The strategy you’ll find in this guide is how to  target the audience for one of my products, establish trust with them and actually double my eCommerce sales (including through Amazon) for a specific product with a press release.


Let’s face it, most people read the news online one way or another…


And knowing how to leverage this, is the key to rapid growth in your sales! I bet you never thought Donald Trump or a Thanksgiving Turkey could help you improve your eCommerce sales, did you…?


Well, pay close attention now… … because you’re about to find out EXACTLY how it’s done!


Why Use A Press Release?


press release


We want you to use Press Releases because:

  •  The Following Is Conditional On You Using A High Quality PR Provider!
  •  Cheap & Free PR Services Simply Do Not Have The Power Required!


1. You’ll get hundreds of backlinks from very trusted, high-authority websites to your own site or listing and this’ll help you rank better in Google…


2. It will help establish trust with your potential customers as these household brand name websites will be talking about your product… (Yep, and this is how you can ethically get those ‘As Seen On…’ badges!)


3. When someone is thinking of buying your product and they do a search for your brand name, they’ll see the likes of NBC, ABC, Fox News talking about you!


4. You can get great rankings and placements on Google search results for a great boost in traffic, especially as the trend hits (as seen above)…


So after you have settled on using a press release, the next question should be… “How do we structure the Press Release to get maximum exposure, traffic, and rank consistently?”


Ecommerce Store


Write A Press Release For Maximum Exposure & Sales

First off, You want to figure out what keywords to target… For example, if you want to have customers find you for the keyword “fogless shower mirror”, you’ll need to use that term in your headline somewhere.


IMPORTANT: The Keywords You Rank For Are Determined By The Headline! … and the rest of the Press Release should just read very naturally… So make the PR natural, engaging and newsworthy – and keep the quality high!


Use the actual content of the release to:

  • Explain the event in the first paragraph (who/what/when/where/why)
  • Make the link between the product and the event/trending topic
  • Talk about the product and the benefits it provides for the customer
  • Mention where the product is available
  • Link to the product


You will quickly develop a knack for making the product attractive in the context of the press release, while keeping it newsworthy and not having it sound like an advert. You can ask friends and colleagues to read it first to see if it passes The Human Test!



How To Make Press release ‘Newsworthy’

Newsworthy can be defined simply as something that’s ‘new’.

  • If there’s been a new development with your product or business – that’s news!
  • If something happens on any given day – that’s news!
  • If an event is going to happen in the future – announcing it is news!
  • Publishing a new blog post? That’s news!
  • Broke a sales benchmark? That’s news!


You want a great example? Look at the Big Mac guys…

  • Yep – McDonald’s has its own News Room
    And – they publish stories like this – they’re thinking of doing something – That’s news!



How To Get Those Readers To Your Product!

Obviously, You want to readers of your Press Release to click through to your product (or a video of your product – that works great!) so you need to include a link for them to click and check it out…


for example, if you had a sentence like this in your release: The fogless shower mirror is available at Max’s Mirror Shop online.


Important Note On Links & Such…

Having the link to your destination site embedded into anchor text can help Google understand a little better what the destination site is about.


Relevance is good for ranking, so some folks often focus on optimizing their links for SEO benefits. Some SEOs like to link like this in their Press Releases:

  • Link with Anchor Text of Main Keyword
  • Link with Anchor Text of Secondary Keyword
  • Link with Anchor Text of Similar Keyword
  • Link with Anchor Text of “Click Here”
  • Raw URL Link
  • Link with Anchor Text of Store / Website Name


Now… The truth is, Google isn’t keen on linking keywords in a way that attempts to get an SEO benefit, so they’ve devalued links that do this.


In general, you should focus on getting the clicks and linking the raw URL to your product or online storefront… or even ‘Click Here’ call-to-action type anchor text.


In many cases, Google can often see if certain links get clicked–and when it sees actual traffic and clicks going certain places, it sends them a strong signal – and this can be even more powerful in moving up rankings than just optimizing your links.


With each release, you’re getting over 200 natural links for authority sites… which Google likes to see!


So keep your eyes on the prize – optimize for clicks and traffic!


A Picture Says A Thousand Words…

Finally, you select an image to go along with the PR and write your Description…

  • Make The Image Enticing & Engaging – something people will want to click…
  • Make The Description Interesting – and include a raw URL there as well…


Consider somehow getting a graphic designer to combine your product image with the trending topic via or Also – Enter your company information for the PR, that’s important!



Public release Launch Strategy

So now you know how to Build Your Press Release – let’s make it work for you! The ‘All-Out’ Strategy For Maximum Impact Is Simple:

  • Publish 20-30 Press Release In The First 30 Days Of Launching A New Product
  • Hit As Many Trending Topics As You Can
  • Include 2-3 Links Per PR To Your Product, Site, Video, Storefront etc..


BUT IF YOU’RE NOW WONDERING… “How Am I Supposed To Write 30x Releases For A Single Product In 30 Days…?!”


Well, it’s possible and doable – yet it’s also the best-case scenario. If you can come up with 30 new angles and news stories for your product – awesome!


1x release per day is the maximum top end – You can still get results doing fewer.

The key is to apply a steady, consistent effort over time – If you can only come up with 1-2 per week, that’s fine!

Let the results build, stack and grow together over time… It’s a marathon, not a sprint


When Is The Best Time To Publish My Release?

Ideally you’ll write a good portion of your Releases in advance and set the Publish Date to a date in the future and drip feed them out, day by day.


Most Releases are published on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with fewer being published on the weekends.


This tells you mid-week are the days most people are reading the news… with less readers on the weekend, although you’ll be competing against fewer stories for attention


Use this chart to plan your PR’s if you like..


press release publish dates


Ultimately if you’re publishing One Release Per Day for a month, it might not matter so much matter 🙂 It’s good to get your PR’s queued up in advance, so you get priority publication ahead of some guy who threw his release together last minute…


And as a rule of thumb, publishing first thing in the morning is a good time. Follow This Strategy and in one month of launching you’ll have a product with around 10,000+ high-quality, trusted links telling Google what the product should be ranking for.


How Big A Campaign Should I Run?

Ideally, 30 PRs Over The Course Of A Month…

  • If you can’t manage 30 releases… do 20 over 3-4 weeks!
  • If you can’t push to 20 releases… do 10 over 2 weeks!
  • If you can’t make it to 10 releases… do 5 over 1 week!

Consistency Is Key!


What kind Of Results Can I Expect?

It Depends On A Lot Of Things, Including How Big A Campaign You Run!

  • 5 Releases should get you noticeable results…
  • 10 Releases should get you good results…
  • 20 Releases should get you significant results…
  • 30 Releases should knock it out of the park!


One campaign might hit big and beat the other 29 put together… or you might have 4-5 winners… or some smaller success with each one.


It’s impossible to tell how it will go for certain – which, again… … is why consistency is key! 😀


Ecommerce Store


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Ultimately Just Get Something Out There Because Virtually Nobody Is Doing This , They aren’t doing this because it takes a little bit of creativity and effort… … but not a crazy amount!


This is certainly maximum return, minimum effort stuff…… Stand out from the rest, try it once and see the results for yourself




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