on you won’t have to show off your brand too much.


  • Email 2

Similar to the abandon cart, you’re going to want to start pressuring the customer a bit more. Ask them if they are still thinking about the product as a small reminder.


Let them know that they can still make a purchase, all that they need to do is use a special coupon at the checkout.


Again show the product that they were recently checking out then recommend products that would be similar to that certain product. You should still add the trust icons like free shipping & free tracking so it adds onto the benefits of purchasing.


Post-purchase thank you + upsell

The Customer Thank You flow sends out when someone just recently made a purchase. It acts as an email for gratitude for the purchase which builds a connection with the customer.


Not only that but it gives you a chance to upsell or cross-sell to make that $100 purchase into $200 Your goal for this email is to build a stronger connection with your customer and possibly generate another sale through upselling or cross-sell.


  • Email 1 

In this first email, the only feeling you want to emit is the feeling of trust, new beginnings & friendship. It will be a simple message from the owner of the company telling the customer that their package is being shipped.


Let them know, from the owner – “I would like to personally thank you”, make it seem special. It should seem as if the owner actually cares for each individual person who buys (which you should).


Tell the customer how they should be feeling excited & that they can contact you for any help. You don’t want to sell anything in this email. Simply thank the person & if you want, link your socials to get the person to join your community.


  • Email 2

In this email you can start selling once again. You want to emit another feeling of trust & friendship even though this one will be quite short.


Recommend similar products to the one that they just purchased, but make sure to tell the customer that you hand picked these ones just for them.


This will make them feel special once again so they’ll check out the products.


  • Email 3

In this last email try to pressure them into purchasing another product, try to sell them a story of how you built your brand & how you’re going to continue to expand it.


Let your customer know that you’re happy that they are tagging along on this journey. Then show the recommended products once they feel even closer to you.


These products should be similar to the one that they just purchased.


Welcome Flow

This is the flow that sends out when someone subscribes to your Newsletter. You can capture leads to your Welcome Flow through Signup Forms.


For this flow, your goal is to nurture the consumer, get them used to your brand and sell them once they get an idea of what your brand is.


  • Email 1

The first email of the Welcome Flow wants to introduce the new subscriber as if they’re part of your family. Show them all of the awesome benefits & community that your brand holds.


This email will start by showing an image that represents the brand, from here you start building that sense of community.


After the image that represents the brand, give a short 3 sentence brand introduction. This is very very important since you’re summing up your brand in such short words. It needs to sound intriguing all while hyping up your new subscriber.


This will dictate whether or not they will continue to check out your welcome flows & stick with the brand.


After that short introduction, you’ll tell the customer that you’re the owner of the company and that you want to personally thank them for joining your email list. Tell them that you (the owner) are happy for joining in on the brand family & that they can expect so much from you in the future.


Next, recommend some of your best selling or highly reviewed products so they can get a better understanding of what your brand is and even sell them if your introduction was strong enough.


Since they’re in your welcome flow, it’s best to ask them to join your community by asking them to follow you on social media. If they’re in your welcome flow then the customer is even more likely to join your social media.


This email is essentially to show off your brand & what you got, so make sure the content is strong.


  • Email 2

This email should show off the love people have for your brand. You won’t be selling them just yet. Just think of the last two emails as nourishing the customer before you go on and start selling to them.


The email will start with a small sentence that shows how your brand makes people happy, beside it should be an image of someone holding your product. After the image with the small sentence, talk about how you love your brand family & how each person means so much to you.


From here, tell the customer that there are more people that share the same vision from which you can smoothly lead them to the reviews.


You should have 2 strong reviews, each of which have different tones. The first review should talk of how they’ve been with your brand for X amount of years & how the brand has helped them all while staying close as if the brand is family.


Beside each review should be an image to backup the review as well as the 5 stars icon. The second review should talk of how the customer enjoys being part of the family & the benefits they get from it. Simple, right?


Once again, here you can link your socials so that the customer can become even closer to your brand.


  • Email 3

Now you’re going to get closer to selling to the customer. This email should start off by asking the customer if they have heard of your certain product.


Tell the customer of how their main problem can be solved with this exact product – beside it should be a high quality image of your product . After you warm up the customer about the product, you need to tell a story.


Let the customer know of the problems occuring in their life & how frustrating it is to have those. Then tell them that the dream of leading a life without those problems is possible, lead them on by motivating the customer more & more.


Finally, tell the customer you have a solution to their product.


  • Email 4

This email will go straight to selling. You’ll start off with a large banner telling the customer that they’re invited to the family followed by a discount code for any product.


You’ll give them a message reminding them of other family members that were happy with the purchases all around the world because of the product.


Let them know how connected the family is & that they can have this same type of experience as well, as long as they purchase the product. Then give a CTA with the discount code.


From here you can recommend products which are either your top selling or the best reviewed followed up with another CTA. Once again, link the customer to your socials and tell them “JOIN THE FAMILY”



5. Messenger + Push Notifications

Messenger marketing perhaps one of the greatest ways for any e-com store to market on. Imagine getting 1 on 1 with customers, true personalization where you build a relationship with your customer.


Think of this, your phone is constantly on it, you probably spend a few hours a day using it. At times you receive notifications which appear on your phone screen no matter what, now imagine you had the chance to send notifications to all the people you can possibly send to.


That’s the beauty of messenger. You have access to contact a customer with ease and no matter what they will see that notification, on top of the fact that you are building a strong 1 on 1 relationship.


App recommendations: OCTANE AI or SHOPMESSAGE

Both of these applications have a POP-UP welcome message that you should place on your HOME PAGE + PRODUCT PAGES.


1. Non-insutrive message



2. Once clicked, Welcome Pop-up comes



3. Discount code on thank you message



The pop-up message will say “SUBSCRIBE” to get 10% off your order. Once they click subscribed, give them their DISCOUNT CODE on the thank you pop up message.


Ensure you choose the option to allow the optin only to pop up IF THEY are already logged into Facebook. The reason for this is because now when they subscribed, they won’t be taken off your site



6. Social Media – Organic



Why you need it ? Almost everyone you know uses Instagram religiously. I mean, if you hear that someone isn’t on this app to this day then they simply seem out of the norm.


It’s part of our daily lives, we share, interact, message & even form relationships on it. What’s even better is building up your business on it.


Imagine getting free traffic & getting more people aware of your brand everyday for FREE. Who wouldn’t love that? On Instagram you’re giving unlimited opportunities to get your brand out there.


Connect with people who share the same values & beliefs, spread information about your brand, learn from competitors and truly get close with your customers.


The best part is building the community. When you’re able to build your community with little no money in investing then your brand is basically set. Once your community is strong enough you have your customers bringing in free traffic and revenue to you, these are the people who will automate your business.


Hashtag Method

Here is how you will use the number of posts to your advantage: Your goal is to hit the top 9 posts of a certain hashtag, doing so can get you thousands of impressions on one single post. From there it will get your own account noticed as well.


Instagram hashtag

  • Find 20 Hashtags that has 5k-50k posts
  • Find 20 Hashtags that have 50k-100k posts
  • Find 20 Hashtags that have 100k-500k posts


In total you should have 60 hashtags for that sub niche. Why are you using hashtags that have such a small amount of posts?


These hashtags are key to building your community, you’ll notice more dedicated & humble people will be exploring these hashtags searching out for others who share the same values.


As you start using these hashtags more & more you’ll gain attraction from that community, what’s even better is that smaller accounts will dominate these hashtags which means you’ll have a better advantage of being noticed.


On the other hand, larger accounts take advantage of larger hashtags since they easily get the engagement that will put them to the top of that hashtag. Competing with them will be too difficult at the beginning stages.


Now, keep in mind that you can only have 28-30 hashtags on your caption so use them wisely. I recommend taking 10 hashtags from each section.



Social proof + success messages.


How? Well as an e-commerce store, in your niche there are hundreds of thousands of questions people can have, rather it being in your entire broad niche, or towards a specific benefit that your product offers.


This gives you endless possibilities to acquire a dominant position in the market. From a brand objective POV, This social forum will be your gateway to a positive brand image, & a powerful backlink.


Yes, they are packing heat.


For your brand awareness, you are becoming an authority by providing above and beyond value to every possible question and topic in your niche.


You will be able to get approved for GOOGLE’S FEATURED SNIPPET with your brand name inside of it. This means, when people search up questions relating to your brand OR questions related to the problem, your brand name will always show.


How to find questions to answer? 

Site: keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views” . Put this exact string above into google and replace the following


  • Keyword – replace it with your general niche
  • K views – replace it with the number of views you want on the question (K mean 1k, automatically)
  • You can also edit the date range for the past week. Those answers have the highest chance of going viral on QUORA cause they are fresh questions → here’s how




How does this work?

This will allow you to find QUESTIONS in your niche that people have searched up but there are not any valuable answers. The questions have views and people want to know the answers to it! This is your opportunity to reply with value


Here’s how


Remember above when we spoke about your buyer personas ?  Well, these personalities are asking dozens of questions daily on Quora. Your objective is to answer about 2 questions a day.


  • Someone asks a question, the more people who follow the question shows that more people are interested in it
  • There can be 0 answers on a question or thousands, the most valuable ones are pushed to the top using Quora’s algorithm.
  • The most valuable ones consist of similar traits including images, straight to the point and then going above and beyond with their answers


What does this mean for you? Well, you are able to put your link in your quora answers to boost clicks towards your site.



Oh, Pinterest. The Traffic QUEEN! Why do we call it this? Because if done right and consistently, you will see the greatest amount of organic traffic ever


What do you think of when you hear about Pinterest? Probably a lot of soccer moms. Well, you are not wrong. About 80% of Pinterest is women.


Don’t get me wrong tho, Pinterest is show amazing growth for men year after year, Pinterest should 100% be a part of your Marketing models.


Why? Well, 73% of Active Pinners have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest. So, what makes pinterest so attractive for your audience? Well, your posts (pins) are evergreen.


The average pin is repinned 11 times. And instead of the 17 min average lifetime of a twitter tweet, Pins can live for 7 months!


So, let’s dive in. We will start off with Pinterests objective for your brand. We already uncovered its power for traffic, but there are still a few stones left unturned that we must talk about.


Where to Lead the Users? we recommend a blog


You have choices such as leading them to your landing page, to your own special priced discount price, or sources of value like blogs, quizzes and e-book.


From these pages, you also have a very good chance to capture leads. Capturing leads is vital as you will be able to nurture your clientele based on segmented campaigns.


This means if you capture someone from your blog page about necklaces, you can put them through an email campaign and send them targeted emails and unique offers about necklaces and they will truly be interested in them as they are extremely targeted leads.


You can go back to the LEAD CAPTURE RECIPE ABOVE! For now, let’s talk about your content, Every single day you will be creating Pins for your pinterest account using canva.


Grow Your Ecommerce Sales


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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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