Best Sale Funnel Platforms

One of the biggest advancements in online sales is the development of software services (SaaS – software as a service), that makes building a sales funnel extremely easy, extremely affordable, and significantly more effective than traditional websites.


The days have gone where you have to spend thousands of dollars on a web development team that takes months for something to get built.


Now, you can literally set something up in a couple of hours and start sending people to your landing pages, with order forms, hosting, and multiple templates already set up for you to choose from.


There are numerous software platforms for you to use to get set up… We’ve selected some of the Best Sale Funnel Platforms (and easiest) to check out:



All of the above tools help automate your sales funnel or site-building process. And, the templates they have available are all created to convert and give your customers a good experience.


They are all drag and drop editors too so you really don’t need any tech experience to get into it. That means you save money on tech developers and have more control over your pages yourself.


Let’s look at each in slightly more detail to help you figure out which is the right fit for you.



1. Clickfunnel




If you are starting from scratch then Clickfunnels is a very easy way to get your sales to funnel set up fast. Perfect for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or small business.


And, even if you have an existing site on Shopify, WordPress, or Squarespace etc, and are making millions in revenue… you should still use Clickfunnels!


No matter what your service or product is. And, it’s the tool You should use to set our own businesses and clients up with improved signups, conversions, sales, and revenue.


Here’s why Clickfunnle is worth tool.


  • All in One Sales Funnel Platform

Clickfunnels is essentially a sales funnel building platform that is replacing websites.


Why is it replacing websites? Because taking your customer down a sales funnel is way more effective than sending somebody to a store with multiple products and no clear path or guidance on converting them into a customer.


And… it hosts your site, collects payments, creates upsells, order bumps, sends emails and even text messages to your leads and customers through every step of the sales process!


It’s like having a personal shopper looking after you in their store from start to finish, instead of you walking into a huge clothing store on your own, with no sales assistants to help you, and a bunch of clothes to choose from in a pile on the floor.


  • Double & Triple Your Average Order Value

You get the idea now about upsells in the funnel to get more money from customers… well, the Clickfunnels page builder literally provides you with the tools that you can add to your order forms in minutes to profit on order bumps and upsells.


Try doing this on any other platform and you have a lot of plugin headaches, development and time issues, etc.


  • Drag and Drop Editor & Templates

Clickfunnels has ready-made templates for different types of products and landing pages.


It’s all drag and drop, and very easy to create and edit pages. You can get a full basic funnel set up in a couple of hours. Possibly even less.


  • Easy Split Testing Feature

One of the best features is that you can easily test the performance of different pages and funnels by creating variations of them and seeing the conversion results before choosing a winner.


So… when we’ve been talking about testing headlines, offers, call to actions, etc… you can literally set up one page with one Headline, and another variation with a different headline and measure the number of signups or purchases for each.


This is what really allows you to easily optimize your campaigns for higher conversions and low costs.


  • Funnel Analytics and Tracking

Because they are doing their best to make it an all-in-one platform, you don’t necessarily need other expensive software to see how well your funnel is converting and where it needs optimizing.


The analytics will tell you the conversion rates for your lead magnet, to your purchasers, upsells and order bumps, etc. So you know exactly where you need to optimize and fix the funnel.

  • Integrations

While Clickfunnels have their own email, hosting and landing pages, etc, they also have hundreds of integrations that you can set up at the click of a button (or two), so you can integrate the pages with your own email service provider, or even into your WordPress and Shopify sites, etc.


  • The Clickfunnels Community

Because the product works so well, the business has exploded into well over $100 million a year.


The whole Clickfunnels ecosystem is abundant with information and support to help you grow your business. From content and courses to get the most out of the platform, to 24/7 support, you can’t go far wrong


It is a little bit ‘salesy’ in terms of the culture they have created, but beyond that it’s is an amazing tool that makes things really easy for you to implement a successful funnel that can explode your business revenues.



2. Kajabi




Kajabi is another all in one platform where you can build your landing pages and funnels. It’s mainly for online content providers, info products and courses, etc.


It has a bunch of features and templates which start from $119 per month. it’s one of the leading platforms on the market so you can check them out to see if it works for you.



  • More ways to monetize your knowledge
  • Everything in one place
  • seamless integrations
  • real-time insights
  • Grow, manage, and reach the subscribers
  • fully-integrated pages
  • Automation
  • Track of the real humans and the business serves
  • full access to the content with the Kajabi mobile app.



3. Leadpages





Leadpages is pretty awesome for landing pages, sales pages, pop-ups, and websites. They have a big library of beautiful looking templates that you can easily edit, and they even tell you which templates convert best with an actual conversion percentage.


Starting from $25 which is way cheaper than Clickfunnels, it can be a good option to quickly and cheaply create any type of landing page, and it integrates with pretty much every other platform.



  • Create high-converting websites & landing pages
  • complete conversion toolkit
  • easy-to-read analytics dashboard
  • real-time conversion
  • conversion-optimized templates
  • built-in checkouts



4. Unbounce




Unbounce is awesome because of the A/B testing feature. Lot’s of landing pages for you to use and it’s so simple to use!


You should try out the different options above and see which one works for you. Clickfunnels and Kujabi are more ‘full solution’ with more features, but if you literally just want easy landing pages that are much more affordable then try out Leadpages and Unbounce too.



  • Create Campaigns Effortlessly
  • expand on-brand content
  • Improve Conversions Automatically
  • drag-and-drop builder
  • widgets
  • Add popups to any landing page
  • product promotions
  • Speed Boost and Auto Image Optimizer
  • 100+ templates
  • A/B Tests
  • AI-powered Smart Traffic




This is especially the case if you have multiple products just listed on a Shopify site that puts the customer into a state of analysis paralysis and distraction. But… it’s totally fine to still have your storefront too.


You can just use the funnels as an additional door to your store so to speak.


You can set stores upon a range of platforms. Woocommerce stores on WordPress are good and they have lots of plugins for customization etc, but these can be difficult to set up if you’re nontechnical and not familiar with WordPress backend. So… we’d suggest you get set up on Shopify or Squarespace.



5. Shopify




Shopify has a bunch of pre-built templates that look great and are pretty simple to use. It’s also better for upsells and cross-sells so it’s pretty dynamic.


They have order fulfillment on the backend, but you’ll need to set up your own payment processor on PayPal or stripe which you can set up pretty quickly. Plans start from $29 per month but you can get a free trial here: Shopify Free Trial



  • one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere
  • marketing with built-in tools
  • single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments



6. Squarespace




Squarespace is awesome for any type of business and website. It will allow you to create the best-looking websites quickly and easily. Again, they have a bunch of amazing templates to choose from that you can just adapt to your own branding, and it’s
all drag and drop.


If you want to add a store to your site, events, bookings, etc you can do so with ease and it looks great. Pricing starts from just $12 for a personal site and $26 for a store.



  • industry-leading website templates
  • Easily sync with third-party extensions
  • email campaigns
  • professional-looking social content



7. Thinkfic




If you are selling informational products or courses you can also use Clickfunnels or Kujabi for that too but we suggest something like Thinkific.


Thinkific has a website and landing page builder built it which you can use too, and the themes are professional looking.



  • ready-to-use design templates and themes
  • simple drag-and-drop editing
  • Live Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Course Templates
  • Drip Schedule
  • Certificates
  • Communities



8. Teachable




Teachable is very similar to Thinkific.  You don’t need any tech experience and can jump right in.



  • power editor tool
  • integrations
  • Track sales and insights
  • customize permissions and roles
  • Flex pricing options
  • affiliate marketing tools
  • Conversions pixel support


Best Sale Funnel Platforms



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There are so many online membership and course platforms available that you should just spend an hour or so signing up to the free trials and playing around with the builder and the design etc.


Choose which one you like most and feel comfortable in managing. Also check out their fees, as some will take a percentage of your earnings depending on the monthly plan you are on.



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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

We have been the number 1# platform for delivering most demanding course. Becoming Lifetime Member , You will receive all the Premium content For FREE

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