Before publishing your book on Amazon, you want to make sure that you have an effective strategy on how to launch amazon book successfully.


The purpose of a book launch is to ensure that your book can get early sales and reviews, which will help boost its ranking on Amazon, and can lead to getting lasting momentum.


It’s not enough to just publish your book and have it up on Amazon – if you want it to sell, then it will come down to your launch strategy and how effectively you market your book over time.



1. Decide On Your Book Launch Date

Decide on a date that you’ll publish your book on Amazon, which is when it’ll be available for sale. This is known as your “Launch Date.”



2. Decide On Your Book Launch Offer

Recommend offering your book at a “limited time discount,” which would be anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99, or offering your book for free by doing a 5 Day Free Promotion with KDP Select.


By offering your Kindle book for as low as $0.99, you’ll be able to get more sales easily and it’ll help to rank your book on Amazon.


You won’t make much money launching your Kindle book at $0.99, but it can benefit your long-term sales by giving your book a  boost and getting early reviews.


Alternatively, you could launch your Kindle book at $2.99 or more, which will allow you to earn more income from your launch.


However, this is typically only recommended if you’re confident you’ll be able to drive a lot of sales with your launch and marketing efforts early.


Limited Time Discount offer Strategy

For your Paperback version, you’ll also want to determine a “limited time discount” that you could offer during the launch. When offering a limited-time discount, you’ll want to determine how long it’ll be available at this price.


For example, you could make it a “7 Day Launch Sale” which expires on a certain date.


You’d want to clearly communicate in your marketing that the book is available for only $0.99 for 7 days only, and then the price goes up to $2.99.


Having the “scarcity” around a limited-time offer like this will help motivate people to buy and take advantage of the discount.


KDP 5 day promotion Strategy

Alternatively, you could enroll your book in KDP Select, which will allow you to run a 5 Day Free Promotion for your book.


By enrolling your book in KDP Select, it means that your book will only be able to be sold exclusively on Amazon and can’t be published/ sold on any other platform for up to 90 days.


However, the 5 Day Free Promotion can allow you to get a lot of downloads for your book, which will also help boost its ranking on



Both strategies can work extremely well, but your success will ultimately be determined by how well you market your book during the launch period and overtime.


How To Launch Amazon Book


3. Start Building A Launch Team

Make a list of anyone you can think of that can support your book launch, which will be known as your “Launch Team.”


This can be friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances, influencers, book reviewers, old co- workers…anyone!


You want to recruit people that will want to get behind your book launch and support you by purchasing it when it becomes available for sale on Amazon, as well as potentially leaving a review on Amazon.


  • Write a personalized message to people that you’d like to support you in your book launch.


For example:

“Hi John, I’m reaching out because I’m looking for support with the launch of my upcoming book, titled (insert title).

This book will be available on Amazon as a Kindle and Paperback book and is on the topic of (insert what your book is about).

I’d love to send you a copy of my book, which I think you’ll enjoy. I’m planning on launching it on (insert launch date) and could use your support in the following ways:


1. The book will be offered at a discount of only (insert price or offer) for a limited time. Would you be willing to get a copy of it on that date, which will help support my book launch?

2. If you enjoyed the book, would you be willing to write an honest review of it on Amazon a few days afterwards?


Your support would mean a lot to me. Please respond  back to let me know if I can count on you.”



  • Start reaching out to people to recruit them to support your Book Launch.

we suggest personalizing each message based on who you’re reaching out to.


For example :

the message that you’d send a friend would be different than what you’d send to a stranger.

Make sure you follow up with people at least once or twice, as some people may not see your message or forget to respond back.


  • Once you have a list of people that have agreed to support your book launch, you’ll want to make sure that you compile their name and email address so that you can reach out to them a few days before your book is going to be released on Amazon.


  • Send your Launch Team a copy of your book to check out in advance so that they can review your book.


  • Reach out to your launch team at least 3 days before your book launch (the more time you give them to be ready, the better).


  • Then reach out to them again once the book is available for sale on Amazon so that they can purchase the book.


  • Make sure to follow up with them a few days later to ask if they’d be willing to leave an honest review on Amazon.



4. Turn On Amazon Ads To Promote Your Book

During your book launch, you’ll want to promote your book as much as possible to get more exposure and sales to your book.


Amazon has an advertising platform which will allow you to do this, where you pay Amazon to run ads on their website for specific keywords, which can help book sales and ranking.



5. Brainstorm Ways To Promote Your Book

There are many methods to promote your book. The more you promote your book during your launch, the more momentum and benefit you’ll receive from Amazon.


  • Find Facebook groups, message boards and communities that are relevant to your book’s niche that you could announce your book launch in.

Be aware that every group or message board often has “rules” around promoting – make sure you’re respectful of them or get permission from the admin.


  • Find influencers that can promote your book during the launch.

This may be an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or a blogger. You’d want to reach out to them and see if they’re interested in promoting your book. In most cases, you’ll have to pay them to promote for you.


  • Create a press release and submit it to press release directories and websites that can help further promote your book.


  • Reach out to news publications, media outlets, or podcasts that you could be a guest on to add value and help promote your book.


  • Promote your book to your existing audience (if you have one), by sending an email broadcast to your list or announcing your book’s launch on your social media.


  • Publish YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or articles on your blog to promote your book.


  • Guest post articles on other relevant blogs or on platforms like to promote your book.


  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest to promote your book.


  • Run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube to drive more sales to your book.


How To Launch Amazon Book


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Do the best you can with your book launch and don’t worry about being “perfect” with it, especially if it’s your first one.


As you build your online brand and audience, based on the Publishing Mastery Blueprint, you’ll be able to launch and market your book a lot easier and more effectively long term.


Your goal is to plan and prepare for your launch as early as possible, so that you can make sure that once you’ve launched it,  you’ve done all you can to promote it and get it out there.



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