Did you just land your first freelance writing client?


Or, do you want to make sure when you have your first client, you impress them, wow them and make sure they think of you as their go-to writer? Whatever stage of freelance writing you are at, impressing your clients is something that every writer should do.


I mean, if you don’t end up wowing them with your content and professionalism, they could very well end your business relationship. No more money. No more clients.


And a freelance writer without any clients is just a writer. These Freelance Writing Tips will supercharge your freelance writing business.


When you have happy clients, you make more money. How?

  • You’re more likely to have repeat business from a happy client.
  • Clients will refer you to their network.
  • Clients will think of you first when working on other startup businesses or websites.


So, let’s find out the 8 things you can do to stand out and give your clients the best treatment possible.



1. Focus on Quality


This should be your primary objective when you land a client. If you end up doing all the other things in this guide , but lack on quality, you’re not going keep your client for the long haul.


In fact, they could reject your article and reject your services outright. So, how can you make sure you are providing quality content each and every time you submit your work?


  • Avoid formal writing

Companies are paying writers to be more personable, conversational, casual and engaging. Unless the client specifies formal writing, treat each piece as if you are explaining your topic to your friend.


  • Avoid meta-comments

Phrases such as, “in today’s post we are going to talk about,” or “since I know most of you are women,” scream amateur writer.


  • Use contractions

To make your writing more casual, use contractions. Words like, would’ve, don’t, shouldn’t, make your writing instantly more  conversational and casual.


  • Cut unnecessary words

Convey your meaning with as few words as possible. Clients don’t want to pay for “fluff” writing. So make each word count.


  • Provide sources to your research in your writing

Linking to sources to back up your claims is something you MUST do for each piece you write. If not, it can be considered plagiarism and a client doesn’t want that.


  • Be consistent

if you always capitalize PDF, then always capitalize PDF. If you always end your lists with periods, always end them in periods. This shows you pay attention to detail and makes your piece more polished.



2. Read and Follow the Client’s Directions


Your client may have a style guide or set of directions for submitting a piece. They give these directions for a reason so it’s important you always follow them. Sometimes, directions may change with every new assignment given. If you skip reading the style guide, a client may return your work for revision.


This doesn’t leave a good impression. If you always want to be on the good graces of your client, make sure to read the directions both before writing the piece and after, to ensure you are following them correctly.



3. Add a Note in Your Invoice


Did you know you could add a note in your invoice? You can make it more personal by adding a unique message for your client.

Ex – “For my coaching clients, I just add a little thank you and tell them I’m looking forward to our future collaboration.”

This little trick often makes the recipient feel valued and can go a long ways for repeat business. So, next time you submit a  invoice, send a little note thanking your client for their business.



4. Promptly Respond to the Client’s Inquiries


Now, I don’t mean at all hours of the day! You do need to provide boundaries when you are working with clients from all over the world.

But, that’s not to say you won’t email a client after work hours or on the weekend. For time-sensitive inquiries, you will have to honor a client’s request no matter what time you receive it.


But, for normal inquiries, provide a prompt response as soon as you can. Some freelance writers have an auto response when they receive a high volume of emails.


Their message may read:

  • Thanksfor your interest in (writing service name). Due to the high volume of emails receive, it may take me a couple of days to respond. But, rest assured, I will reply to your message.
  • Or, if you have certain workdays and hours, you can send an auto-response letting clients know your work schedule.



5. Double-Check Your Work


It’s always a good idea to have your work double-checked by someone else before you submit your writing. Now, if you don’t have anyone to look over your work, that’s fine.


Just make sure to run it through an editing tool like Grammarly or MS Word. For me, Submitting perfect work each time can really show a client you’re a professional and reliable writer. This can lead to more work!



6. Always Help, Never Sell


Often times your clients know less about the online world than you. They may have no clue about content marketing, social media or email marketing. It’s our job to provide help along the way, rather than keep selling our services.


Sure you may have social media marketing services along with your writing, but if you provide help, it shows clients you really want them to succeed.


Of course, once a client sees how helpful you are and knowledgeable about a certain topic, they may request your services! Win-win!



7. Ask for Feedback After Each Project


When you land a new client, whether it’s your first or third, it’s a good idea to ask for their feedback on your content. You may not be sure if you captured their company’s voice, brand and style, especially when you’re a new writer. So, to help you become a better writer, ask for feedback.


If it’s constructive criticism, be open to suggestions and grow from it. It will only make you a better writer and business person so give it a shot.



8. Say Thank You


Of course you say thank you with every project, but a nice little thing you can do is thank them down the road. Let them know they’re more than a paid invoice by giving them an eCard at the end of the year. This is a great way to check in with clients and let them know how much you value the chance to work with them.


This is also a great way to stand out from other writers. A client might have a new venture for the new year and your eCard was just the thing to get your name on their mind. Give it a try!





I strongly believe in treating your clients like gold. There will be times, however, when you might feel differently than that. That’s okay. We’re only human. But, to grow your business and become the success that you are, being professional in Freelance Writing is super important. You’ll have more business and land more clients this way!



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