24 Ways to Find Customers Online


A company’s success depends on finding new clients. Despite the importance of keeping current customers pleased, attracting new ones is critical to the long-term success of your business.


The internet allows you access to more targeted buyers than any other marketing strategy has ever given you, but it’s not always obvious how to go about reaching your intended audience.


Finding customers online should not be that hard if you follow the right path, so this guide will be a fundamental guideline for you ti start getting new customers


1. Word of Mouth

Who can you trust more than your friends and family? And vice versa? Word of mouth marketing is and has always been one of the most effective methods to find potential customers/clients for any product or service.


The reason for this is because people are more likely to trust a recommendation from their friend/family member, than from any other form of advertising they were to come across.


Consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions. And you really can’t blame them. When you’re looking for a referral, who do you turn to? When looking for a good service or a good deal,




who do you ask? You ask your peers, your friends, your acquaintances— because they are the ones who can tell you about the experiences they have personally had. So, what does this mean for you, since you’re looking to build up your own customer base and eventually attract hundreds of clients on a monthly basis, in exchange of commissions.


It means that even if you start paying for advertising or investing in building up a social media account, you still need to create a relationship with your followers/viewers so that they trust the content you’re putting out there and are more likely to sign up.


Word of mouth doesn’t only mean speaking directly to friends/family, you may speak to them through videos in your Instagram stories, through direct messaging on social media, or just by putting information in front of them which is relevant to the product or service you’re promoting. If this is the strategy


you want to go for, start mapping out your word-of-mouth marketing method so that you can attract prospects who trust you from the jump.



2. Posting on your website blog

If you have a knack for writing, building-related blog is a strategy that may prove very successful for anyone who’s willing to invest time into doing this properly.


Writing a blog, especially a blog that’s relevant to specific google searches of your potential customers, is likely to gain a large amount of readers in the future who eventually can turn to customers if you’re able to provide enough value and constantly link your blogs back to your community


Do some research on “Successful blogs”, Once you’ve found some, use similarweb.com to check their stats, see how long they’ve been around so that you can assess their main source of traffic and get an idea of the best method or strategy to take when building a successful blog that can be used to get new users to signed up for your product/service



3. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the act of writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website/blog. The best thing about guest posting is that you’re able to leverage large audiences whom otherwise would be harder to build up yourself.


So instead of having to spend time building up your own blog, guesting posting allows you to skip the queue and connect to millions of readers almost immediately.


Guest posting allows you to write valuable blogs related to topics within your niche, which in this case would be your niche ( finance, forex trading, making money online etc )


So, you’re essentially providing free value to an audience within your target demographic, providing links within your blog which help drive traffic back to your website or social media accounts.


If this is where you’d like to get started, do some research around guest posting and start creating your strategy/plan to make sure you can hit the ground running.



4. Answering Related Questions on The Quora


People listen to people who know that they’re talking about…Or at least, people seem as if, they know what they’re talking about…
That’s why Quora is a great place to demonstrate knowledge in your particular field and answer questions which do just that.



Quora is a question-and-answer app where questions are asked, answered, and edited by other users. With 300 million active monthly users, it goes without saying that this is a platform that receives a high amount of volume and if you’re able to answer people’s questions related to your niche from an informative and educational standpoint, whilst linking back your answers to your social media account, or the service you’re promoting,


you’ll eventually have a large amount of users knocking at your door to find out how they can get started doing whatever it is your promoting.


This is more of a long-term strategy as you would need to build a footing on the Quora and regularly answer questions related to the topic of what you’re promoting. If this is the strategy you’re looking to get started with, Access Quora online or download the Quora app,


create your account and start in the niche area to see which questions you can provide an educated answer to. First, make sure you’ve generated your referral link, so that you have something available for prospects to use to get started trading with.



5. Building A Instagram Page

What better way to promote product than to build an Instagram page posting content related to just that. Especially on a platform which gives you direct access to over 1 billion users worldwide.


Instagram is literally the epitome of a platform that can make you a millionaire so long as you have the right strategy. Consider that you’re being paid up to $100 for each users you sign up.


To generate your first million dollars in profit all you would need to do is find a way to attract 5000 customers on a platform within billion users.


And before you have any slight doubt in your mind for even a second, consider that, that is just 0.0005% of the people who use Instagram and if you’re able to build up enough engaging content or you’re able to produce enough value through your Instagram page, you will be able to attract that number of customers.


The only question is how long will it take you? 1 year? Or 1 month. That’s completely up to you.


If Instagram is where you want to get started, start thinking about the content strategy you’re going to use to make sure your page stands out.


Do you have your own content? Once these questions are answered. You need traffic. Good content without any viewers or followers equals zero revenue.


Think about how you’re going to get your page seen by thousands of people, think about shoutout’s, promotions, advertising, mass commenting etc. So What’s your strategy?



6. Converting Your Instagram

Okay so this strategy works best if you have an Instagram account which already has over at least 5000 followers.


This is because you can aim to convert at least 1% of your followers into customers which means at 5000 followers, you could potentially have 50 new customers signing up on a monthly basis.


If this is the strategy you want to go for, start thinking about the kind of content you can post on your account which would be engaging to the followers you already have.


This could be in the form of videos promoting trading with the group, posts in your page or content posted on your Instagram story so that viewers can swipe up and message you on WhatsApp to find out more.


Once you’ve generated the link you can add it to your Instagram stories in the URL section.


So, long as the video is engaging, your followers should be interested enough to swipe up and message you on WhatsApp to find out more, where you would explain how it works and help them get signed up to your product/service



7. Paying Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Page

One of the most effective ways to gain a lot of new traffic to your Instagram page is to leverage the larger audiences of Instagram celebrities and influencers by paying them to promote your page on theirs.


influencerOnce you’ve built up your page you can start to reach out to influencers who have a similar audience to your target demographic.


For example, if you’re a young female, you can promote your page with influencers who have a large audience consisting of young females.


This saves you the time of having to worry about building up a page as large as theirs which could take months depending on your strategy.


You can use websites like heepsy.com to access the data of thousands of social media influencers you can start contacting for potential promotions to your page.



8. Creating YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel should be only for the bravest of marketers. It’s a big step to be able to make creative videos based around product or service that can go viral in order to get thousands of prospects lining up to get started buying.


The thing about this strategy is that you don’t have to necessarily speak about product specifically to attract people looking to get started buying.


The strategy would be to provide general value and information , and letting viewers know they need to click the link in your description to find out more info on how they can get started investing with a brand that provides profitable to people getting into
your product/service


Another option would be to recommend the brand mid-video. The good thing is that if you’re able to produce a viral video. You can literally take off and hit huge commission numbers in a month.


You don’t need to stick to traditional videos also, you can make a video about almost anything. start doing research on similar videos that go viral on YouTube, take notes and start listing out the resources you need to produce something similar.



9. Paying YouTuber’s To Promote Your Channel

When building up your YouTube account, just like the influencer strategy on Instagram, you can contact popular YouTubers and pay them to promote your page in exchange for a fee you would negotiate.


The good thing is you’ll be able to leverage their audience and their number of subscribers


which should be able to help you to;


1. Receive more enquires from people who’d like to get the product/service
2. Build up your YouTube channel at a much faster rate.


This website provides you with a platform to be able to contact YouTubers at mass. Alternatively, you can research loads of different ways through google by which you can contact YouTubers,


one of them being by finding their Instagram @ so that you can direct message them and let them know you’d like to organise a paid promotion.


Remember, for this to work well, you will need to at least have some videos on your YouTube account to make sure the promotion is effective. The same way you wouldn’t promote an Instagram page with an Instagram influencer if you didn’t have any content on your page.



10. Paying Instagram Meme Pages to Promote Your Page

Like the Instagram influencer strategy explained earlier, the only difference here would be instead of promoting with Instagram influencers and celebrities, you would focus your strategy on promoting specifically with meme and media pages.


Two examples are shown below


Meme Page – @imjustbait
Media Page – @richkidslondon


Promotions with these kinds of pages would usually be cheaper than celebrity pages. So, if you’re working on a tight budget then it may be best for you to start off with these pages and eventually move onto celebrity pages later down the line.


Below is a link to a list with over 600 Meme & Media pages you can start promoting with once you’ve built up your Instagram account. 650+ Media Pages for Promotion



11. Direct Messaging Your Followers on Instagram Account

Directly messaging your followers on Instagram is a very simple but sure way to get a conversation going with prospects and potentially get a sign up acquired.


This would usually work better if you have over 5,000 followers on Instagram with the aim to convert at least 1% per month. If you can DM all of your followers, converting at 1% per month will put your more client sales for the month.



12. Posting content on your Instagram Account

Although this strategy kind of interlinks with the previous one, you could just post content on your page without ever direct messaging your followers and still receive a good response. So, long as you have a good number of followers and the majority are real.


You should receive some organic direct messages on a daily/weekly basis so long as the content you’re posting on your page is engaging and catches the attention of your followers.


Coupling this strategy with direct messaging your followers will of course have a better effect and lead to more conversions. It’s up to you to test different strategies individually and then test them together to see which provides you with the best results.


24 Ways to Find Customers Online


13. Building Up a LinkedIn Profile

If you already have a LinkedIn business profile, letting colleagues and friends know what you do is a way to peak their interest towards finding out how they can get to your product/service.


You can send up to 3000 requests per LinkedIn account. So, it’s a good platform to be able to build a social network not only for attracting potential customers, but specifically for building a network.


Since you’re limited to 3000 requests per account. I’d suggest focusing on expanding your network through LinkedIn and expanding your marketing/referral team to help scale your operation instead of using the platform to directly contact potential customers.


If you’re looking to get started with this strategy, consider that it’s more of a professional platform than Instagram is, so you would need to think about how to make your profile look attractive and professional so that you can connect with other professionals all over the world.



14. Posting content on your Pinterest Account

Pinterest is the goldmine most marketers seem to overlook. The reason is, unlike Instagram, you’re able to post links to your offer in the caption of your posts.


When posting on Instagram you need to state in your captions the need for your followers to click the link in your bio to message you or to DM you directly to start a conversation. You cannot place clickable links in your captions.


The good thing about Pinterest is you don’t need to do this, you can place your link in each of your posts so that people who view your content can click the link if they’re interested and message you.


It makes things much faster and seamless. The difference between Instagram and Pinterest in terms of users is about 700 million. As Instagram has roughly a billion users and Pinterest with just over 300 million.


However, this feature could give you an edge. You can choose between the option of building up a Pinterest account from scratch or using platforms like playerup to find accounts to purchase.


Just make sure to be careful when purchasing an account, take precautions when needed and do research on the seller and the account you’re purchasing.


If you’re looking to start with the Pinterest strategy. Do some research on how to build up Pinterest accounts fast if you’re not looking to purchase.


If you need help with this you can also use freelancer platforms like upwork to find experts who can help you build up accounts and generate monthly traffic directly to your product/service.


15. Direct Messaging friends on Facebook

Facebook is a tricky one. It’s a huge platform which is highly scalable, however they keep a close eye on anything which seems inorganic.


However direct messaging your friends on Facebook is still a fast and straightforward strategy to start seeing some conversions as soon as possible.


You can use some of the introduction messages shown in strategy 11 to start reaching out to prospects and following up with the pitch to explain.


If this is the strategy you want to start with, make sure you’ve added some relevant Facebook posts to your Facebook page first, letting your friends know how it works, you can post up some results, pictures of client feedback etc.



16. Posting Ads on Craigslist

Where do I start with craigslist, well if you’re looking for a way to market for free, you don’t want to spend any money just yet, you just want to invest your time to find customers online on Craigslist may be the best option to start with.


Craigslist is pretty much the world’s largest classified ad website. It’s a platform people are constantly using to search for money making opportunities most which end up being illegitimate.


The good thing is that you’re able to market a legitimate service on a platform which receives 50 billion page views every month.


Be sure to make changes if you want it to work, think creatively, think outside the box. Remember, you create a link so that those who view your ad can click the link and message you directly..


Something to be aware of about craigslist is that “You can post in only one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours. If you try to repost an active post you have in one city, your ad may be ghosted meaning they won’t show it, or you may get a blocked message.” If you’re able to work around this, you should be able to pull in over 50 clients per month consistently through Craigslist…with zero costs.


Therefore, if you’re someone who is technical and can create workarounds, this could work brilliantly for you.


I would suggest if you want to use this strategy, start first with doing some research on how to post in multiple cities using craigslist. This may be how you scale up your operation massively and reach between 50 to 100 customers per month.



17. Posting Ads on Other Classified Ad Websites

Just like Craigslist, you can post on other classified ad sites such as Gumtree completely free and still acquire traffic back to your Instagram page or Facebook page.


You can use the example shown in the craigslist strategy to brainstorm different types of ads you can use on these platforms to acquire as much traffic as possible.


This is a list of different classified ad websites you can post on, there are hundreds of classified ad sites online, so if this is the strategy you’re going for, make sure you list the sites you want to post on and set forth diligently!


18. Direct Messaging friends on Twitter

Unlike the strategy of messaging your followers on Instagram and Facebook, twitter comes with slightly more lenient limitations.
Facebook has a cap on 5000 friends.


Instagram has a cap on 7500 follows. Whereas twitter allows you to direct message up to 250 people per day as of December 2019.


Before that, Twitter restrictions where much more flexible allowing you to message up to 1000 people per day. In terms of how many people you can follow, they previously had no limits to this. But recently capped it at 5000 depending on how many people follow you. They base this on a follower to following ratio.


So, with twitter if you want to be able to follow as many people as possible, it would be best to purchase an account that already has a lot of followers so that you can increase the ratio of how many people you can follow against how may followers you have.


You can use platforms like player up and accsmarket to purchase twitter accounts. Use the tips explained in strategy 24 when purchasing an account to make sure you de-risk your chances of losing money on a purchase.


However, remember that Instagram is a much more visual platform than twitter is. And the content you post on Twitter, would need to have a lot more context than your posts on Instagram do.


So, if you’re going to use this strategy think about the context of your posts, what you’re saying in your posts and the most effective way to get your message across to prospective followers.



19. Paying Snapchat Influencers/Celebrities to Promote Your Account

Like Tik Tok, snapchat is another platform massively underrated and untouched by marketers. The strategy here would be to make a finance based snapchat account, related to your niche.


For example, You would want to reach out to influencers on snapchat and send them a video or ask them to promote your snap in their page in exchange for a fee you would pay them.


Sometimes you’ll realise that you can’t follow a lot of influencers/celebrities on snapchat, you can only subscribe to their snap. Which most of the time wouldn’t allow you to directly message them.


An idea would be to contact influencers on other platforms which allow you to send direct messages. There you would ask them if they can promote you on other social media channels such as snapchat in this example, so that you can fully leverage their entire audience.


This article speaks more on contacting influencers through snapchat for promotions.


With 100 million daily users and 8 billion video views per day, this is a great platform to advertise on and a highly viral social media platform.


Think about how easily you’re able to share exciting snaps with your friends? How easily it is to send other people’s snaps betweenone another or post them into your group chats…Think about this when choosing this as your primary, or secondary marketing strategy.


These are some very good articles that speak about snapchat influencer promotions and snapchat “takeovers”, where you would essentially take over an influencers’ snapchat for a day.


This doesn’t mean you’ll get access. This means throughout the day they will promote your services, which I assure you, can bring you a heap of traffic for you to convert throughout the month, making this extremely profitable so long as you monitor the price you pay!



20. Paying Twitter Influencers/Celebrities to Promote Your Account

Just like the Instagram and snapchat strategy of finding influencers to promote your page via their account, you can do the same using influencers on twitter, leveraging their audience and working together to create content which will peak the interest of their audience and have them firing DMs back to your account on how they can get your prodcut/service.


The best strategy would be to master one platform at a time and when using influencers to leverage their audience, regardless of the platform you’re contacting them through it would


make sense to organise marketing campaigns where you advertise across all their available channels.


For example, if an influencer has a million followers on Instagram, but they’re also popular on twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok and snapchat, then it would make sense to leverage their audience on all platforms instead of just targeting one.


I would suggest testing campaigns with their audience on each individual platform one to two days at a time. That way you can properly gauge which platform is giving you the most traffic back to your account and which is generating the least.


Allowing you to fully optimise this by doubling down on the channels which produce the most traffic and reducing your budget on the ones that don’t. Have a read through the articles below to gain some insight into how you can start building marketing campaigns through influencers on twitter


5 Tips for More Effective Influencer Marketing

Identifying Twitter Influencers for Smarter Influencer Marketing On Twitter



21. Running Facebook & Instagram Story Ads

Facebook’s advertising platform is the biggest advertising platform in the word after Google. One thing to consider is the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, so you can literally set up Instagram ads through Facebook business manager at just a few clicks of a button.


There are over 1.5 billion daily active users on Facebook. This alone gives you enough clarity on just how big of a market you can target on this platform.


Remember that if your target earnings are $10,000 per month. At $100 per customer. You need to acquire just 100 customers per a month to achieve this.


To put this into perspective, to earn $10,000 per month, you just need to convert, in a month, 0.00066666666% of Facebook’s daily users.


The difference between the service you’re promoting and most products/services out there is that your customers or your prospects don’t need to “spend” any of their hard-earned money to get started.


So, back onto Facebook ads.


So, the idea behind this strategy, is to purchase advertising space through Facebook, which can be hosted on Facebook or Instagram.


With the aim to attract leads/prospects to convert on your offer. Which is why in marketing, we may call customers “conversions” when looking at our paid traffic stats.


The good thing about Facebook ads is that they allow you to properly track your numbers. By that I mean you’re able to properly look at which metrics are working and which are not so that you can adjust and scale.


You’re able to target specific demographics and niches to the point where you can target audiences which have a very high chance of being interested in your content and wanting to sign up to get started .


Which is why, you should always save the content your influencers produce for you when they shout-out your page. Even if you don’t know how to run ads yet.


Meaning you’ll be able to take that influencer content and even retarget their audience on Facebook so that their followers see the ads, which will re-engage them with your offer and increase the probability of converting the prospects which come across your ads in the future.


Below is a video which speaks more on how to create Instagram story ads. Remember that you’re product/service and Facebook can wary about “make money online” type of ads so there are creative ways to produce ads to make sure you’re able to run them consistently without getting your ads blocked.


How to Create Instagram Story Ads In 2020



22. Creating a team and distributing your referral link

What if you could have a team of 10 marketers working on your side, bringing you each 1 customer per day?


This is the effect of building a team and distributing your referral link. Even if you want to handle the conversations yourself between you and the prospects.


You can create individual  links for each team member. Links which all send back traffic to your product/service.


Lead generation is still boosted by referral programs, because you’re rewarding individuals for acquiring leads on your behalf.
An effective referral program generates high-quality, niche-specific leads that are more likely to result in sales, rather than just any leads at all..



23. Promoting with large TikTok accounts

If we’re speaking about virality, Tik Tok is a platform that speaks volumes. With over 800 million users producing content daily, the reach the platform has is tremendous.


Nowadays people love seeing exciting content. Whether it’s on snapchat, Instagram or TikTok, creating viral videos is what’s going to be the difference between attracting an audience that generates you a 3-figure month versus an audience that generates you a 5-figure month in commissions.


This is pretty much an untouched platform when it comes to advertising product or service opportunities. So, for anyone who dares, I would suggest researching into this area and gauging the prices of influencer promotions with Tik Tok Influencers (People on Tik Tok with a large following).



Check out the link below for more info on this;

How To Use TikTok For Business In 2021 – Influencer Marketing Tips


Here’s also a link to a Tik Tok influencer agency which can help put you in front on influencers with millions of viewers, who with the right video, will be flying to your Instagram page or your link to find out how they can get start.


This can be the bridge between where you are now and you having your first $10,000 sales month!



24. Purchase a large Instagram account and delve into its followers

Before purchasing a large Instagram account, you need to do some research on the account, the seller and the website you’re using to make sure you’re not getting messed about and that you’re paying for a legitimate account with real followers.


If you can purchase an account with real followers, especially once you’ve checked the accounts metrics and seen that most its followers are within your target demographic, so long as the price is reasonable, you can start ascertaining whether you want to purchase it based on its metrics.


This can serve as a good platform to start building up a system that provides you with consistent trading enquiries. You can DM pages directly to find out if they’d be willing to sell.


You can also ask them to send you their insights to have a look at their account demographic etc. Platforms like hypeauditor.com allow you to generate reports to help gauge the real stats of an account before purchasing.


When purchasing an account, you need to make sure the email associated with the account is the “original” email they used when first creating the account. This way after you purchase, so long as you have reset the password, they cannot re-access the account.


Also, if you’re ever paying for an account through PayPal, be sure not to pay through friends and family as the only way you’d be able to dispute and get a refund if things go sour is by paying through goods and services.


Here’s is a website where accounts are sold – Fameswap  There are plenty more, make sure you do your research and due diligence before purchasing.




No matter how great your service or product is, you will not generate any revenue unless someone knows about it.Your shop, web, and social media profiles will not be seen by customers simply because you have opened a business.


Even well-established companies can have customers who quit to visit them for a variety of reasons. In reality, all businesses must keep a constant eye on how to obtain new customers.



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