By default, when you upload a keyword, your Google ads will trigger when somebody searches for anything related to the keyword that you’ve Targeting options for google ads need to analyze before you run full campaign


Google will BROAD match the traffic. Generally, 50% of the traffic you get through broad matching is irrelevant.


A fantastic way to make sure you get super targeted traffic is to use EXACT matching instead.


This way your google ads will only show exclusively when somebody searches for the keyword you’ve chosen. Take a look at the diagram below to see the various matching options and how they trigger ads when a potential customer runs a Google search.


keyword matching


Selecting Your Keywords

Almost all the traffic for affiliate strategy is driven from either

1. The name of the product or service you are promoting
2. OR combined with extra words known as modifiers indicating higher commercial intent from the user.
3. OR using your competitor’s names!


  • Product name or service

This is easy – simply use the name of the product or company you’re promoting. This way your google ad will show only when somebody is exclusively searching for THAT product.


This kind of traffic has a very high chance of converting as the prospect already is familiar enough with the product/company/service to know its name.


They are already  interested in the product. Enter the keywords as below – simply with square brackets around the keyword.


  • Modifiers

By adding what term as transactional modifiers we are able to target searches with even higher commercial intent.

These work FANTASTICALLY. The words below gives you an idea of modifiers that you could incorporate into your google ad.


  • Location of
  • Reviews
  • Cost of
  • Near me
  • Testimonials
  • Prices
  • Features of
  • Review
  • Free shipping
  • Directions to
  • Apply
  • Buy
  • Hours of
  • Special
  • Coupons
  • Online
  • Next day delivery
  • Deals
  • Download
  • Reserve
  • Discount
  • Schedule appointment
  • Order
  • For sale
  • Purchase
  • Where to buy


  • Referencing the competition

This technique ensures your google ads show when somebody searches for a competitor. This is really sneaky, but it delivers results!


clickfunnl search

A great example is who are bidding onthe keyword clickfunnels.


When somebody searches clickfunnels the Ad is triggered and appears at the top of Google to steal away traffic that was meant for clickfunnels.


As you can see, the actual clickfunnels link is the fourth one down the page preceded by three other advertisers who are all bidding on their competitor’s name!


In Summery

All 3 pf the keyword bidding methods above will drive cheap but high converting traffic!


Ensure that you include the product name or service, determine whether to maximise your budget and visibility by bidding on competitor brand keywords and finally consider what modifiers may be beneficial.



Extra Targeting Options


  • Audience Layering

To increase the convertibility of the traffic even further you can apply layer audience targeting.


For example, if you’re promoting a weight-loss product You may target women who have a baby less than 1 year old – you can get that specific with audience targeting!


This way the google ads only show when this SPECIFIC group of people search for the keyword you’ve chosen, making the traffic even more convertible. Many people are unaware of Google’s ability to target demographics and interests.


You can also target specific interests. So, if you are promoting a yoga subscription offer you should target people who Google has already identified as being interested in Yoga and wellbeing.


This ‘LAYERING’ of audience demographics and interest OVER keyword search targeting dramatically increases the convertibility of the traffic.


  • Affinity Audience

People who sign up to Google products effectively sign their life away. It may surprise you how much Google knows about you.


It does this by scanning your emails and devices! (Yes. It was in the terms and conditions when you signed up to a Gmail account )


It knows which sites you’ve ever visited and what your long-term interests are (based on your search history). A long-term interest is used to categorize you into an affinity group.


google ads clickfunnl search


For example, if you’re into Yoga, then Google would categorise you as an Affinity Audience member of the Yoga and wellbeing group perhaps. You can use this categorization to target specific interest groups.


Depending on what you’re promoting a long term interested party may or may not be more inclined to buy it.


You need to exercise some judgement here. A long-term yoga enthusiast may be less inclined to buy a yoga mat for example than somebody with a fresh interest in yoga.


This brings us onto the next, short term interest categorisation by Google.


  • In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences are simply awesome. Google has categorized these people based on their search history and web surfing activity of the last two weeks only.


Why do I say they are awesome? Fresh interests tend to be associated with higher commercial intent.


goolge ad inmarket audiences


Somebody who has just started yoga is more likely to be looking for a yoga mat than someone who has been doing yoga for years.


But it goes further than just search history on the Google Search engine. Google logs the IP address and browser that may have already added a yoga mat to cart on a yoga mat website.


You can now see how the in-market audience is so powerful. It allows us to target people who are not just searching for yoga mats but also perhaps visited web stores selling yoga mats.


  • Detailed Demographic Targeting


google ad audience insight


Demographic targeting allows us to target specific genders, age groups and income brackets . The granularity with which one can target is quite striking.


As per the example above, we can target mums of a certain age with a child of a certain age!


We can even target people based on their unique life events e.g. just married, just moved, looking for a home, or just starting a business etc.


When we combine the keyword targeting WITH audience targeting the convertibility of the traffic skyrockets.


Example: we tried excluding people who rented properties and students to improve the ROI of a Letting agents’s campaign by 12X overnight.


The fantastic thing is that even experienced agency owners don’t use the audience targeting options with Google because they are relatively new. This gives you amazing leverage to you


Targeting Options for Google Ads


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Google Ads offers a wide range of options for businesses looking to target specific demographics, locations, or keywords.
It is possible to tune your campaigns to nearly any type of user when you have access to so many different data segments and unique combinations at your fingertips.

Once you’ve mastered Google Ads targeting, you’ll be able to concentrate on other parts of banner or search advertising.



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