Doing Amazon FBA business is a challenge nowadays. because It has become more competitive when compared to the old times.


Even it is hard, Amazon sellers keep pushing forward to succeed in their online business through the amazon FBA. so Let just say, It is possible. But the issue is  Many of the free training courses available on the internet are from gurus who don’t even make enough money from selling on Amazon. FBA. They are only for the show-off of their service and product.


Here is a Quick overview of what we are thinking about..



What exactly is Amazon FBA?

Even though Amazon owns a lot of its own items, third-party merchants account for more than half of the purchases on the marketplace. These products are held in Fulfillment centers and are transported by Amazon workers, who are paid to do so.


In the United States, this method is known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Because of this, merchants can send their products more efficiently, while buyers get the same service as they would from Amazon.



How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Step 1 – Your products are sent directly to an Amazon fulfillment facility. In the situation that you do not create your own items, the supplier might provide them to you. After Amazon has received your stuff They will organize and keep your stuff with a barcode code


Step 2 – When a client places an order for one of your products, Amazon will find it and pack it for the buyer for free. Your stock will be immediately updated.


Step 3 – You may pick how you want Amazon to deliver your goods.Each party will be able to check up on what is going on with the goods along the shipping process. Amazon will take care of further customer assistance, such as customer queries and refunds, on your behalf of you.


Finally –  Every 2 weeks, you’ll be paid for Amazon FBA orders.


As a side note, you could utilize Amazon FBA to fulfill purchases from other e-commerce sites, including eBay and Fb, as well as from your own business.


As a beginner, these courses will offer the highest return on your money. As you begin your Amazon career, take advantage of high-quality training by enrolling in one of the following popular and established Amazon courses.



1 Helium 10 Elite – Amazon FBA Mastermind

Helium 10 Elite is intended to be the ideal accelerator for high-volume, high-profit sellers. There is no other Fba brainstorming community that can compete with its extensive features.


What are you going to get?


  • Cutting-Edge Strategies

Helium 10 Elite provides you with the techniques and tactics that the top 1% of Amazon sellers are doing Exactly NOW on the platform. Several of them are only available through Helium 10 Elite and can’t be found elsewhere.


  • Elite Guarantee

Helium 10 Elite also provides you with up-to-date information on any and all Amazon-related news and changes, in addition to providing you with technical expertise. With the most up-to-date non – public information, you can adapt to new situations and survive.


  • Rapid Growth

Helium 10 teaches you how to boost sales and earnings while placing your company for a beneficial arrival from the industry. It will only help you if you put into practice any of the 8-figure methods that you learn at Helium 10.


Course Price:  397$


2 Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine XII

Amazing Selling Machine (also known as ASM for short) is a step-by-step method that teaches you how to create your own profitable brand from the ground up.


Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine XII


What are you going to get?


Welcome Module

  • The ASM Membership Dashboard
  • ​How To Earn Your Progress Badges
  • Success Principles
  • ​The 7-figure Foundation Principles
  • ​Different Ways To Structure Your Physical Product Business
    ​Which Amazon Marketplace To Start With
  • ​Seller Central Overview And Requirements
  • Seller Central Account Critical Guidelines
  • Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  • Seller Central Review/Suspension Scenarios


Building Your Hot Opportunity List

  • Dominate Your Competition By Building A Real Brand
  • The 7 Elements Of A Red Hot Profitable Product Opportunity
  • Which Categories To Choose For Maximum Result And Those To Avoid For Your Products
  • What Products To Avoid For Your First Profitable Product
  • The Perfect Product Selection System
  • What The ASM Criteria Are And Why They Are So Important To Your Success
  • What Tools Should You Use To Achieve The Fastest And Most Profitable Results
  • Proving Product Viability With Competing Products
  • Speeding Up The Product Selection Process
  • Stretching The ASM Criteria
  • Alternative Search Method
  • Patent Search


Evaluating Suppliers And Samples

  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees
  • Product Tuning
  • Simple Product Sourcing
  • ​Creating A Professional Online Presence
  • ​Finding And Contacting Suppliers With Our Proven Templates
  • ​Calculating The True Cost Of A Product
  • Calculating Final Profit Numbers For Your Focused Opportunity List
  • Getting Samples For Your Top Opportunity


Ordering Your Inventory And Creating Your Brand

  • The Samples Have Arrived! Now What
  • Getting Ready For Your First Inventory Order
  • The ASM Brand Name Creation Process
  • ​Purchasing Your UPC
  • Quick Start Product Listing
  • Designing Your Product Packaging
  • The Power Of Package Inserts
  • How Much Inventory Should You Order?
  • ​What Happens After You Order Your Inventory


Building Your Brand Assets

  • Building a Foundation for Success
  • ​Creating Your Brand Website
  • Creating Your Brand Facebook Page
  • Setting up Manychat For Success
  • ​Important ManyChat Features
  • Building a Subscriber List For Launch
  • ​Adding Content to Facebook and Instagram page
  • Registering Your Brand Name Across All Social Media Sites


The Perfect Product Page

  • Strategic Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings
  • ​How To Craft The Best Title To Gain Traffic And Conversion
  • Bullet Points That Sell
  • ​Product Images That Attract And Convert
  • Product Pricing For Profit
  • Creating Your Complete Listing
  • ​How To Craft The Perfect Customer Emails For Engagement And Reviews
  • Taking Advantage Of Downtime


The Perfect Product Launch

  • The Amazon Launch Process
  • ​Planning for Success
  • ​Tracking the Data to Inform Decisions
  • Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising
  • Structuring Campaigns for Success
  • ​Using Samurai Seller
  • Getting Your Initial Reviews
  • ​Optimizing Price Against Rank and Sales
  • Sustaining Rank Profitably
  • ​Running Out of Inventory and Reordering


Optimizing And Scaling PPC

  • The Importance of PPC and KPIs
  • ​How Does The Advertising Auction Work?
  • Budget Management
  • Bid Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Understand Advertising Reports


Scaling Your Sales on Amazon

  • Optimizing Traffic and Conversions
  • Amazon Ads Optimization
  • Growing Your Business for Cash Flow or Cash Out
  • The Benefits of Brand Registry
  • The 3 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • Amazon Promotions
  • The Power of Product Variations
  • ​Launching Your Next Product


Advanced Marketing And Traffic Strategies

  • Using Facebook Messenger to Build a Subscriber List
  • Using Facebook Ads to Get Subscribers
  • Distribute Coupon Codes to Subscriber List
  • ​Using Google Ads to Get Subscribers and Sales
  • Dominating with YouTube Ads
  • Using Instagram to Boost Traffic, Sales and Reviews
  • Building a Team To Run Your Business


Course Price:  4,99$


3 Trevin Peterson – The Amz Champion 4.0 Mentorship Program

99 percent of Amazon sellers failing because of a lack of product research. This course will verify 5 goods for you as part of your purchase to make sure you have all you need to succeed. It’s possible to make or save tens of thousands of dollars per month only by using this one technique alone.


Trevin Peterson – The Amz Champion 4.0 Mentorship Program



What are you going to get?


  • 100+ Tutorials with Over 12 Hours of Content
  • Module 1: Understanding Amazon FBA
  • Module 2: Seller Central Account Set Up
  • Module 3: Building A Long-term Amazon Brand
  • ​Module 4: Understanding Product Research
  • ​Module 5: How to Destroy Your Competition
  • ​Module 6: Mastering Product Research
  • ​Module 7: Verifying Products
  • ​Module 8: Finding Suppliers & Making First Order
  • ​Module 9: How to Create Effective Product Listings
  • ​Module 10: Amazon FBA Champion Product Launch (new)
  • ​Module 11: Mastering & Understanding AMAZON PPC
  • ​Module 12: Marketing & Advertising
  • ​Module 13: Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures


Course Price:  997$


4 Ryan Hogue – Merch By Amazon

In this course, You’ll discover how to locate evergreen items, how to discover patterns like the one that made me $700 in a single day, and so much more. No matter where your business is, THIS COURSE IS A GREAT PLACE TO START. To help you get started with Amazon FBA, This course will get you through every stage of the procedure.



What are you going to get?



  • Intro to Merch
  • Course Tools
  • Applying For Your Amazon Merch Account
  • Getting Out of Tier 10
  • Tier 10 to Tier 500 With 1 Design
  • Appendix



  • THE GOLDEN RULE: Don’t Infringe!
  • Finding Design Inspiration Part 1: Browsing The Internet
  • Finding Design Inspiration Part 2: Watching TV
  • Finding Design Inspiration Part 3: Using Mobile Apps
  • What’s Already Selling on Amazon? (Part 1)
  • What’s Already Selling on Amazon? (Part 2)
  • PopSocket Niche Research Strategies



  • Merch Informer: Merchant Search
  • Merch Informer: Products Search
  • Merch Informer: Merch Hunter
  • Merch Informer: Keyword Finder
  • Merch Informer: Trademarks Tool
  • Merch Informer: Trend Hunter
  • Merch Informer: Additional Tools
  • Merch NINJA



  • Design Apps
  • Finding & Installing Fonts
  • Design to Stand Out + My Photoshop Template
  • Design Strategy 1: Text-Based Designs
  • Design Strategy 2: Distressing
  • Design Strategy 3: Using Premade Graphics
  • Resize Designs for Hoodies + PopSockets (Easily!)
  • Real Design Sessions w/ Ryan



  • My Safe Upload Strategy
  • Step 1: Upload Artwork & Select Products
  • Step 2: Pricing Strategy by Merch Tier
  • Step 3: Product Details (Keyword Optimization)
  • Step 4: Selling on Amazon Merch UK + DE
  • Multi-Upload Strategy



  • Introduction to Advertising on Amazon
  • Register For AMS
  • Sponsored Brand Ads (Formerly Headline Search Ads)
  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Product Display Ads



  • Selling Your Designs On Additional Platforms
  • Selling Your Designs On Additional Products
  • Driving External Traffic to Amazon
  • Convert Merch Designs to KDP Covers



  • Introduction to Automation
  • Cataloging Your Design Data
  • Using the Automation App
  • Automate Uploads to Additional Platforms


Course Price:  497$


5 Larry Lubarsky – Wholesale Academy

The Most Comprehensive Program To Create, Run, And Scale Your Amazon Wholesale Business To 6, 7, And 8 Figures.


Let us be honest. You have NO business if you do not have the proper suppliers or successful wholesale accounts. At the very least, not a firm that generates revenue.


This course will teach you not one, not two, but eight proven ways for locating and building relationships with successful drop shippers.




What are you going to get?


  • Module 1: ORIENTATION

Module One will help you develop a strategy for maximizing the effectiveness of this program



You’ll lay the groundwork for a strong wholesale business. By the end of this lesson, you will have a thorough grasp of the Amazon store, the wholesaler operating model, as well as how to successfully establish your operation.



You’ll discover the essential milestone that defines genuine success for an Amazon wholesale business – locating lucrative suppliers.



You will learn the ins and outs of locating profitable and easily accessible items. Knowing which items to purchase is important.



As Amazon wholesale sellers, we are continually tasked with the responsibility of managing thousands of physical items.
Whether it’s making orders with vendors, or receiving goods and identifying, preparing, and packaging it.


From receiving it to returning it to Amazon, and anything in between. This module will instruct you on how to manage, administer, and operate a wholesale FBA business.



It is important for your organization to guarantee that all vital parts are functional, effective, and benefit to the bottom line.


  • Module 7: ACCOUNT HEALTH

This session will teach you how to keep your Amazon account in tip-top shape and how to stay compliant with Amazon’s ever- hanging requirements.



You’ve worked diligently (modules 1-7), applied the methods, established lucrative wholesale clients, and are now successful. Congratulations


Course Price:  791$


6 Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom FBA has been the world’s greatest Amazon FBA and online business training platform, with hundreds of verifiable testimonials and over $10 million in sales generated by the users. Our participants get outcomes that are five to ten times those of any other program in the business.


About the Author: Dan Vas has privately coached over 5,000 individuals on how to build a profitable Amazon FBA business and rewire their thinking. He began selling on Amazon in early 2017 and it’s been steadily expanding his Amazon FBA business since then. He is an Amazon specialist in creating physical brand products and is passionate about branding.


Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom FBA


What are you going to get?


Module 1: Welcome To Ecom Freedom

  • The most important fundamental steps in building a successful Amazon FBA business & brand
  • Laying out the entire process on Amazon FBA that you’ll go through from zero to success
  • How to become successful with Amazon FBA & the biggest secrets
  • Getting into the mindset of a successful 7 figure Amazon FBA entrepreneur
  • How to legally structure your Amazon FBA business & which country to start selling in
  • The biggest secret to building a successful FBA business with less time and less stress


Module 2: Getting Your FBA Business Setup

  • An entire walkthrough of Amazon Seller Central and the right way to set up your account
  • Extremely important things to know to get your seller account approved without issue
  • Preparing your documents for easy & automatic Seller Central approval
  • How to setup your Amazon deposit and payment method from any country
  • What to do if you get auto suspended or your account gets stuck in review


Module 3: Building Your Product Opportunity List

  • The world’s best Amazon FBA product research methods broken down step by step
  • Breaking down the best method for building a successful, long term worldwide brand
  • The 7 elements of the perfect product opportunity and how to look for them
  • Why the ‘perfect product’ does not exist
  • Every single absolute best product research method broken down step by step
  • Making your life stress free – categories and products to absolutely avoid to not lose money
  • How to beat your competition and rise to the top with your product
  • Finding products that will play on your unique interests & strengths
  • Finding product opportunities in international markets/critical things to know


Module 4: Narrowing Down Your Opportunity List

  • Narrowing down your product opportunity list to the absolute best product you should launch
  • How to calculate your estimated profit margin correctly (very important)
  • Understanding and calculating all of Amazon’s fees including surprise hidden fees
  • Planning out your brand’s product line for future expansion
  • How to check if a product is seasonal
  • How to check a product’s overall demand
  • All patents & trademarks explained – and how to check for them
  • Calculated risk explained – and why it’s so important


Module 5: Finding High Quality Suppliers (Worldwide)

  • Overview of the entire Ecom Freedom Product Sourcing system
  • Product Improvement – the secret to beating your competition on Amazon
  • How to find world class suppliers in Asia (China)
  • How to find world class suppliers in America, Europe or Australia
  • A complete explanation and guide to all the sourcing terms you should know
  • How to find your competitor’s exact suppliers
  • How to communicate properly with suppliers and get fast responses
  • The art of negotiation – my biggest tips and tricks for strong negotiation with suppliers
  • Air vs. sea shipping – and which one you should choose in each scenario
  • Getting samples for your top product opportunity


Module 6: Placing Your First Product Order

  • What to do after getting your product samples
  • Choosing the highest quality, best supplier for your product out of all your other suppliers
  • What to do before you place your first inventory order
  • Creating an amazing & catchy brand name that has ‘viral growth’ potential
  • How to get a barcode for your product: GS1 vs Resellers
  • How to get absolutely beautiful product packaging & branding
  • How to get your product inventory inspected to ensure quality
  • A magic formula for figuring out the perfect amount of units to order for your 1st inventory
  • A complete walkthrough of placing your first inventory order


Module 7: Creating A Powerful Brand

  • How to create a truly successful long term brand starting with one product
  • Determining your brand’s mission and vision (important for brand building)
  • Planning out your brand’s ‘Master Plan of Attack’
  • Creating a beautiful brand website and brand email account
  • Setting up powerful social media for your brand where customers rave about your products
  • Using Facebook Messenger + Manychat to launch your Amazon FBA product to success
  • Setting up a powerful system to automatically start getting product reviews with Manychat
  • Building a strong defensive fortress around your Amazon FBA brand


Module 8: Creating A World Class Amazon Listing

  • How to create the perfect, fully optimized Amazon FBA listing
  • Building up a master list of keywords to use in your listing for maximum sales
  • Crafting the perfect product title, bullet points and description that people will actually read
  • Getting amazing professional product photos
  • How to find the best, most optimal price to sell your product at where you’ll make the most $
  • Setting up an automatic email system to get 5 star reviews on autopilot from customers
  • The key elements in world class eCommerce customer service, and how to offer it
  • Taking advantage of downtime while you’re waiting for your inventory to come in


Module 9: Launching Your Product Successfully

  • Overview of the Ecom Freedom Perfect Product Launch Process
  • Choosing the absolute best keywords to target for your launch
  • Setting up the entire launch system using Manychat, Facebook Ads and PPC
  • A complete introduction to Amazon PPC + creating launch PPC campaigns
  • Getting your first sales & reviews – what to do to maintain momentum
  • Tracking your product launch to make sure you’re moving closer and closer to Page 1
  • Optimizing your PPC launch campaigns + optimizing your price during launch
  • What to do after your launch & when running out of stock


Module 10: From Zero To Expert With PPC

  • The world’s #1 complete Amazon FBA PPC training
  • The biggest secrets to easy, successful and stress-free Amazon PPC
  • What to do with Amazon PPC after you’ve launched your product
  • Complete step by step walkthrough of creating masterful, profitable ongoing PPC campaigns
  • How to leverage Amazon’s insane PPC data to automatically find profitable keywords for PPC
  • A walkthrough of setting up all of what we call our ‘guaranteed profit campaigns’
  • How to get free flights & hotels with your Amazon PPC spend using American Express


Module 11: Ordering Your Next Product

  • You now have a successful Amazon FBA brand! What your main focus should be now
  • Setting up a world-class customer service system
  • Split testing to improve your sales & profit
  • Automating your entire workflow to make your business run smoothly
  • A complete walkthrough of Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals and Promotions
  • Launching product variations – and knowing if you should launch a variation or not
  • Now that you’re successful, figuring out which product you’re going to launch next
  • A complete guide to Google Ads + YouTube Ads to boost your sales on Amazon FBA


Module 12: The Road To A Million Dollar Brand

  • The Road Ahead – the critical next steps to grow your eCommerce brand into the millions
  • Facing the truth – the biggest problems with just keeping your business on Amazon FBA
  • The step by step roadmap to scale your brand to a massive multi-million dollar brand
  • Building a moat around your business with a new product design/invention
  • How to build/hire an amazing team that runs your business for you
  • How to grow your brand with social media influencers
  • International expansion — how to scale your brand to all the different Amazon marketplaces
  • The greatest opportunity that exists today


Course Price:  799$


7 Brock Johnson – The Last Amazon Course

Product Selling on Amazon: The Most Comprehensive Online Course Available All of the tools you’ll need to get your business off the ground. Everything you need to go from having no prior knowledge of Amazon to selling successfully and expanding your business to 7 and 8 figures is included in this course, and more.



What are you going to get?


The Amazon Machine Explained

  • The Business Model – A to Z Breakdown of the Amazon Business Model For Beginners
  • The Amazon Algorithm – Exactly How Amazon Ranks Products
  • The Human Algorithm – A person will buy your product. You need to understand people


100x Return Product Checklist

  • 70 Ways To Find Products – Find opportunities nobody else is thinking about.
  • 100x Return Criteria – Checklist I use to Choose Products (My Best return was 436x).
  • Product Failure Checklist – I learned from failure. Never Source A Failing Product Again


Manufacturing Highest Quality Products

  • Manufacturers – How to find the Best Manufacturers in the world to make your products.
  • Supplier Negotiation Template to get the best Price and Quality
  • Shipping – Ship Directly from your manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse.


Creating A Best-Seller Listing

  • Photos – Hollywood Photos for cheap taught by A Professional Photography Company
  • Amazon SEO – Write your Listing exactly the way Amazon wants to see it.
  • Reviews – Proven System To Get 5 Star Product Reviews and Prevent Negative Reviews


Ranking Your Product At The Top

  • Product Launch – How to go from zero sales to the top of Amazon
  • Amazon Advertising – How To Set Up and Run Profitable Amazon Ads – Free Money!
  • Ranking – Strategies to ensure your products stay at the top of search results


Law & Scaling From A Microsoft Lawyer**

  • Create A Business – How To Set Up Your Business From A Ex-Microsoft Lawyer
  • Taxes – Save Thousands of dollars on taxes Every Year (or Tens of Thousands!)
  • Outsourcing – A man from Utah only works 10 hours a week. He Teaches us how.


Course Price:  24$


8 David Zaleski – FBA Academy

The “all-in-one solution” to just about everything you’ll ever need to know about being a successful Amazon seller, no matter what your beginning skill level may be.


What are you going to get?


  • Brand New 4-Step Online Academy 2020: Search, source, launch, and scale on Amazon FAST with this step-by-step program you can watch anytime right from your own home! It also comes with evergreen updates, so don’t worry about not being up to date when Amazon ultimately changes!


  • FBA Academy Alliance©: Get insider-only strategies and meet top Amazon sellers in a private community for members only. Lifetime access included with FBA Academy.


  • Product Validation from EcomHub: Not sure whether your product will sell or not? We’ll validate it FOR YOU! This happens BEFORE, so you don’t have to waste your time and money on a product that was never going to work in the first place!


  • Rank & Bank™: The #1 way to rank any product on Amazon. Learn how six & seven figure sellers are ranking the most hyper-competitive products on Amazon in 2020. This was originally sold SEPARATELY for $997, and this is INCLUDED in this program, as we made sure to include EVERYTHING.


Course Price:  N/A


9 Kevin Sanderson – Amazon PPC Mastery Summit

In this course, industry-leading PPC specialists will show you how to more successfully boost your sales on and off Amazon using proven methods and approaches that have been tested over time (at lower costs). Take your time and listen to all of the professional presenters at the PPC Mastery Summit whenever it is most convenient for you.



What are you going to get?


More Sales. Lower Costs – Optimize campaigns to prevent throwing away money on ads that are not converting


Profitable Walmart Ads – Implement under utilized strategies to SKYROCKET your sales on Wamart


Time Saving Tips – Your time is money. Learn how to save time on optimizing your campaigns


Latest Ad Strategies – Watch your profits grow as your ad budget is better spent


Build Your Presence – Avoid costly mistakes with your Advertising (on and off Amazon)


Unlocking Facebook Ads – Grow sales and build a massively engaged audience of raving fans with Facebook ads


Course Price:  197$


10 Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

For long-term Amazon sellers, you should know the importance of product research and analysis. For beginners, this could be really hard. but with the help of the “Amazon product research” course. You can get a better idea of how to do product search.

What are you going to get?

Fundamentals of Finding Products

  • Welcome!
  • What Tools Do I Need?
  • The Fundamentals of Determining Sales
  • How to Use Jungle Scout
  • How to Read Sales and Price History Graphs
  • Criteria Checklist
  • Go Against The Masses
  • How to Calculate Profit Margin


Research Methods

  • My Favorite Product Research Method
  • Hunting Down Products in Categories
  • How to Find Related Products
  • Unique Ways to Use The Web App
  • Using Amazons Own Data to Find Products
  • Finding Product Ideas on The New Releases List
  • Finding Products Using Niche Hunter
  • How to Capitalize on Other Countries Trends
  • Finding Products Using Trend Sites
  • Finding Products in Everyday Life
  • Finding Products by Typing on Amazon
  • Using Amazon Basics to Find Products
  • Finding Products Editing Amazons URL
  • Include Keyword Method
  • Using Keyword Scout to Find Products


Analyzing Your Market

  • Checking Patents
  • Avoiding Seasonality
  • How to Check Search Demand
  • How to Innovate Using Competitors Bad Reviews
  • How to Analyze a Product Market
  • How to Track Competitors Sales
  • How to Figure Out Fulfillment Fees for a Potential Product
  • How to Bundle Products
  • How to Find Bundling Ideas
  • Examples of Bad Products
  • Example of a Good Product
  • How to Crush it, My Exact Workflow.


Course Price:  N/A



A course shouldn’t only be chosen because it has the most features for the lowest price; instead, you should consider our list of top Amazon FBA courses to help you pick a course that is the greatest match for what you want to learn and achieve your goals.


Consider your plan, existing skill set, and other factors to assist you in making your selection.


Preparing for success on Amazon requires time and effort. Reviewing these successful Amazon courses will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you both time and money.



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