Top Tips for Writing a Press Release


The difference between an online press release that gets good traffic and a press release that really rocks it out getting tens of thousands of views usually comes down to a strong concept, strong headline and strong content inside the press release.


Results from press releases can vary a lot in unpredictable ways but if you want to take your press releases to a whole different level then the tips in this post will dramatically increase your chances of hitting one out of the park.

1. Think Through Who’ll Be Reading Your Press Release

You want to create a press release that gets someone from reading it to going to your site and hopefully subscribing or buying from you.


To do that well you need to get inside the heads of the people who’ll be reading your press release…


press release get inside of mind


Think about where they’re coming from, what’s important to them, what kinds of things are likely to motivate them?


What do they really want? Then think through the next steps you want them to take. Usually that’s going to a website, filling out a survey, subscribing to an email list, buying a product or hiring you for a service.


Thinking through who is reading your press release and the next step you want them to take will help to focus your ideas on something that will engage them by appealing to what’s important to them and get them to take that next step.


2. Look For A Sexy Angle

If you want to really grab attention with your press release covering the basics like a good headline and a strong call to action are great.


But to really give yourself a chance of knocking it out of the park you want a really strong concept. That means looking for the sexiest angles you can find for your press release…


press release enticing for readers


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there something unusual about your product, your company, the town your from, or yourself that you can tie into your press release?
  • Any occupation you worked (or one of the product creators worked) could be tied in to create a strong press release concept eg. “Former Truck Driver Creates A Way To Get Your Message To The Other Side Of The Country In Under A Second” or “Ohio Stay At Home Mum Breaks National Sales Record” or anything along those lines.
  • Does your product do something unusual that can be worded in a way that makes it irresistible?
  • Is the city the product is from or the creators are from famous for something you can tie into the press release?
  • Can you tie the press release into a seasonal even happening soon eg.Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day?


Don’t be afraid of getting out there with really out-of-the-box crazy ideas. You may not end up using the craziest ideas you get but often they’ll lead to other ideas that are really unusual, cool and practical enough to use.


Also when you’re looking to really hit one out of the park sometimes the wackiest idea is the one to run with. If you let it set for a few days you might come back to it and think to yourself “that might really work well.”


3. What’s Really Hot Online Right Now

You can often find a way to tie your press release into a current and really hot news topic or a topic that’s getting huge attention right now…


what is hot online right now


Tie-ins can be a powerful way to drive visitors to your press release who never would have found you any other way. Tying in to hot events and news can also bring you backlinks and shares you wouldn’t have received otherwise.


By scanning the latest hot topics in your niche and in major news and getting creative you can usually find a way to tie in your product to that news.


Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a lot of exposure much bigger general news topics are likely to give you that (you can find those on news sites and sites like Google News and YouTube).


If you’re looking for a much more targeted traffic then hot topics in your niche make more sense to target.


4. “Sex Up” Your Offer

Your objective is likely to be getting visitors from your press release to another page on a website you own. If you really want to get your visitors to take action you need to give them a compelling reason to do that…


make offer more enticing


Think through what you can offer people that will get them excited about going to your site. What is it about the page you want to send them to that’s unique or enticing? What’s in it for them to go there?


Can you offer them something special or make what you’re already offering a lot more sexy and enticing to them?


Remember that getting thousands or tens of thousands of views to a press release is great but getting them to actually click through to your website and taking some kind of action there is where the real money is for you.


5. Revisit Your Headline And Make It Rock

The time you invest in creating a really great headline will pay you huge dividends…


make your headline rock


Remember often the only thing your potential visitors will see or read is the headline of your press release. So if you want the maximum number of people to read your press release then you need a headline that grabs attention and gets them to click through.


If you’ve gone through the 4 steps above then you should have some really fantastic ammunition you can use to really make the headline of your press release rock like crazy.


One huge tip: write multiple headlines for your press release covering different angles and ideas.


That will increase your chances of coming up with a headline that hits it out of the park. And remember you can submit multiple press releases for the same product and you will probably get to use several of your best headlines when you do that.



Don’t be intimidated by the idea of finding great ideas when you’re writing a press release. The more of this kind of work you do the better you get.


It’s really not about being a great writer…it’s just about thinking through who is arriving at a press release and what it takes to get their attention and compel them to take that next action.


When you’re going through this process don’t be worried about whether an idea is good or not. Just write a lot of them down…good or bad…and you’ll be amazed how that leads on to ideas you never would have thought of it you were too concerned about creating something great on the first try.


Great ideas really do come from good old-fashioned hard work…just writing down idea after idea until something really cool comes out.



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