Grow Your Network on Twitter with DMs


Networking Is Huge On Twitter, Networking allows you to amplify your account, gain valuable connections, and build deep connections with potential customers. how to network on twitter should not be a issue when you follow correct guide as below


Networking has multiple facets, many of which will happen naturally as you share and respond to content on Twitter. You can network upward, downward, and laterally.


Networking upward means interacting with larger accounts. You can do this by commenting or retweeting with a comment on their tweets.


You can network downward by trying to be helpful and answer questions to people. Engage and interact with smaller accounts.


Network laterally by building relationships with accounts of similar size or whose accounts belong to the same theme or niche as you.


Also, don’t forget that you can send direct messages to people and talk privately regardless of who you’re interacting with. As you build relationships and trust with people online, more opportunities will open for you. Also, be sure to send direct messages to new followers.


Networking Tips to get you off on the right foot

  • Make a list of 3 Twitter accounts in your space that you want to interact with, and make a short thread about why you follow them. Be sure to “@” them in the thread so that they get a notification.
  • When bigger accounts make a tweet that interests you, RT that with a comment. Make it valuable. Add to the conversation, be entertaining, or be insightful.
  • Reply to other people’s tweets. Engagement helps everyone. The same rules from above apply. Your replies need to add value in some way.
  • Use Direct Messages (DMs). This is key to networking and selling (if people need your services). Provide value by pointing out (in a helpful way) things that could be improved about their emails/website/copy or whatever it is that you do.
  • Ask open-ended questions for pure networking that can help start a conversation. Be interesting, and ask good questions (i.e. “How did you become a _______?”) You can also pay them a sincere compliment on something they’ve done that you liked.
  • Don’t be in it just for your own gain. Be genuine, honest, sincere, and truly helpful. People will see through your selfish offer if your motives are bad.
  • If you say you will do something… make sure you follow through. Do whatever you say you are going to do when you say you’re going to do it.
  • Don’t say anything in a DM you wouldn’t want your mom (or whatever authority figure you value) to read. It’s easy for someone to screenshot these DMs and post them anywhere,



Using DMs To Network

DMs seem boring for most people because you usually connect with one person instead of the hundreds or thousands that follow you.


why would you use DMs when you have Telegram, Whatsapp, and tons of other apps for direct messaging?


But DMs are where the real, big, fat stashes of cash are made. You’ll also make great Twitter friends (or Tweeps) in the DMs.


See, networking is the way you gain your Social Worth. DMs are how you’ll get your best, most honest feedback and where you’ll meet your future friends and clients.


It’s exactly where the BIG accounts are made. Let’s discuss DM strategies to start growing your account, making new Tweeps, and making money.



DM Groups are the thing to Consider

Now that you’re tweeting more often, it’s about time you found some Tweeps (Twitter friends) and built yourself a tribe. To hasten the process, you can create DM groups where you RT each others’ content, give feedback on tweets and content


Your DM group should be small and composed of people you genuinely trust (and like). Do NOT underestimate the utility of this step. For real. You have NO idea how important networking can be, especially when you are the DM interacting with others.


What’s a DM group?

Twitter lets you create group chats with your Twitter friends. Find a group of Tweeps and create a DM group. Your DM group will be your inner circle of people you trust.


People inside your inner circle will RT your stuff, you’ll help each other out throughout your Twitter career, and, if done correctly, you might even end up becoming real-life friends. Can you see how this might be useful?


How to create a DM Group?

1. Jump into the DMs.
2. Tap on the New Message button
3. Search the people you want to invite to the DM group.
4. Once you’re done adding your tweeps, tap the Next link.


Here’s a visual guide on how to create the DM group


twitter group




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