Increase Amazon Book Sales


The majority of book sales are done by people looking for a new read on sites like Amazon or any other online book or ebook store.


In order to boost your book and Kindle sales, you need to make your book both easier to locate and more appealing to purchase. Using social media alone isn’t enough to get your books noticed by Amazon customers.


As a first step, let’s look at ways to increase Amazon book sales. Changes as basic as these will help you attract more readers to Amazon’s Kindle Store.



1. Optimize your Amazon Book listening

Making small tweaks to your Amazon listing can result in increased sales.


Here are some elements you should try to improve:


Book Cover

This is the 1st thing that people will see and will determine whether they click on your Amazon listing. In many cases, people will buy your book based on the cover alone!


Can you make your cover more attractive, professional or compelling?


Book Title

This is the 2nd most important thing people will see that will affect book sales. Can you make your book title sound more catchy, provide a better benefit or be more compelling?


Can you make it different or better than the other books out there?


Book Keyword

If your book isn’t ranking as well as you’d like for its keywords, then try changing some of them up! Maybe there’s a better keyword you could try to target and rank for instead?


Book Categories

If your book isn’t ranking as well as you’d like for its categories, then try some new ones.


Some categories may be harder to rank in than others – so if you’re outside of the top 100 and are getting a fair amount of sales, it may be worth trying some new categories.


Book Description

Serious buyers will read your book description and determine whether or not they buy or read your book based on it. Try to make your book description better to help sell your book.


It might be worth studying how to write sales copy, or even hiring a professional copywriter to write your book description for you.


Book Length

Depending on the niche, some books may sell better that are longer (200+ pages), while others may sell better that are shorter (less than 100 pages). It might be worth trying a different book length and see whether or not it improves sales in any way



Key Points

  • If you’re running Amazon ads and they aren’t converting as well as you’d like, then improving these aspects of your book can help your book sell a lot more through Amazon ad campaigns.
  • It’s best to “split test” when making changes to your book.
  • Start with testing or optimizing one thing at a time, then give it enough time to see whether or not it made any difference to your book sales.
  • We would recommend waiting at least 1-2 weeks to see if it made any difference.
  • Always be testing and optimizing to make your Amazon listing better!



2. Increase Your Book Price

This is one of the easiest ways to profit more from your book. If your book is selling well, then try raising the price by $1 or more.


With a paperback book, there’s more room for price increases. You could charge up to $20 or $30 for your book, which could lead to a lot more profit!


You’d want to slowly try increasing the price over time and make sure that you don’t do anything too drastic which could negatively hurt your book’s sales and rankings.


Note: If your book isn’t selling at a low-price point, then it likely won’t sell at a high-price point – so you need to get your book selling at a low-price point first and then increase the price.



3. Publish an Audiobook

The Audiobook market is huge and growing every day. Amazon has a platform called ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), which you can publish an audiobook on.


Your audiobook version of your book can become available for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, which are new marketplaces to bring in more profit.


Your audiobook version can be linked to your Amazon listing page, providing a new option for customers to buy your book in audio format.


You’ve already got the cover and book created, why not turn it into an audiobook?



4. Promote your Book Outside of Amazon

You can easily increase your profits and sales if you’re able to get more eyeballs to your Amazon listing from external sources.


There are many options for doing this, Such as blogging, influencer marketing, social media marketing, youtube marketing, podcasting, media exposure, paid to advertise,etc…


Increase Amazon Book Sales


5. Affiliate Marketing

An easy way to make more profits from your book is to add affiliate links inside them, which can lead to a new income stream for you receiving affiliate commissions.


Inside your book, are there any additional resources you could offer to your readers that could help them?


If so, then add a section of your book called “Resources” and add affiliate links to additional resources that can help them.


For example, if your book is on meditation, then why not share with them some meditation resources that they can benefit from – such as a meditation cushion, meditation courses, guided meditation music, or meditation apps?



Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon has an affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates. This means that you can promote products on Amazon and earn an affiliate commission through them.


Here’s a few Amazon products relating to meditation that you could promote inside your book and earn affiliate commissions from.


amazon affiliate meditation product


Amazon Associates can pay you up to 10% commission on certain products, so that’s extra profit you can make from your customers without doing anything but just adding links inside of your book!


There’s also many affiliate programs available, outside of Amazon, where you can find products to promote that will pay you a higher commission.


For example, you could promote a meditation course that costs $500 and will pay a 50% affiliate commission for every sale that you generate through your link.


That’d be a $250 profit in your pocket, just from one sale!


As you can see, affiliate marketing can be a lot more lucrative and allow you to make more money from the customers that buy your book, as well as providing more value to them too!



6. Create a Back-End Funnel

The customers that purchase your book are valuable leads that you could funnel into your “back-end” of products and services that you offer.


If you have customers purchasing your book, but aren’t offering anything further to them, then you’re losing money!


There will always be a certain percentage of your customers that will want MORE from you or are buying more products in your niche. You’re doing them a disservice by not making them an offer for more and adding more value to them.


Here’s what a funnel looks like…


amazon book funnel



7. Upsell to more Books

If you have another book, a great way to increase your profits is to have an upsell at the end of your book to funnel people into it.


If someone enjoyed reading your book and made it to the end, then why wouldn’t they want to buy your other books?


The simplest way to promote your other book is write a page about it at the end of your book, with a link to the Amazon listing.


An even better strategy is to provide a free chapter of your other book at the end of your book, which will provide more value to the reader and entice them to want to buy the book to read it in full.


Increase Amazon Book Sales



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To succeed as a professional author and sell more books, you must write and publish books that people want to buy. Write for a specific fan base that you’ve filtered down with your target audience in mind.


Build brand awareness around your writing and use it to advertise your work.


Stay focused on the essentials of writing a book that captures the attention the interest of your audience, gives them entertainment or life lessons and invests your time in producing a book series that have an effect and branding interest.


Even while it appears to be straightforward, it isn’t. A long-term plan involves selling books and making money. There are literally thousands of ways to get the word out about your book and your business.


Even if you can, you can’t accomplish all. Think about the long strategies that will get you the results you desire.



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