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Having an effective copywriting headline frameworks is necessary because people can easily skip your ad because of mindless scrolling.


You only have 2-3 seconds to stop them on their tracks, grab your audience’s attention, and get them to read your copy. That’s why it’s important you create eye-catching headlines. How, you ask?


A good headline can make the difference of 1 to 2 or even 5 in sales. That’s why it’s important to know what interests your target audience (use your research.)


You want your headline to grab them by the throat that they unknowingly have no other choice but to read your ad. By using these frameworks:



1. Use Power Words

Literally everyone’s competing for everyone’s attention. So if you want to effectively cut through the noise, use words that shock, interrupt, and evoke emotions.


Use “power words.”


Let your headline captivate the reader’s eyes, trigger their emotions, and pique their curiosity. Just like how the word “disruptive” did, amirite?


For example:

  • My Back Pain Vanished!
  • Doctors Are Furious…
  • 3 Dangerously Alluring Images


Want more?

Google “power words” and you’ll find hundreds of these words for free.



2. Call Them Out

Use your headline to call out your market.


  • If you’re targeting mothers, use the word “mother” in your headline.
  • If you’re targeting architects, use the word “architect” in your headline.
  • If you’re targeting doctors, use the word “doctor” in your headline.


You want your market to know that you’re talking to them. But do this cautiously. You don’t want to exclude your potential customers.


For example:

Your product is a moisturizing cream. You saw that 60% of your past purchasers were female, 37% were male and 3% were “uncategorized.”


Just because 60% of them were female doesn’t mean you’ll call out “ladies” or “women” in your next headline. It will scare men away. And you’ll only be leaving money on the table.


Remember this when your product is designed for and can equally be used by both genders.



3. Show Them The Escape Route

People are generally running away from something.


Because if there’s one thing people want in life, it’s to get out of any painful or uncomfortable situation. It can be physical pain, some kind of impairment, or an embarrassing moment… Everyone wants nothing of those.


So what you can do is position your offer as the escape route people are looking for.




Use your headline to point out how your offer can help them avoid, reduce, or eliminate:

  • Risks
  • Worries
  • Losses
  • Mistakes
  • Embarrassment


Your market has a problem they want to solve, and if you truly have the solution, it’s your moral obligation to make sure they get it.



4. Begin With The End In Mind

Your audience is longing for a positive transformation. What you want is to let them know upfront that a transformation is possible, and that with your product, they can achieve it.


dan lock example

copywriting example



5. Remind Them Of Their Pain

If your offer helps architects with their sleep, let your headline talk about the pain of being an architect with only 2 hours of sleep every day.


If your product solves balding, call your audience out by painting a picture of the embarrassment of having a receding hairline.


When your target audience sees your headline, you want them to immediately agree with you and say, “Hey, that’s me! You really understand my pain.”


This is how you get them to read your body copy. Make your headline portray your market’s greatest fear, pain, or embarrassment.


Make them feel that the nightmare that keeps them up at night is real, and it’s happening NOW. And it’ll get worse if they don’t get your offer NOW.


For example:

copywriting example



6. Stand Out

People tend to tune out things that they see on a regular basis — and Facebook ads are one of them.


So if all you do is what your competitors are already doing, chances are your ads are just going to burn cash. Your audience has heard and seen it all.


You want your headline to stand out from the rest.


So, be unique!


Think of something new, something that’s fresh. What is it that others in the market aren’t doing? This is where you showcase your unique mechanism.


For Example:

“Lose Weight In Seven Days With The Help Of Burokku – The Supplement That Stops The Absorption Of Fat In Your Intestines.”


This headline is basically saying, “here’s the benefit (blocks the absorption of fat in your intestines), but let me tell you how it’s achieved and why it’s better than everyone else in the market (a unique method to deliver the promise )”



7. Be Specific

Unless you’re aiming for an indirect or curiosity-based headline, you don’t want your audience to end up guessing what you’re talking about.


So be specific.


Remember: Your headline’s job is to get people to read your ad. If your headline is hard for your audience to digest, then there’s no way they’re going to proceed and read your body copy.


For example:

People will respond better if you said, “$345.56” instead of “a few hundred bucks”. Specificity makes your ad sound more convincing and adds to the weight of your credibility.


Here’s another example:

“How I Increased My Revenue By 347% In 4 Weeks With The S.A.T. Method” . Sounds better than, “A Fast Way To Triple Your Revenue”


Copywriting Headline Frameworks


8. Abuse Scarcity

Don’t give your prospect time to “think about it” or they’ll end up doing something else (like feed their dog, fetch their kids, chat with a friend) and forget about you.


Want people to take action – NOW?


Then speed up the buying process by LIMITING:

  • The number of products you’re selling.
  • The time they have left for purchasing.


Push them over the fence with some good scarcity/urgency. Because if there’s one thing people don’t want, it’s the feeling of regret that they “could have” gotten what they wanted if only they took action.


“Mark, I thought this was about scarcity. Why are you also talking about urgency?”


Keep in mind that urgency goes hand-in-hand with scarcity. Urgency is just the scarcity of time. So let your audience know that you have the solution to their problem, but: They can only get it at a limited time Stock is limited


Both of these convey one message: You have to hurry and buy NOW.


For example:


copywriting example


9. Use FOMO

Everyone wants to know the latest trends not because they want to be informed, but because they want to be a part of something. They want to belong.


That something could be “what’s new.” That’s why when there’s something brand new in the market, people want to have a piece of it.


Use this info to your advantage! How?


By positioning your product as something that’s “brand new.”


Remember: FOMO appeals to the third stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: The need (psychological) to be loved and to belong. Which means FOMO influences decision.


FOMO gives you a feeling of anxiety/pain. And as humans, we want to avoid, reduce, or eliminate these feelings. So get your audience to take action NOW by making your headline bring this innate feeling out of them.


Here are things you can do:


  • Add social proof – Show them that other people are buying. Bonus when you have a celebrity to do this.
  • Make it scarce – Let them know that you’re almost out of stock or that they’re running out of time. Make your offer
    seem exclusive.
  • Make them curious – Offer a secret/mystery to get them interested/curious. Check out the bonus section for the words you can use to build curiosity.



10. Emojis ☺️💪☀️

One example would be the emojis used above. you can see them used all the time…


🔥 – BIG discount or any crazy offer

⚡ – Urgency/Scarcity

💪 – Transformation or health angle


But take note: Don’t overuse emojis. Using them too much gives the impression that your ad might be a scam.


It can end up looking sketchy and people won’t take you seriously. So use emojis in moderation. You don’t want your ad to look like it was written by a teenage girl. One or two is enough. Just use whatever is relevant to your ad.


Here’s an example headline with just enough emojis to catch attention:


emoji headline


This headline is a perfect example for correct emoji use. Having a language learning product, it’s appropriate to use different flags to show the different languages your product offers.


Copywriting Headline Frameworks


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Besides these, there are also plenty of other tried-and-true frameworks for producing effective copy. Perfection in copywriting can only be achieved through years of practice.

In other words, while copywriting may be a difficult task, it may be made much easier by applying the frameworks described above.

Let us know if you’ve ever used any of these frameworks or if you’ve used any other frameworks when writing. text in the comments section below.


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