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Product descriptions for ecommerce play a huge part in the success of an eCommerce store: they are the sales pitches that convince customers to hit the Add-to-cart button, and they also contribute greatly to the SEO ranking that results in organic traffic growth.


Writing high-converting product descriptions, though, is not an easy task.


In this guide, you will learn the 5 killer tactics that help you craft legendary product descriptions that will help boost your conversions and sales.



1. Know Your Customers Needs

When you sell to people, you’d better think and speak in their ways. People buy products because they buy into the benefits, ideas, and missions behind the products that they think will make their life better and easier.


Learn about your customers carefully and provide yourself with questions to these answers:


  • Who your customers are?
  • What are the struggles they face in their daily life?
  • How can your products solve their problems? Or how one’s life can be made easier with your products?


By understanding your customers problems, you can write product descriptions that strongly resonate with them. When you can sell
them on emotion, the purchase will be justified with logic.


Take a look at how Method Home wrote product descriptions that beautifully sing into the customers ears.


method home



2. Get Technical to Win Trust

Even when the emotional part plays its role in the sale pitch, the practical part still counts when it comes to gaining trust and closing the deal.


Basically, being transparently technical proves that you have expertise in the industry and that you know what you are selling like the back of your hand. Demonstrating how your products are made will persuade your customers that your products are original, authentic, and that the high quality is guaranteed.


Indestructible Shoes get very technical and in-depth on their product pages, by breaking down a shoe into parts and detailing the technologies that make their shoes literally indestructible.


Indestructible Shoes



3. If Your Products Are Sold for a Good Cause, Definitely Show It Off!

Having a social cause or mission provides intangible value for businesses.


The majority consumers are Millennials and Generation Z, who pays more attention to social awareness than their grandparents and parents.


If your business and products carry meaningful social responsibilities, don’t forget to write about them in the product descriptions to attract and win the heart of customers who get sold on products that have positive effects on society.


Pura Vida Bracelets sell handcrafted bracelets made by poor artisans in Costa Rica. The brand demonstrates its social responsibility for providing stable job opportunities to the product makers and contributing to charities on every product page.


Pura Vida Bracelets



4. Creativity Pays Off

Most eCommerce brands go mainstream on presenting product descriptions, but a few decided to take creativity to the next level to impress customers and seal the deal.


Joovy’s product page is a great example of applying creativity to presenting bullet points that is way more engaging than using normal templates.


Instead of listing out all features of the Kooper, it created a storyline throughout the product page to showcase each benefit with a visual image.




The storyline, though long, answers all questions a parent might have when looking for a troller for their baby. The description is made even more convincing with visual images put alongside to highlight the features.



5. Write Concise and Scannable Product Descriptions

Think of the elevator speech – a clear, brief, and attractive introduction that only takes listeners 30 seconds, the time it takes people to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.


Your product descriptions are just like elevator speeches for your products.


Online shoppers don’t hang around for minutes on a product page to read the lengthy descriptions. You only have time counted in
seconds to sell highlights to customers, thus make every word in the descriptions count and make them as easy to read as possible.


  • Hook your customers with charming headlines
  • Keep your copies short but sweet
  • Write in easy-to-scan bullet points
  • Choose clear text font and increase the size
  • Mobile-friendly eCommerce store


You thought you already invested so much into crafting the best product descriptions possible, yet they still didn’t convert many sales for you. How could you know what you did wrong and where to improve?



Know Where Your Customers Got Sold or Left Off

It’s important that you keep track of your customers’ behavior on the product pages to find out how they react to each element on the page.


It’s critical to know if customers leave because your product descriptions are not good enough, or because of other reasons, before you work on the fixes.




we would suggest that you try Hotjar to create heatmaps and visitor recordings on each product page, then use its powerful analytics
tools to analyze each customer’s roadmap and the common patterns.


You would find out if customers stop at the product description section and leave or continue to hit the button. It would also give you hints on what is working well and which areas need improvements.



A/B Testings Can Save Your Conversions

You wouldn’t know if your product descriptions are performing at its best or not if you don’t have benchmarks to compare.


So, do split testing to measure versions until you end up with the one with highest conversions. VWO is a great tool for A/B testing texts and elements on a website.




Writing perfect product descriptions that can convert visitors into paying customers takes time, effort, and creativity. Never jump right into the copywriting part without doing careful research that helps you understand your customer persona.


Keep your product descriptions concise and sweet, but just go technical even if it could be a bit lengthy to buy in your customers’ trust in your authenticity.


Last but not least, nothing is perfect from the beginning!


Keep testing to find out the best product description template that works for your niche, then you will end up mastering legendary product descriptions that will increase your conversion rates and ultimately boost sales.




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Consider Following a Course ? With Lifetime Access ?

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