When you starting dropshipping business you have a lot of marketing options out there including BigCommerce, Woo Commerce, Magento, and Squarespace. but when you check all these options and the best solution for your marketing success is Shopify without a doubt.


That is the ecommerce solution we are going to cover.



Why Shopify is the Best ecommerce Platform

Other than this brief comparison with other ecommerce websites,  there are competitors, Shopify is the best of the all in one ecommerce platforms online.


It was designed specifically to make it extremely easy to build and manage your online store. It can be done with little or no technical knowledge or experience about developing webstores. it is extremely easy to build and operate, the easiest of all.


They offer a large selection of both paid and free designs. The free designs offer good quality options and have high quality appearance.


shopify themes


They also offer a large selection of apps, both free and for a fee. The app store is intuitive because it is very similar iTunesTM and GoogleTM app stores. You’ll have no problems building a highly professional store using the free options offered by Shopify.


shopify app


That’s a major reason it is preferred over BigCommerce. Plenty of payment options are offered so that you have no problem with international sales.


It’s SEO friendly with built in marketing and management tools. You’ll be able to track your orders as well as how people go about navigating your site and specific products.


Products Shopify



In total fairness, there is one con. Shopify is not the least expensive. Especially if you choose the Enterprise Solution.


shopify pricing



However, when you are just starting out, you don’t need that complexity. As your business grows you can move up to those additional features. Overall, Shopify is the best platform for starting an ecommerce business able to expand as your business grows.



What should I sell on Shopify

There are two basic commodities that you can sell online – products or services. When you sell services, you are limited to how much time you have available unless you take on employees.


You can sell an unlimited amount of products. However, with most products, you are going to have inventory and carrying costs. That’s a main benefit of selling products



Alternative option for Shopify

let’s look at the several different ecommerce platforms out there to understand the pros and cons and why Shopify is the absolute best.


Magento ( Adobe Commerce )




Magento’s strength is being an open source, all in one platform with content management software for online businesses.


It was recently purchased by adobe because adobe saw great potential in expanding its ecommerce base by including this technology. The big advantage that Magneto offers over its competitors are the massive capabilities it provides including being SEO friendly and multi-website capable.


However, that is also its biggest problem. It is highly technical and not friendly for the average marketer. You need to either be able to write highly technical code or hire a team of code writers to take full advantage of everything Magento offers.


If that’s what you want to do, you might want to check out this option. On the other hand, if you want to keep things simple, you should skip this option.


You might want to keep it in the back of your mind as a future development opportunity after you find success with Shopify.






Sqaurespace is a website platform that includes ecommerce capabilities. It’s not much more than a website with a shopping cart added.


You can do the same thing with any website you currently have. The pros are that it’s very simple to use and they have plenty of nice design options and add new designs regularly. Squarespace also offers strong customer support.


The biggest con is that it’s no more of a serious ecommerce site than having your own website with a shopping cart and merchant account. It lacks several payment options that more serious sales sites offer.


In general, it has much less flexibility than most ecommerce sites. If you’re looking for a simple solution and have build a WordPress page before, this might interest you.






WooCommerce is another WordPress knock-off. In fact, the main business of WooCommerce is providing design themes to developers that are building websites such as at WordPress.


WP is the world standard for building websites and a lot of developers are very comfortable in using WP and a lot of them have used woothemes and so in turn they would probably know how to use woocommerce right off the bat.


So if you are already paying developers to build wp sites they should very easily be able to work with woocommerce. About the only reason you want to consider Woocommerce is if you already have a WordPress site and are looking to expand.






BigCommerce is a significant competitor to Shopify. With BigCommerce’s more than 60,000 online stores, it has completed more than $5 billion in transactions compared to Shopify’s $7 billion.


This is an all in one ecommerce platform with all of the features and information guides you need to build out your store and succeed


There are many great optimized store designs to choose from and the website is SEO friendly. The customer support is helpful and reliable.


The email and marketing functions are integrated and customers are able to leave reviews of their shopping experience. The major cons compared to Shopify are the high and multiple fees.


It’s not uncommon to pay fees that bring you little or no benefit. Another drawback is that BigCommerce doesn’t offer as many features and add-ons as Shopify offers.


Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Solution


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