Prepare your website for any affiliate program you apply to

 Only a few applications that have been approved on an affiliate network made it through the screening process.


Why? There has been an error in their optimization. You can increase your affiliate earnings by applying to more programs and making a few minor changes to your application.


Let’s get started now.



How do You join the Affiliate program?

Most affiliate programs are either self-hosted or part of an affiliate network, with the latter being the more common.


There are two types of affiliate programs: self-hosted and hosted. Search for “Brand + Affiliate Program” and fill out an application form on the program’s page you find.


This will get you started. On the other hand, an affiliate can join lots of new different affiliate programs.


One place to find all the affiliate programs you’ll ever need! Using affiliate networks, you can sign up for new programs in a variety of verticals and access reporting, commissions, and links for your website.


There are either automatic or manual approvals with either approach. In some programs, you can join if you meet certain criteria; in others, you must be manually approved by an Affiliate Manager before you can be accepted.


Requirements to join an Affiliate Program?

You only need a website and a PayPal or bank account to join an affiliate program.


You can join an affiliate program without a website, but this is confined to high-end social media influencers, and I always recommend having a website for affiliate marketing success.



What You Should Know About Affiliate Networks?


 1. Network Profile

A Network Profile is a form that must be completed as part of the signup process for any affiliate program.


Think of this as an affiliate network’s version of your personal Facebook page. In addition to your company name, website, email address, and a brief description of your business, it also includes information about your advertising and marketing strategies.


2. Description

Your description should be a perfect summary of your website, target market, and any other useful information you have.


The unique value proposition of your site, the audience you cater to, and any historical performance or site statistics are all excellent places to include in your site description.


3. Self-Hosted Affiliate program

Self-hosted affiliate programs on a company’s website typically consist of simple contact forms in which you enter your name, email address, website URL, promotional methods, a website description, and possibly a few other details, among other things.


4. Affiliate Networks

If you want to participate in affiliate programs within a network, you must first join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction (CJ) or Shareasale (Shareasale), fill out your network profile, and then apply to the programs within the network.


5. Promotional Methods

Promotional methods are the channels and tactics that you adopt to spread the word about your affiliate marketing efforts.


An affiliate network will typically present these options in a checkbox format, and you will select the methods by which you intend to send traffic to advertisers.



Other promotional strategies You could follow


  • PPC – The term “paid search” refers to the process of bidding on keywords with AdWords or Bing Ads to drive traffic to your website and then generate sales through your affiliate links.


  • Organic Search – Using free SEO traffic, you will be able to drive more visitors to your website.


  • Email Marketing – You intend to include affiliate links in your emails, either as marketing messages or as part of an automated response system.


  • Mobile / Tablet – you either have a mobile application or plan to incorporate contextual links and banner advertisements into your mobile application.


  • Coupons, cashback, and loyalty programs – you offer promotional codes on your website that direct visitors to advertisers’ websites.


  • Toolbars / Softwares – Users can see product deals when they browse the web with the help of toolbars and software. Chrome Extensions and automated toolbars are examples of this.


  • CPA / Sub Affiliate – If you run an affiliate network yourself, you will also be in charge of other affiliates who promote advertisers that are below you in the affiliate network ranking.


  • Compare/review – Reviewing and comparing products and services on your website is what you do.


  • Social shopping – when you promote products on social media channels or your website through visual integrations with social media channels.


  • Price Comparison – These are large comparison shopping engines that pull in e-commerce products from different websites via APIs to compare prices and send traffic back to advertisers through affiliate links.


You’ll know the strategies you’ll use to promote affiliates almost instantly, even though there are numerous options.


The website’s organic search and email marketing are the only two areas where You should check for long-term results because those are the only places where you can control affiliate links.




What to do increase of being approved for affiliate programs?


 1. An Email Address Matching Your Domain Name

When dozens and dozens of applications were submitted claiming to be from major websites like or, the Affiliate Manager would typically reject them because their email address was from an incorrect Gmail address.


That raises an immediate red flag. Furthermore, it is placed first (even before having a website) because it is typically the first thing affiliate managers look at when evaluating a campaign.


Fake emails and fraud are so common these days that someone even pretended to be me on someone else’s website.


While it is possible to get approved using a Gmail address, having a legitimate business email address will significantly increase your chances of getting approved in the first place.


2. You Will Need a Website

A live website with an SSL certificate (HTTPS), no 404 errors, and an appealing design are all required to increase your approval chances.


In most cases, your website or blog is the first thing that affiliate managers will see, so having a professional-looking site is necessary.


3. Selecting the Most Appropriate Promotional Method

Some advertisers are more strict than others when it comes to ad placement.


Each company develops its own set of rules for the types of traffic that it accepts from affiliates. I will say that if your network profile or description contains phrases such as “I’ve been implementing rewards credit pop-ups since 2006 and outbidding brands on their brand terms,” you are most likely going to be turned down.


As an alternative, I guarantee advertisers by only selecting Organic and Email Traffic, and I include a short sentence in my bio about “Focusing almost all on high-quality organic, non-branded traffic.” That particular phrase appears to be quite impactful.


4. Right Niche , Relavance

Check to see that the affiliate program you’re applying to has content that corresponds to the types of topics you cover on your site.


For example, if you’re a travel blogger who applies to a credit card affiliate program, the program’s managers may not immediately recognize that you’re a good fit for the program.


However, if the application includes a comment field and you include a link to your “best travel credit cards” post, that can be beneficial to your application.


Overall, make certain that you are only participating in affiliate programs that are appropriate for your niche and target audience.




Just don’t expect to earn a life-changing income or to be able to quit your 9–5 job in one day. Affiliate marketing is a long process. First and foremost, concentrate on making your first affiliate sale.


As your site expands, create new goals for yourself and continue to try new things. This is an example of how to develop a website that will eventually earn a respectable income.


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